UES - Defining Univ. Exam. System

University can define University Examination System by defining following parameters as per University rules.

  • Academic Session : such as 2016-17 , 2017-18 …..
  • Schemes : Multiple Examination schemes per session such as - Summer – 16 Exam, Summer-16-Re-Valuation, Winter-16 Exam
  • Faculty : such as Agriculture, Home Science, Horticulture, Science, Commerce…
  • Medium : such as – English, Marathi, Hindi
  • Semester / Year : course pattern – yearly / Semester
  • Courses : Define college course such as – B. Sc. I , B. SC. II, M. Sc. I , M. Sc. Final
  • Subjects : Define course-wise - semester-wise subjects offered. Define Scheme of subject by defining whether it – Theory / Practical / Workshop or Theory & Practical Maximum marks / Minimum marks of Theory / practical . Exemption marks / Internal marks / External Marks
  • Subject Grouping : Define group of optional subjects & and maximum subject to be selected from the group. Engg., Second language
  • Exam Ordinances : Define various Ordinances & sub-ordinances by providing Ordinance name, symbols and grace marks rule O1-Grace marks ; 04-Condonation
  • Grace Rules & Condonation Rules : Define grace rules parameters such as the max total grace marks, max grace applicable in a subject, are grace marks to be counted in subject marks… etc.,
  • Examination Pattern : Define flexible Exam pattern by defining no of class test, terminal examinations, final examination & their weightage in final result. User can define Subject wise exam pattern also. Multiple flexible Exam patterns can be defined and any one pattern can be assigned to a course.
  • Grade Rules : Define the range of marks & corresponding Grades for Grade based subjects.

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