Why HEIs Should Implement EMIS before Applying For Accreditation?

 Implementing EMIS Before Applying For Accreditation

14, April 2021

“Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction, and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.”

This quote by William A. Foster is indeed the key to unlocking quality in every aspect.

When we speak of maintaining quality in education – “Accreditation” is possibly the best solution so far.

Accreditation such as NAAC & NBA ensures that the teaching-learning processes fulfill the ultimate aim of education.

They focus on enhancing academic knowledge as well as skill development in students, making them ready for industry.

Undoubtedly why the Government of India (GOI) has made accreditation a crucial parameter for granting college autonomy as well as upgraded the National Education Policy (NEP 2020).

Now, the point of thought is –

What is EMIS?

Why higher educational institutions (HEIs) should implement EMIS before applying for accreditation?

Well, if you are a college administrator or educator and in search of answers to these questions, this blog will guide you throughout.

What is EMIS (Education Management Information System)?

An EMIS or Education Management Information System is an edTech system that collects, compiles, integrates, processes, and manages vital institutional data. The EMIS enables educational institutions to monitor the activities & generate MIS reports to foster in-depth analysis & 100% accurate decision-making.

But, you may wonder – what is the connection between EMIS, quality education, and accreditation?

#1: Student Data Record Maintenance

As I explained earlier, the EMIS compiles, stores, and manages the entire institutional data including the – “student database”.

Being an imperative element of accreditation, the student data such as successive year’s performance, students’ grades, academic details, personal details, etc can be managed with the EMIS.

Whenever the faculty of your institution requires checking students’ details while preparing documentation for NBA accreditation or NAAC accreditation, they can access everything from a centralized platform.

The accreditation process requires very difficult calculations, if the data is not structured properly & maintained orderly the calculations may fall loose.

#2: Continuous Student Performance Evaluation & Improvement

Globally reputed accreditation agencies such as the National Board of Accreditation encourage institutions to implement an outcome-based education model (OBE) of teaching-learning & move towards student performance improvement.

It also promotes the concept of ICT in education to simplify the job of faculty.

When the education MIS is integrated with a learning management system, the faculty can not only improve the daily teaching-learning methods but also track & evaluate students’ year-on-year performance. This practice enables them to manage the academically weak areas of students and makes them better.

It enables teachers to streamline daily lectures, offer quick delivery of relevant e-content, upload brain-storming question banks & assignments that follow Bloom’s Taxonomy, and much more.

To be honest, such a strategy is bound to evaluate & identify teaching-learning gaps & accelerate your student progress in the long run.

#3: Compilation of Required Documents for Peer Team Visit

The NBA or NAAC peer team visit is one of the most significant milestones that institutions achieve after clearing the preliminary round.

This is why being an educational institution, you need to be extra careful.

You need to have a backup of all the claims & information uploaded during the accreditation application process.

Seems a complex process, right?

An education management system can help you create, manage, and save the digital record of documents required during the peer team visit.

#4: Accurate Compliance MIS Reports in Required Formats

In addition to the documents, the institutions also require to generate MIS compliance reports to successfully get through the accreditation process. To ensure that the compliance reports are free from errors and in required formats, institutions can opt for an education ERP system with accreditation management software.

The accreditation data management system saves time, effort, and complexity of operations to a great extent.

It automates the report generation process enabling the faculty to take care of the other work processes.

The reports obtained have absolutely zero errors with utmost precision.

#5: Control Over Operations and Analysis for Improvement

Last but not least, the EMIS system indirectly accelerates innovation in education by reducing the burden of educators.

With the MIS system, the institutional head gets access to the complete data along with streamlined operations. Thus, eliminating all the unnecessary manual tasks & creating a space for planning & implementing futuristic ideas.

To sum up

Successful accreditation is a result of foolproof teaching-learning strategies, continuous improvement in imparting education, and accurate data compilation. As an institution, an EMIS can help you minimize the paperwork and maximize the student learning outcomes.

In a nutshell, the EMIS system can make your accreditation attainment journey quicker and hassle-free!

For more details on MIS in education, you can get in touch with our ERP experts today!

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