UES - On Line Exam Question Paper Distribution (Optional)

  • Questions Papers are stored on Secured Servers in encrypted formats.
  • University send login / password details 30 mins in advance via sms to Principal
  • On Exam Centres - Before 30 mins. – Principal, University Officer and may be a student representative - combined logs in using this received password.
  • Photo Copier prints Question Papers.
  • Benefits of Secured Paper Delivery
    1. Increased security for delivery of examination Papers effectively versus postal delivery or normal download from University Portal.
    2. Universities will have complete control over when centres download examination paper.
    3. Secure PDF maintains a record of downloads, identifying users and centres that downloaded each Exam Paper.
    4. oThree Level Password protection and Last Password issued to the Centres, just 30 min before the start of Examination, gives full proof system and Confidentiality.

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