Stores and purchase module is used for computerization of Goods Procurement process, Receipt of Goods, Stock book entry, bill passing, Issue of materials to Departments, Stock book maintenance, write off & generating various Stores reports. It computerizes generation of Departmental Requisitions by actual Users – on-line approval by authorities, issue from Stores to the User, If required creation of Indent, Procurement process - Calling quotation, comparative statement, PO, Receipt of material… GRN, Sock book & various reports related to Purchase & Stores. Reorder levels can be defined & auto alerts for procurement can be generated. Institute can create many Departments, sub-departments, Users, Items, Vendors, Passing authorities, Department wise Passing paths, Module allows flexible format for quotation / tender documents, vendor quotation entry, Taxes, Warranty conditions. Based on multiple Requisitions form various Users, Store can call quotations / Tenders for the Goods.

Modules gives a choice to Institute to either follow a complete process for generating PO (Calling quotations, Received Quotation entry rates and T & C entries, comparative statement, …) or directly generate a PO for Vendor under Rate contract / DGS & D orders / Emergency purchases. Module also gives flexibility of Direct entries of Invoice without PO. It also allows entries of Items from old manual DSR – Dead stock Register - where original Invoices may not be available. This is useful very old stock entries.

Flow of Purchase & Stores Module

  • On-line Requisition for Goods from various Users of various Departments
  • Approval of Requisitions by appropriate authorities
  • Flexible Passing Authority Path
  • Issue of approved & available Goods to Department against requisition
  • Issue of good without requisition
  • Acceptance of Goods by Users
  • Generation of Indents by Stores section for Goods to be procured
  • Preparation of Tender / Quotations documents
  • Entry of received Quotations / Tenders
  • Generation of Comparative statements
  • Recommendation of Vendor - Item.
  • Auto Generation of PO from comparative statement / Direct PO without quotations
  • Entry of received Invoice
  • Receipt of Goods & Invoice passing for payment (Acceptance of invoice items)
  • Return / Rejection of Goods from Departments
  • Return of Goods to Vendor


  • Procurement Process Documents - Quotation calling letter, Tender Documents, Comparative Statement, Purchase Order
  • Goods Receipt Register
  • Stock book
  • DSR - Dead Stock Register
  • Indent Report / Requisition report
  • Stores Daily Report
  • Balance Quantity Report
  • Reorder Level Report
  • Item Ledger / Item Wise Investment
  • Department Wise Investment
  • Vendor List / Invoice List / Item list

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