University Administration & Information Management System

A Web based ERP for University & Affiliated Colleges Administration

U-AIMS – University Administration & Information Management System is a web based e-Governance ERP for computerization of all the important Activities / Work of any University & its affiliated colleges. The ERP modules includes – Students Admissions & fees, Enrolment in university, University Examination System, e-Learning, College affiliation, Finance, HRMS, Estate, Purchase & stores, on line Portal, T & P, Hostels ERP has inbuilt modern technologies such as – On Line Payment Gateway, Mobile Apps, SMS / email alerts, RFID technology (HF,LF, UHF) & Biometric for student attendance & monitoring in campus, BI – Business Intelligence Tools, etc. So it covers complete student Life cycle in University & computerization of University Administration.

U-AIMS is a fully integrated, multi-user, secured system with full protection against unauthorized access. ERP provides secured, accurate & timely information to Users at all levels for better decision making in cost effective manner.UAIMS© is a fully configurable / customizable, easy to use & stable, comprehensive and role based ERP for State & central Universities, Private Universities, Deemed Universities, IIT, NIT, IIIT, … This is developed with continuous efforts and guidance of hundreds of best Brains of India (across 1500+ Institutions), who used this the fullest and contributed their best for the development of this solution.

UAIMS© delivers online information access to all members of the university community, new learning architectures, and efficiency-enhancing technologies, such as workflow, student life cycle and self-service applications.UAIMS© offers easy integration and unlimited scalability with no limits on the volume of Users. The ERP Empowers Universities and Research Institutions to more effectively address Today’s Challenges of running autonomous Institutions.

The solution has become robust due to the continuous guidance and usage by hundreds of academicians in India. We understand the need of Indian academicians and Problems they face are very different and challenging than any part of the world.We ensure your Investment in excellence and a quick ROI.

UAIMS©ERP is of great use for University level Institutions and can be hosted in University Data Centre or on our dedicated server / our Cloud.Following are the important modules under the scope of UAIMS, any other modules as desired by the Institutions can be developed & integrated in the existing system.

U-AIMS© Modules

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