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National Education Empowerment Teacher’s Initiative

  • A Nation-Wide IDEA Marathon, aimed at sharing, discussing & arriving at great IDEAS for Education Empowerment & Development.
  • Specially curated Skill Development Workshops with Actionable Takeaways & More.
Skill Development Paper Presentation

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MasterSoft Invites

MasterSoft, India’s most trusted partner in driving Digital Transformation across Educational Institutions, as an initiative to contribute to the empowerment of educators & institutions with new innovative ideas across various aspects, has come up with NEETI - the IDEA MARATHON!

To march & accelerate towards a great future, we invite Academicians, Educators, Faculty, passionate to bring a CHANGE to the education sector with their unique ideas. As a participant of the NEETI initiative, you will not only get an impactful & recognized platform to showcase

Participation Categories For Faculty Members

1. Paper Presentation - Participants

Registration Fee (Rs 100/-) Please contact for seeking

Share your IDEAS! Individuals (Teachers, Faculty) have to identify challenges they are facing in the different categories Teaching-Learning Process, Research & Innovation, Student Engagement & Career, Governance & Leadership and come up with potential solutions or suggest a previously implemented unique solution for the problem. A few problem statements have been suggested below, you can identify your own problem statement.

Paper Presentation Categories How to participate? Awards IDEA Marathon Register Now

2. Skill Development Workshop - Attendee

Free for everyone!

Any individual who would like to participate in the series of skill development workshops can be a part of the NEETI. The skill development workshops are aimed at empowering teachers with valuable knowledge on various aspects such as Student Engagement, Accreditation Process Management, ICT Skill Development. and much more. A few workshop agendas & topics have been suggested below.

  • Education Transformation in India - Case Study
  • Accreditation & Ranking Data & Process Management: LOCF
  • Institutional Best Practices- A compilation of 100+ Colleges
  • Academic & Administrative AUDITS
  • Leadership Workshop for Teachers
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Download Sample Questions & Template for Paper Presentation Resources

NEETI - Guidelines NEETI - Paper Presentation Template

Paper Presentation Categories For Faculty Members

Solution Statements under each category will be judged independently.

1.1 Curriculum & Innovative Teaching-learning

  • Blended learning model for Effective curriculum Planning & Delivery
  • GAP in Curriculum against Industry requirements-Institute Learning & Industry Requirement GAP
  • Mechanism for Judging / Assessing Student Skillsets & Practical Application
  • Coping up with Different Learning Segments/ abilities
  • Quality Improvement in Teaching Learning
  • Quality Improvement in Assessments ( Rubrics, Metrics, SOPs )
  • Institute Learning & Industry Requirement GAP
  • Facilitating Interdisciplinary/multidisciplinary Knowledge Transfer & Collaboration
  • Skill Enhancement for Student & Faculty
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1.2 Research & Innovations

  • IPR Quality Improvement
  • Promoting Student / Faculty Active Participation in Research, Funds Securing & Competition, Securing Funding for Research
  • How to setup Research Infrastructure
  • Securing Funding for Research
  • Industry-specific/ need-based research

1.3 Student Engagement, Progression & Career

  • Student Tracking & Remedial Actions
  • Fast, Weak & Slow Learner Initiatives
  • Holistic Development of Student
  • Placement Preparedness
  • Higher Education Promotion Initiatives
  • Counselling & Industry - College Mentorship
  • Increasing Student Attendance
  • Increasing Participation in Academic & Co-Curricular Activities
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1.4 Governance, Leadership, Management and NEP

  • Improving College Perception Indices
  • Policies for Institutional Governance
  • Increasing ICT Enablement & Effective Utilization
  • Compliance Management Best Practices
  • Student involvement for driving Society Progression /services to society Initiative
  • How to secure the best facilities for all stakeholders
  • To create a large pool of trained teacher’s
  • Funding is a big challenge in the Covid era
  • Doubling the Gross Enrolment Ratio in higher education by 2035
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How to Participate in Paper Presentation!

Participate in “NEETI” to share your revolutionary teaching-learning ideas.

  • Participant
    • Identify Challenges/Problems across categories.
    • Brainstorm with Students & Colleagues & come up with potential solutions to resolve the issues.
    • Register your entry/idea by filling the required details in the registration form & paying a nominal fee of 100/-
    • Senior Academicians, Vice-Chancellors from across the country will preside as the Jury & independently award marks, a cumulative of the Marks will decide the winner.

Form is Live!

You can register as an attendee now!

Register to Participate!

Last date of paper presentation submission is extended to 14th November. Kindly share your entries before that

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Awards for IDEA Marathon For Faculty Members


  • Winning Prize
  • IDEA AWARD Recognition
  • Paid Internships for Students
    (Based on Interview)
  • Credits for College
  • Foreign International Conference Delegation
  • COLLEGE Trophy


  • Rs 1,00,000
  • Chanakya Award
  • 5 Students
  • Rs 40,000


  • Rs 60,000
  • Chanakya Award
  • 3 Students
  • Rs 40,000


  • Rs 30,000
  • Chanakya Award
  • 1 Students
  • Rs 40,000

Our Academic Partners

MasterSoft's NEETI is endorsed by some of the most prominent & renowned educationalists. Let’s meet our academic partners!

About MasterSoft

MasterSoft is India’s most trusted Digital Transformation Partner for Higher Education, serving over 2000+ Institutions Pan - India with One Stop ICT Solutions, covering student, faculty, campus administration & accreditation lifecycles. MasterSoft Team strives to enrich the teaching-learning experience by automating & streamlining activities and reducing man-hours on manual operations.

With more than 22+ years of experience in the education industry, MasterSoft delivers robust, result-driven, and world-class education ERP software. Being the largest & oldest edTech company, led by the most prominent mentors, the MasterSoft team strives to enrich the teaching-learning experience with its collaborative, state-of-the-art ERP offerings by creating ultimate value for educational institutions as per their requirements.

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A glimpse of MasterSoft’s unique product offerings that are developed to meet the requirements of various educational institutions.

MasterSoft Events & Insightful Blogs

With a sheer commitment to transform educational campuses with innovative edTech tools & offer the best educational practices, the MasterSoft team conducts interactive workshops from time to time. These workshops are graced with the presence of highly proficient & qualified academicians & speakers. Witness the best workshops on challenges & solutions to modern educational practices by saving your seat for the upcoming events! Furthermore, our team of ERP experts also shares insightful & knowledgeable blogs to keep you updated with the latest edTech world. Do check them out for gaining the best of educational domain!

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