RF-Campus - (U-AIMS ©)

A Web-based e-governance system for educational campuses

RF-CAMPUS (U-AIMS) is web based e-Governance software for computerization of all administrative activities of any Educational Institution such as autonomous institutes, deemed universities & professional colleges.

RF-CAMPUS supports various modern technologies such as – online payment gateway, SMS, smart cards, biometrics, email alerts etc. RF-CAMPUS is fully integrated multi-user system with 100% protection against unauthorized access. RF-CAMPUS provides secured, accurate & timely information to users at all levels for better decision making. RF-CAMPUS improves the overall efficiency of various users & hence improves the performance of the organization as a whole. RF-CAMPUS eliminates duplication of work & hence reduces overall cost & enables better utilization of resources.

Technology :
100% Internet / Intranet based E-Governance MIS.
Windows Server - MS SQL - DOT NET

RF-Campus Modules

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