• Employee & his Family member Record Creation : Name, Designation, Department, Gender, Contact details, Details of members of family, Medical history of each family member - such chronic diseases, regular medicines, allergy, Blood group, Height & current weight.
  • Students Master Creation : Name, Gender, contact details – Local &permanent, medical history of family, allergy details
  • OPD Management – Patients can request for appointment time on-line or at reception.All the doctors can use this system. Module shows patients previous complete medical history from recent to old - on screen to Doctor and Doctor will further update record current complaints, findings, investigation, diagnosis, treatment, prescription & instructions. Doctor can Record parameters of BP, weight, height, Sugar, temperature in table form for further studies. Hospital Staff can Upload ECG, MRI, CT-Scan, X-ray & other reports in OPD module for Doctors study. Complete medical record of patient is stored in Health module. Doctor can print Reference letter / Advise to refer the patient to super specialist / other hospital / Diagnostic centers for further check-up.
  • Medicine Dispensary & Stores – Procurement process by stores, issue medicine to Dispensary –in turn Dispensary to patients, Payments to Vendors, Stock register, Advances (Imprest) of Health Centre, Re Order level alerts, return of expired medicines, Stores reports
  • Pathology Lab Management - Defining
  • Medical Reimbursement of Employees
  • Advance Management


  • Medical Fitness / Unfit certificate& Medical Leave report
  • OPD Register / / X-Ray/ ECG - Registers
  • Pathology Lab Register & individual reports to Patient
  • Prescription for outside medicine
  • Reference letter for further Diagnosis
  • Stock / Equipment register
  • Students needing attention report
  • Appointment remainders to patient through email / SMS alerts
  • High Risk patients list
  • List of patient with particular disease - BP , Asthma, Sugar…
  • Email / SMS alerts to patients for : Regular checkup / Health camp / Latest information
  • Blood donors
  • Full History of a patient&Full medical file of a family
  • Growth monitoring of children
  • Immunization schedules for children
  • Disease wise statistical Analysis

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