Bio-Metric Attendance

This sub-module computerizes all the activities related to Employee’s Attendance. The Biometric devices are integrated with Establishment module. As soon as Employee puts his thumb or show smart card to biometric device, the entry is reflected immediately in Establishment software. Now System calculates – Employees in & out time, Absentees, average hours worked and links with Leave taken & Payroll.


  • Daily Absentee Report : Show list of employees with their photographs who are on Official tour or on leave or Absent without any notice.
  • Attendance report - Date Wise, Monthly, Yearly
  • Average Work hours of Employees – Weekly, Monthly, Yearly
  • Total hours worked
  • Holidays, Leaves & Tour entry reports
  • All / Particular Employees Attendance reports
  • Analysis of attendance
  • Poor attendance report
  • List of Employees according to Department, Gender, Date of joining….
  • SMS/email alerts to employee related to attendance
  • Employee Leave Report - Shows details of various leave taken by an employee from desired date.

For every institute, to progress and achieve its mission, it is important to have best People in the Campus. With growing demand for best people, manpower attrition rate is much higher & hence there are repetitive Recruitment cycles. Traditional Recruitment process is always a time consuming & challenging for any Institute. Lot of manpower is to be used in scrutinizing the hard copy applications received, classifying & entering unstructured application data in computer. Even with best efforts, Accuracy & Transparency in Traditional Recruitment Process is always an un-necessary challenge for the Institute. On many occasions there are Legal cases.

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