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MasterSoft Offers

Trusted Solution

  • 20+ years, 100% education
  • 1200+ installations
  • ROI in 3 months
  • Experience of 2000+ academicians at your service
Product Offering

  • Repository of best practices
  • Easy customization
  • Facilitated upgrades
  • Covers complete student life cycle
Unmatched Benefits

  • Seamless mapping of processes
  • Enhanced efficiency
  • Reduced cost
  • Competency building
Adopting Technologies

  • Mobile enablement
  • Cloud
  • Analytics
  • Biometric & RFID


  • ERP
  • Mobile Enablement
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Biometric & RFID
MasterSoft ERP Products

MasterSoft offers ERP services tailored to
meet the needs of individuals as well as key groups.

RF-CAMPUS    - RFID enabled Solution for higher technical education
Beneficiaries – Autonomous Institutions, State Universities, Education Societies

CCMS    - Cloud enabled Centralized College Management Solution for higher education
Beneficiaries – Arts , Science , Commerce, Management , Law, Pharmacy Institutions

CSMS    - Cloud Enabled Centralized School Management Solution for school education Beneficiaries - CBSE, ICSE, State Board and IB Schools.

Online Admission    - Online Admission Solution for higher education
Beneficiaries – Autonomous Institutions, State Universities, Education Societies

Mobile Enablement

User expectations from MOBILE Apps has increased to an extent that they tend to do everything (or even more) using MOBILE Apps.

Key Features : Push Notification, Automatic Updates, Single Sign on, Timetable.

Student Diary   - Life made easier
Check Timetable, Attendance, Exam Results, News and Events, Give Feedback, Complaint, Ask doubts, Pay fees, Staff Directory.

M Attendance    - India goes to school
Gives you Marking Attendance, couldn’t get easier, M-Attendance the power of thumb, fast checked, 50 students were Marked in less than 19 Sec.

M OPAC    - Connecting knowledge..
M OPAC offers immediate, personal easy access to information regarding Books available in college library using Title, Author, Keywords, Subject etc.

Advanced Analytics

MasterSoft is setting a standard in making decisions easier for students growth.

  • Rich insights into student academic performance
  • Easy access to intelligent information
MasterSoft Biometric & RFID

Check how "MasterSoft Biometrics and RFID" transforms the attendance and library processes.

RFID Library : RF-LIB-MAN is an integrated RFID Library automation System based on UHF – Ultra High Frequency RFID Tags for identification of books and Users (Patrons / Borrowers) with the help of UHF RFID Readers. The read range of UHF tags is few Meters instead of few CM – Centimeters in current outgoing HF technology.

RFID Attendance : RF-ATTENDANCE provides robust, secure and automatic attendance management in Colleges. With RF-Attendance system, student attendance management becomes easier, more efficient and accurate. Proxy attendance can be eliminated / minimized. It automates the whole system of students registration & ID card printing, automatic attendance recording, data processing on attendance server, daily SMS to parents, weekly & monthly attendance reports for teachers, MIS attendance reports.



Our Mentors

Dr. S. S. Gokhale
Director, LNMIIT, Jaipur
Ex-Professor, IIT, Madras

Dr. R. Natarajan
Ex. Director, IIT, Madras
Ex. Chairman, AICTE, India

Mr. Sharad Heda
Chief of Staff,
Microland, Bangalore

Mr. Madhusudan Kela
Chief Investment Strategist,
Reliance Capital, Mumbai

Dr. D. N. Rao
Educationalists, Scientist &
Entrepreneur, Hyderabad

Mr. Nilesh Panpaliya
CFO, Solar Industries India
Limited, Nagpur
Founder and MD
Mr. Sham Somani
Founder & Managing Director
After Completing his BE and M Tech. from Visvesvaraya Regional College of Engineering, Nagpur (Now VNIT), Mr. Sham Somani devoted his 12 years to Nagpur University. There he initiated use of computer and its application. He is an innovator and a great visionary. Holding a rich Experience as IT Academician & IT Professional. In University, he started many IT Academic courses, training program & in house computerization of various sections of University like Payroll Processing, Examinations, etc. and served as a H.O.D. of computer center.


  • Implementation
  • Consulting
  • Integration
  • Support & Training
Implementation services - delivering true solution ownership

MasterSoft products are designed for swift, "pain-free" implementation, getting them up and running quickly, with a minimum of impact on your staff and business. We apply proven, established services methodologies based on internationally accepted standard techniques to ensure your project is well planned, predictable and straightforward, and that end users can acquire all the knowledge and expertise necessary to assume full control and mastery of their solution.

Consulting - The know-how to optimize your system

Our powerful solutions are complemented by dedicated in-house teams of business and technical experts, offering a wide range of assistance, such as technical services and business consultancy. Our experts work with you to build and maintain high-quality administrative, analysis and function-focused systems that meet your business challenges and help you to seize opportunities.

Having trouble in integrating the applications ?

A frequent request from clients is to join up two or more applications that need to share information without someone having to reenter the same data in multiple systems. We Provide integration of third party tools in to software to make it more flexible, reliable and scalable.

Support & Training
Support - Assistance and information to keep your solution running smoothly

Our network of multi-lingual support centers around the country gives you friendly, professional help to quickly and effectively solve any problems or queries that you experience with our products. Support services are tailored so that you can choose the level of assistance that best meets your requirements and available in-house resources. In addition, there are various on line resources (e.g. product knowledge-bases and extra-nets) offering a wealth of helpful information and self-service assistance for our customers



  • Govt. Institutions
  • Private Tech. Institutions
  • Art, Science & Commerce
  • Schools

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