CSMS © - Attendance

Option -1- RFID Card/ Thumb Impression Based Auto Attendance
  • RFID ID cards are issued to students. In UHF technology UHF Portals are installed at School common entrance and students are required to go through this portal while coming to school & leaving the school. RFID Antenna read the card & marks his arrival / departure time & RF-SCHOOL is sent to parents.
  • In LF technology Biometric Readers are installed in each class room or multiple Readers are installed at various common point of school. Student is required to show the ID card or put the thumb on reader while arrival in school & leaving the school. Reader reads the card / thumb impression & attendance is marked & RF-SCHOOL is sent to parent. Teacher can correct the attendance of student.
Option - 2 Manual Attendance
  • Faculty updates absent roll nos. data on day to day basis on attendance Server. RF-SCHOOL are sent to parents for absentees.
  • Monthly summery attendance RF-SCHOOL to Parents can be sent & uploaded on Institute web site.

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