CCMS© – Centralized College Management System

CCMS - Centralized College Management System is web based e-Governance ERP for computerization of all Administrative activities of University affiliated Colleges & University Departments. CCMS provides secured, accurate & timely information to College Users at all levels for better decision making, minimizes the manual work & improves efficiency. CCMS supports various modern technologies such as – On Line Payment Gateway, SMS, smart cards, bio-metric, emails alerts etc.

Courses & subject offered by college are copied form standard University database maintaining uniformity throughout all University Colleges. This makes data transfer from college to University a easy & accurate task . It has following main modules.

Modules Of CCMS :

Features Of CCMS :

  • Tightly integrated with our UMS - University Management System.
  • Necessary students, faculty, staff & infrastructure data is shared with University.
  • Total on-line – Cloud / web based -- integrated -- single window system.
  • Secured – 24 x 7 Access to all - staff & faculty, students & parents.
  • An integrated software at Society / Trust level. Data of all the colleges on one central Server. Easy, effective & continues monitoring by society.

In following section brief details of important modules are described.

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