RF LIB-MAN© Library Management System

This is a fully integrated, user friendly, multi-user package, for all the in-house operations of the Library. The present client base is 300 libraries. The Library Application Software is powerful, and easy to use. The software is developed in-consultation with many senior Library Professionals. The client-Server version of Lib-Man is embedded with free Devnagari Fonts. Lib Man includes free Bar Code fonts.

LIB-MAN© Modules

With a continues Research of 3 years, Master Software integrated latest-UHF (Ultra High Frequency). RFID Technology with LIB-Man's web based version. This defines important features of RFID Library Software RF-LIB-MAN

Introduction to RFID Technology

What is RFID -Radio Frequency Identification ? RFID is a technology that provides wireless identification of people, books or assets. A RFID tag is attached to an object and contains information about that objects. RFID Tag consists of an Electronic circuit and an antenna.

RFID Components :

  • Tag :
    • Is Made up of Antenna and an Electronic circuit.
    • The information can be written and rewritten on the Tag.
    • The unique ID of tag is known as EPC. (Electronic Product Code)
  • Reader : RFID reader emits radio waves; the Tag responds by sending back data stored.
  • Computer : It reads / writes data from / to Tag through the RFID Reader using RF-LIB-Man

Advantage of RFID Tags :

  • No line of sight needed like bar-code.
  • Allows circulation of several books simultaneously.
  • Performs both identification and anti-theft in one single operation
  • Faster scanning and identification of book details.

UHF RFID technology can be used in library for following activities :

  • Tagging of the Books and Patron Cards.
  • Check in Check out and Self check in-check out (Self Circulation)
  • Security System (Anti Theft)
  • Stock Verification & Shelf Management.
  • Book Drop Station.

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