UES - Post Examination Work

  • Internal / Sessional Marks from College
    1. Internal marks entry by Colleges using on-line system & locking facility / Using OMR Sheet / Using File Import
    2. Internal Marks reports subjectwise & consolidated
    3. Reminders to colleges for In-complete / Pending internal marks entry
  • Exam Center Management
    1. Absentee / un-fair means / copy case entry by Exam-Centre In-Charge after each paper
    2. Bundle Creation and Docket Report
    3. Dispatch List of Answer Books to University Exam section
  • Masking / Unmasking (Coding / Decoding) at University
    1. Code Number generation for Answer books
    2. Code Number – Roll Number relation Reports
    3. Code no. pasting by Examination staff on Answer Books
  • Valuation & Marks Entry at University
    1. Valuation by Valuer on Answer sheet
      1. Control sheets for Code number wise marks entry by Valuer
      2. Dispatch / Issue of coded Answer Books, Control sheets to Valuer
      3. Answer Book Valuation by faculty & filling of Marks on Control sheet
      4. Reminder for valuation to Valuers for un-submitted marks via e-mail / SMS/ Letter
      5. Mark Entry by DEO / Valuer via online System
      6. Marks entry for coded answer scripts by Data Entry Operator / on-line by Valuers; verification and locking of entries
    2. Onscreen Valuation System at Central Valuation Location
      1. Scanning of Answer sheets (without cut)
      2. Storages of Scanned Answer sheets in Central secured Valuation Server
      3. Valuation Software to Record Valuation by Valuer
      4. System helpful in avoiding mark summation mistakes, double valuation from Valuer. Also helpful in allotment of extra marks in case of out of syllabus question and generation of question wise analysis
    3. Valuation by Valuers on Answer sheet & use of OMR
      1. OMR Printing - Printing of Answer sheet with OMR
      2. OMR Scanning
      3. Marking on OMR sheet by Valuer on Answer Script
      4. Scanning of Answer Script and Storing it on Server
      5. OMR Reading and Collecting Data
      6. Scanned answer scripts processed and Data recorded against the Answer Script
      7. Error rectification for Quality control
      8. Automatic Decoding Process for conversion Code No to Roll Number
  • Result Processing
    1. System Support both Absolute and Relative Grading System – Allotment of absolute or relative grades for each course.
    2. Result Preparation – Grades, SGPA & CGPA calculation by applying Exam Ordinances
    3. Result Processing for Mark based system including Grace Marks and Condonation Rule
  • First TR Printing for Checking
  • Scrutiny of TR and marking correction in the system
  • Corrections in Marks data with secured admin login with log which are marked for correction
  • Final Result Calculation with Locking and version number allotment for every result processing.
  • Result Reports
    1. Tabulation Register - TR & Gazette and other reports printing
    2. College wise Mark sheet / Grade Cards
    3. Pass Certificate
    4. Toppers / Merit List (Overall and Subject wise) By Category, District, College, Male / Female
    5. College wise Dispatch List
    6. Press Note (Results with Statistics)
    7. Result Analysis for Annual Report
  • Result Publishing
    1. Via SMS / email To students
    2. Via Mobile App
    3. Via online Result Portal
  • Dispatch of Mark sheets / Grade cards to colleges
  • Provisional Degree Certificate and Degree.
  • MIS Reports – according to semester, subject, gender, grade etc.

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