Role of Management Information System (MIS) in Education Sector

Balram Korde, VP Sales and Marketing
04 June 2018

Data is the lifeline of every educational institution. Right from the student turnover rate to the financial records, every piece of data that is/was ever associated with it paves way for its development. The bigger the institution, the greater the volume of data. Today, most of the higher education bodies are looking..

Six Vital Reasons To Invest In Student Information System For A Better Future

Gaurav Somani, Head Business Development
28 May 2018

For a powerful educational institution growth and improved institutional effectiveness, the requirement of excellent student information system is necessary. The modern SIS helps in boosting the students' success by providing the information related to academic affairs in one place...

MasterSoft Store (inventory) Management System- Why is it Deemed Fit for Higher Educational Institutes?

Ashish Vyawhare, Sr. Bussiness Development
15 May 2018

The inventory management in higher academic institutes becomes a major challenge for the administration of colleges. Inventory optimization, transparency in the supply chain, scalability, and time-saving are the most common problems. The automated inventory management system can help them to overcome...

Ultimate Five Things to Bear in Mind while Fetching ERP for Universities

Mustak Ahmed, Partner Manager India Sales
23 April 2018

The higher educational universities are bringing the academic leaders, technology, and educational process on one platform with university ERP software. The ERP helps in building, managing, and executing the educators' roles in an efficient way. The digitization process for the university management system...

How Technology Helps Bridging Gap Between Parents and School?

Balram Korde, VP Sales and Marketing
16 April 2018

The engagement of parents in the development of their kids is necessary in the present times. Most of the times their hectic schedule does not let them cope with the child's learning. For this, the school app is important to bridge the gap between parents and the school management....

Importance of NAAC Accreditation For Colleges and Best ERP To Improve Grades

Gaurav Somani, Head Business Development
16 March 2018

NAAC certification is a measure to evaluate and then guarantee a standard of education provided in higher institutions across the nation. The University Grant Commission (UGC) has issued a decree stipulating that every university and faculty must get certification by the council called NAAC...

Why do you need a powerful file tracking system for your organization?

Mrunal Singh, Software Developer
09 February 2018

Today managing files in hard copy and searching them from bundles is a very tedious and big task, causing tremendous confusion and pressure on the administrative body of the institutes. Movement of such files from one desk to another takes time and slow down the process...

LIB-MAN : Automate Your library with Industry best Library Management Software

Shyam Chandak, Jr. Software Developer
26 December 2017

Library automation software helps schools and colleges to manage whole library department without many efforts. MasterSoft provides library management system that allows institutions to efficiently manage all the in-house operations of the library like Acquisition & Cataloging...

How to improve NAAC Rating with Education ERP Software?

Mustak Ahmed, Partner Manager India Sales
15 December 2017

NAAC stands for National Assessment and Accreditation Council. This is an independent body. The University Grants Commission established this council. The purpose of this council is to evaluate and endorse higher education institutions in India. The purpose of this council is to evaluate...

7 Important Features to Look for in a School ERP

Ashish Vyawhare, Sr. Bussiness Development
05 September 2017

For easy use of ERP and to get the best out of the online education systems a School ERP must have certain basic features. There are n number of educational institutions that have reported to be unsatisfied with the school management software they have been using. And this is because they do...

5 Things to Consider When Choosing Higher Education ERP

Balram Korde, VP Sales and Marketing
14 September 2017

Education software is must for an educational institution, may it be a school or higher education institution. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is software that plays a vital role. This software is capable of performing various important tasks once implemented. A higher education ERP reduces...

How to implement Choice Based Credit System?

Gaurav Somani, Head Business Development
24 July 2017

Choice based credit system (CBCS), provides a learning platform wherein the student or knowledge seeker has the flexibility to choose their course from a list of elective, core and soft skill courses. This is a student-centric approach to learning or acquiring higher education. The conventional system...

Benefits of Implementing School Management Software

Ashish Vyawhare, Sr. Bussiness Development
24 July 2017

School Management Software is a set of a number of tools that lets the organization to smoothly run the institute. It is a web/cloud based software, which connects the users. The users being the ones connected with the institute like students, teachers, parents. The software includes various features...

Online Admission System or E-Admission for Educational Institutions

Balram Korde, VP Sales and Marketing
20 June 2017

The increasing numbers of students seeking admission in the Academic Institutes (School, Colleges, and Universities) are causing tremendous pressure on the administrative body of the institutes to manage and arrange the admission process manually. It is difficult to conduct the process...

Why online attendance management software is beneficial for schools?

Gaurav Somani, Head Business Development
10 June 2017

There are the schools where all attendance related work is done on paper i.e. the whole session attendance is stored in register and at the end of the session, the reports are generated. It makes the daily attendance a very weary task for the faculties. To overcome with such old-fashioned processes...

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