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Gives you Marking Attendance, couldn’t get easier, M-Attendance the power of thumb,
fast checked, 50 students were Marked in less than 19 Sec.

Student Diary The M-Attendance i.e. mobile attendance system has been built to eliminate the time and effort wasted in taking attendances. It also reduces the amount of paper work needed in attendance system. User can mark the attendance and view reports on mobile (with or without android) or web browser at any point of time and anywhere. But, there is some difference in procedure to mark the attendance in both type of system i.e. with or without android which is explained in the upcoming pages.
Though attendance marking and reports can be seen on mobile, but for some of the entries (e.g. master entries such as student/faculty registration), web browser will have to be used.

Features Of


  • Facility of data uploading through through excel.
  • Facility for students registration and faculty registration.
  • Student class, section and roll number allotment.
  • Leave application for faculty and students.
  • Holiday Management
  • Homework Creation

  • Student wise attendance.
  • Day wise attendance entry.
  • Class wise attendance.
  • Month wise class attendance.
  • Class attendance register
  • Homework Creation

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