School Exam Management Software

MasterSoft Exam Software helping 2000+ institutions conduct in-house & online examinations seamlessly!

School Exam Management Software

Examination times are the busiest for each school. School exam management software eases the task of examination processes in schools. The examination management system handles crucial operations like defining class-wise examination schemes, grading/passing criteria, paper evaluation, and final report card generation, etc and simplifies the exam-related tasks of faculty.

Why MasterSoft Examination Management System?

MasterSoft's examination management software is a robust & comprehensive solution to automate, streamline, and manage the exam-related activities of a school. Designed on the latest framework, the school examination system can efficiently conduct in-house as well as online exams in the school.

In a nutshell, the examination management module of MasterSoft School ERP administers and verifies the following operations:

  • The module configures the number of classes, subjects, language & types of examinations.
  • User can define grace and exam rules. Minimal human errors can happen on this examination management system as the ERP provides strong validations.
  • This module integrates student's data from the fees collection module.
  • Result publishing from Standard - I to XII.
  • Results can be published in three formats: on a marks-based system, grade-based system, and combination of both.

Pre-Examination Activities as Per Boards

MasterSoft exam software for schools allows the faculty to define the assessment & examination pattern as per different boards. The school software is compatible with all the boards including - State Board, CBSE, ICSE, and IB. Teachers can define the following -

  • Subjects/Courses
  • Examination Pattern
  • Set the Assessment Parameters
  • Grace Rules
  • Ordinance
  • Passing Criteria

Furthermore, the school examination system also enables them to make a clash-free exam schedule, assign invigilation duty to staff, and print hall tickets, etc.

In-house & Online Examination Conduction

For the in-house conduction of exams, the school exam software enables faculty to perform the given activities smoothly on the day of the exam.

  • Hall or Invigilation & Management
  • Verification of Students Details
  • Managing Student Attendance
  • Creating & Managing Crucial Documents
  • Verification of the Student Exam Sheets

For the conduction of virtual exams, the online examination system for school enables faculty to perform the following activities.

  • Setting Question Papers & Assessments
  • MCQs & Descriptive Test Formats
  • Verification of Candidate's Registration Details
  • Real-time Student Attendance Tracking
  • AI-Proctoring for Controlling Malpractices
  • Accurate Result Generation Online

Post-Exam Activities & Analysis

The school exam management system enables the administrative staff to manage the following post-exam activities & perform detailed analysis.

  • Test, mid-term and final marks entry processing and finalization of results
  • Mark sheet and grade card printouts
  • Tabulation register and certificate printing
  • Merit list generation
  • Result analysis on the basis of percentage, subject, gender & caste category
  • Customize mark sheets, certificates & reports
  • Results can be published on the Internet or website
  • Parents and students can view their results published online which saves their trip to school

Customized Report Card Generation

The school examination management system enables customized report card generation for CBSE, State Board, ICSE, IB pattern as follows.

1. Reports for State Board Of Education

MasterSoft offers the following customized reports for all State Boards.

  • Certificates for Classes X to XII
  • Subject-wise/Class-wise/Year-wise Marks Reports
  • Descriptive Subject Reports
  • MCQs Subjects Reports
  • Practical Test Reports
  • Percentage-wise Reports

2. The Central Board Of Secondary Education (CBSE)

MasterSoft offers the following customized reports for the CBSE CCE board.

  • Scholastic & Non-Scholastic Activities Reports
  • Formative Assessment Marks
  • Summative Assessments Marks
  • Grade Reports
  • CCE Report Cards
  • MIS Reports in PDF & Word Formats

3. Indian Certificate Of Secondary Education (ICSE)

MasterSoft offers the following customized reports for the ICSE board.

  • Term-wise/Subject-wise/Consolidated Reports
  • Reports for standard I to VII
  • Reports for VIII to X
  • MIS Reports in Multiple Formats

4) Reports for International Baccalaureate (IB)

MasterSoft offers the following customized reports for the IB board.

  • Transcripts Records
  • Internal Assessment Reports
  • External Assessment Reports
  • Laboratory Work Reports
  • Short-Response Assessment Reports
  • Data-response Assessment Reports
  • MCQs Assessment Reports

Key Benefits of School Examination Software

The following list depicts the key benefits of school examination software by MasterSoft.

1) Seamless Exam Management

The exam management software by MasterSoft streamlines exam-related activities & enables the faculty & school administrator to take care of pre-exam, exam conduction & post-exam processes for various boards seamlessly.

2) Efficient Exam Module for Best Student Outcomes

E-content upload provision, skill-promoting assessments & relevant questionnaires with mock test provision for students to practice help institutions attain the best student outcomes.

3) In-depth Analysis of Students Performance

The AI-powered analytics dashboard helps school administrators to accurately map subject-wise/class-wise/year-wise performance & implement strategies to improve student performance.

Features of School Examination Software

The following list depicts the key features of the school examination system offered by MasterSoft.

1) Engineered for All Types of Examinations

Right from in-house examination to online examinations- descriptive & MCQs, short quizzes, assessments for various boards like CBSE, State board, etc, the exam software is engineered to handle all types of exams.

2) Accurate Evaluation, Result Publishing & Analysis

The online examination system for schools enables the faculty to define & automate the evaluation process, marking rules & publish the results along with offering detailed analysis about student's performance.

3) Question Bank & E-Content Management

The school exam management software enables teachers to upload a vast range of e-content & questionnaires in various formats such as PDFs, word files, audio, video, etc to help students develop their skills.

4) Mobile & Web Compatibility

Designed & developed on the latest technology framework, the school exam management system is compatible with the web as well as a mobile platform offering more convenience to students for attending the exams.

5) User-Friendly & Multi-Language Support

The online exam software for schools is extremely user-friendly in nature along with multi-language support enabling the users to easily navigate through the various options & give exams smoothly.

6) Real-Time AI-Proctoring Tools

The online examination software is integrated with AI-proctoring tools that can monitor & track the student's activities in real-time during the online examinations to ensure no malpractices like cheating.

FAQs on School Examination Software

Online school exam software requires students to log in to the portal & have good internet connectivity for a seamless virtual exam experience. The online exam software enables the faculty to monitor students via the AI-proctoring tool & eliminate any malpractices. As soon as the students complete the exam, the online exam software displays their scores.

The online exam software usually comes with the following features-

  • Pre-exam & Post-exam activities & analysis
  • Creation of different types of assessments - MCQs & Descriptive
  • E-content & question bank management
  • AI-powered proctoring tools
  • Dashboards for quick analysis of students performance
  • Easy navigation system & multi-language support

Online examination software for schools helps school administrators to manage complete exam schedules & activities. The proctoring tools enable them to keep a tab on students in real-time. Integrated with dashboards, it helps educators to analyze student's performance & improve learning outcomes in the long run.