What Is The MIS Report? Overview, Types, And Examples

Gaurav Somani, Academic Consultant
17 June 2024

How many students graduated in the last academic year? What is the enrollment percentage for a particular course? Which programs witnessed increased admission in the last two years.....

What Is The Spiral Curriculum? A Complete Guide

Gurudev Somani, Academic Consultant
11 June 2024

Be it a mathematical equation or scientific theory, learning them can be hard, especially because they are complex concepts. No wonder students often resort to rote learning......

Things You Need To Know When Choosing An Educational ERP

Poonam Nathani, Academic Consultant
03 June 2024

Facilitating quality education is not an easy feat, especially when institutes have to consider several factors. It entails recruiting qualified teachers and implementing....

National Education Policy 2023: Everything You Need To Know

Prashant Borkar, Academic Consultant
27 May 2024

The need to disrupt the education system in India, operating through a long-followed structure, led to the announcement of NEP 2020. It has been three to........

7 Ways MasterSoft's Cloud-Based Platform Helps Higher Education Institutions

Mustak Ahmed, Academic Consultant
20 May 2024

Organizational efficiency and hassle-free workflow are central to maintaining the productivity of educational institutes. However, that is hardly the case for schools........

The Metacognitive Advantage: Elevating Your Thinking Skills

Gaurav Somani, Academic Consultant
13 May 2024

The ability to differentiate between right and wrong is an essential lesson that teachers and parents teach in a child’s initial years. As they grow up, traditional education takes precedence, while students.....

What is a Student Information System?

Gurudev Somani, Academic Consultant
04 May 2024

Facilitating high-quality education and ensuring institutional success simultaneously are the primary objectives of schools and colleges. Despite strategic measures and a team of experts.......

How Can Curriculum Mapping Enhance Teaching and Learning?

Poonam Nathani, Academic Consultant
29 April 2024

A syllabus is an essential document that lists the topics and content that students learn by the end of the year. But what about teachers? Is there a source of guidance that directs them....

Why Does Social-Emotional Learning Play a Pivotal Role for Students?

Prashant Borkar, Academic Consultant
22 April 2024

Does excellent academic achievement guarantee a student’s overall development? The question has become increasingly relevant in today’s scenario........

Building Futures: Embracing Skill-Based Education

Mustak Ahmed, Academic Consultant
15 April 2024

The world is changing at a fast pace, and the skills needed to prosper in it. The education system that has existed for years is insufficient to keep up with the pace of innovation and disruption........

Advantages of Institutional Accreditation for Higher Education

Gaurav Somani, Academic Consultant
08 April 2024

Students seek high-quality education and vocational training from institutes, which will help them learn new skills and knowledge. With so many institutes available and all claiming to be the best.....

Measuring Success: Evaluating The Impact Of The NEP

Gurudev Somani, Academic Consultant
01 April 2024

The need to change outdated methodologies and the overall academic structure has been indicated for the longest time. Therefore, the launch of the NEP 2020 campaign was a significant move.......

MasterSoft Solutions: Empowering Autonomous Institutions In The Digital Age

Poonam Nathani, Academic Consultant
26 March 2024

Highly digitalized operations are central to most organisations to increase productivity, efficiency, and resource management.No wonder educational institutes adopt appropriate technologies....

Strategies For Effective Teaching Using Bloom’s Taxonomy

Prashant Borkar, Academic Consultant
18 March 2024

What is an ideal classroom session? Does it solely entail students following teachers’ instruction? Teacher-student interaction enhanced by varied in-class activities is a useful way teachers can facilitate engaging.......

MasterSoft’s Proctoring: Preventing Malpractices In Online Exams

Mustak Ahmed, Academic Consultant
11 March 2024

With advancing technology, the education sector is also growing technologically, enhancing the educational quality of India. Especially since the COVID-19 pandemic.......

Three Language Formulas In A Digital Age: Challenges And Innovations

Gaurav Somani, Academic Consultant
07 March 2024

Unity and national integration are major nation-building objectives; hence, the Indian government took strategic steps to achieve the set goals. For instance, the first.....

Types Of Accreditation In India: What They Mean And Why They Matter?

Prashant Borkar, Academic Consultant
04 March 2024

"Accreditation” is often used in education and educational institute management. However, very few have a complete understanding of what accreditation is, what its types are, and why it matters..........

Breaking Barriers: The Online Admission Revolution In Education

Poonam Nathani, Academic Consultant
29 Feb 2024

Accomplishing several tasks in reduced time with minimum effort while maintaining accuracy is central to the digitalization process. In fact, appropriate technological tools have been integral to....

What Is The National Professional Standard For Teachers?

Gurudev Somani, Academic Consultant
26 Feb 2024

Academic growth and comprehensive development are two essential factors that contribute to a student’s success. But who is responsible for that? Teachers are integral to shaping the future.......

Multilingualism and Academic Achievement: Unlocking the Potential

Mustak Ahmed, Academic Consultant
22 Feb 2024

India is one of the most culturally, linguistically and geographically diverse countries in the world, therefore it is only fitting for individual languages to get equal recognition........

Global Citizenship in the Institutions: Why Students Value GCED Skills

Gaurav Somani, Academic Consultant
19 Feb 2024

In today's dynamic global landscape, where the exchange of information, ideas, cultures, and resources transcends borders, we find ourselves intricately connected. Simultaneously.....

The Evolution Of Proctored Exams In The Digital Age

Prashant Borkar, Academic Consultant
15 Feb 2024

Technological advancement has turned the world into a place where education transcends physical boundaries. Online learning platforms, digital tools, and multimedia resources.........

UGC To Introduce Binary Accreditation System In NAAC

Poonam Nathani, Academic Consultant
12 Feb 2024

Accreditation is the process of evaluating the quality and standards of higher education institutions (HEIs) in India. The University Grants Commission (UGC) has set up an independent body.....

What is a Safe Exam Browser? - A Complete Guide

Gurudev Somani, Academic Consultant
08 Feb 2024

Today's society has become a realm of online examinations, a widely adopted method for evaluating students' learning. Despite the conveniences of online examinations.......

Affiliated vs. Autonomous Colleges: Deciphering Higher Education

Mustak Ahmed, Academic Consultant
05 Feb 2024

According to the All India Survey on Higher Education (AISHE) report, there are 1,113 registered universities and university-like institutions. Furthermore, there are 43,796.......

What Is The Centre For Internal Quality Assurance (CIQA)

Gaurav Somani, Academic Consultant
01 Feb 2024

Expansion and flexibility are the two most important characteristics that determine the current education system. Furthermore, institutes facilitate the teaching and learning process.....

Strategies For Effective National Curriculum Framework Implementation

Prashant Borkar, Academic Consultant
29 Jan 2024

The education system needs must reflect the changes as the world stands at the threshold of ever-evolving socio-economic and cultural phenomena.If the curriculum tends to be outdated and generic.........

Bloom’s Taxonomy And Technology Integration In The Classroom

Gurudev Somani, Academic Consultant
25 Jan 2024

Which instructional methodologies are the most productive? Which activities should the teacher incorporate as part of classroom sessions? How do you conduct a curriculum.......

UGC To Allow Foreign Higher Education Institutes To Set-Up Campus In India

Poonam Nathani, Academic Consultant
23 Jan 2024

The Indian government and the University Grants Commission (UGC) are focused on internationalising education in India. In line with the National Education Policy 2020 (NEP 2020), the UGC has.....

Transform Digital Education with Higher Education ERP System

Mustak Ahmed, Academic Consultant
18 Jan 2024

High productivity, proficiency, and completion of tasks in reduced time are some of the key goals of educational institutes. Manually intensive operations are less likely.......

Revolutionise Education & Ensure Compliance with NEP 2023

Gaurav Somani, Academic Consultant
15 Jan 2024

Outdated, monotonous, and passive are the perfect words that can best describe the long-followed educational system. Therefore, the new educational policy 2020 is a significant initiative to introduce.....

How Learning Management Software Reshapes Education?

Gurudev Somani, Academic Consultant
10 Jan 2024

Education is constantly evolving. With the introduction of newer technologies and ideas, it is being reshaped even faster. One such influence in reshaping education is the Learning Management System.......

What Is An Institutional Development Plan?

Prashant Borkar, Academic Consultant
08 Jan 2024

An education system that addresses the challenges and demands of the ever-evolving world is a significant part of nation-building. Therefore, taking appropriate initiatives and campaigns that reflect the ethos and.........

Aligning Educational Goals: Exploring The Synergy Between NHEQF And NEP

Poonam Nathani, Academic Consultant
04 Jan 2024

Education has always been the key to unlocking the potential of individuals and societies. With proper education, people can gain knowledge, skills, and values and also use them to contribute.....

Decoding The National Achievement Survey: A Comprehensive Overview

Mustak Ahmed, Academic Consultant
01 Jan 2024

The education sector is an important part of our lives. Governments around the world are implementing policies to ensure that every child has access to high-quality education.......

Exploring Global Issues: A Primer On Global Citizenship Education

Gaurav Somani, Academic Consultant
28 Dec 2023

Global Citizenship Education (GCED) is a powerful concept that aims to nurture responsible, active, and informed global citizens. It's about training individuals with the knowledge, skills.....

Unlocking Curiosity: The Basics Of Inquiry-Based Learning

Gurudev Somani, Academic Consultant
25 Dec 2023

Overdependence on teachers or peers, textbook-oriented learning, and rote memorization are the core components of passive learning. Although these methods have been......

Navigating University Accreditation Towards Quality Education

Prashant Borkar, Academic Consultant
21 Dec 2023

In the wide and varied world of higher education in India, accreditation acts like a helpful guide, making sure that educational institutions measure up to set standards of quality and excellence.........

How NEP Empowers students through flexibility in course choices?

Poonam Nathani, Academic Consultant
18 Dec 2023

The National Education Policy 2020 (NEP 2020) plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of India. The recent revamp of NEP 2020 has ushered in a wave of positive changes.....

Benefits Of Reducing Curriculum To Enhance Essential Learning

Mustak Ahmed, Academic Consultant
14 Dec 2023

The education sector is experiencing a seismic shift underway, spearheaded by initiatives like the National Education Policy (NEP) of 2020 in India. A core tenet of this......

Overcoming Challenges in Indian Higher Education

Gaurav Somani, Academic Consultant
11 Dec 2023

Higher education in India serves as the cornerstone for societal development, aiming to cultivate enlightened, socially conscious, and skilled individuals capable of devising robust.....

The Importance Of Global Citizenship Education In A Connected World

Gurudev Somani, Academic Consultant
07 Dec 2023

Global Citizenship Education is a holistic approach to learning that goes beyond the confines of national borders. It aims to develop individuals who understand the interconnectedness of the world and can actively engage......

Credit Rating And NEP Compliance: Unravelling The Connection

Prashant Borkar, Academic Consultant
04 Dec 2023

With more than 62 percent of its population being in the working age group (15–59 percent), India is one of the world’s youngest nations. Furthermore, 54 percent of its population is under the age of 25........

Multilingual Education: A Comprehensive Guide

Poonam Nathani, Academic Consultant
02 Dec 2023

The world is a diverse playground, full of people from different backgrounds and locations with different beliefs and following different traditions, all connected to each other in one way.....

What is MOOC? Understanding the Evolution and Impact on Online Learning

Mustak Ahmed, Academic Consultant
27 Nov 2023

Education has been a symbol of societal, cultural, and economic transformation throughout history. The COVID-19 pandemic, with its resulting challenges and the closure......

Understanding NEP Compliance: A Comprehensive Guide

Prashant Borkar, Academic Consultant
24 Nov 2023

The National Education Policy 2020 (NEP 2020) is a comprehensive framework aimed at transforming the country's education system. This detailed guide explores the key.......

Curriculum Mapping: A Comprehensive Guide

Gaurav Somani, Academic Consultant
21 Nov 2023

Curriculum mapping is a sophisticated approach that serves as a detailed map, guiding educators through the ever-changing landscape of education, Let's understand it in detail.....

The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Education Management Systems

Gurudev Somani, Academic Consultant
17 Nov 2023

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been transforming various sectors of our lives, and education is no exception. Like a silent but powerful revolution, it's overhauling traditional......

Role of Technology in Autonomy Transformation of Institutes

Poonam Nathani, Academic Consultant
06 Nov 2023

Education is a cornerstone of human development and progress, and the transformation of educational institutes has been an ongoing endeavour to ensure that students receive the best possible learning experience.....

The Role Of Mobile Applications In Education Management Systems

Mustak Ahmed, Academic Consultant
30 Oct 2023

In the age of constant innovation, mobile applications have ushered in a remarkable transformation in education management systems. Learning is an ongoing journey, and mobile apps have made it more accessible......

MasterSoft Long-Term Vision For Supporting Autonomous Institutions

Prashant Borkar, Academic Consultant
25 Oct 2023

The pursuit of autonomy has recently emerged as a fundamental objective for educational institutions worldwide. Autonomous institutions possess the freedom to shape their curriculum.......

Navigating The Path To Autonomy: A Step-By-Step Guide With MasterSoft

Poonam Nathani, Academic Consultant
16 Oct 2023

Autonomy is a buzzword that resonates with educational institutions worldwide. The ability to make independent decisions, design custom curricula, and adapt to changing.......

Customising Your Education Management System For Specific Needs

Gaurav Somani, Academic Consultant
9 Oct 2023

The role of technology has become increasingly vital in the education sector. Education institutions, ranging from schools and colleges to universities, are turning to Education Management Systems....

LMS And Skill Development: Nurturing A Learning Culture

Gurudev Somani, Academic Consultant
02 Oct 2023

Skill development has now become a critical component of education. Educational institutions worldwide are increasingly recognising the importance of nurturing a learning culture that goes......

Impact of MasterSoft on Autonomy Transition Tasks

Prashant Borkar, Academic Consultant
26 Sept 2023

The pursuit of autonomy has become a fundamental goal for educational institutions worldwide. Autonomous institutions have the freedom to design their own curriculum.......

Revolutionize Faculty Management in Educational Institutions

Mustak Ahmed, Academic Consultant
20 Sept 2023

Educational institutions play a major role in shaping the future of students, and at the heart of these institutions are the educators—the faculty. Effective faculty management is crucial to the success......

AISHE - All India Survey On Higher Education

Poonam Nathani, Academic Consultant
11 Sept 2023

Keeping track of progress and trends is essential to ensuring effective policy-making and sustainable development in the education industry. This comprehensive initiative delves into the heart.......

Achieving Academic Excellence With Enhanced Student Engagement

Gurudev Somani, Academic Consultant
04 Sept 2023

In higher educational institutions, the pursuit of academic excellence is not just a goal-it's a journey that relies on the foundational principle of fostering robust student engagement......

The Emphasis On Skill Development In The Indian Curriculum

Prashant Borkar, Academic Consultant
29 August 2023

As the nation collectively embarks on the monumental journey of nation-building, it becomes not just a responsibility but a duty for every stakeholder-from government bodies and educational institutions.......

Education For All: Bridging The Gap In Access To Quality Education

Mustak Ahmed, Academic Consultant
21 August 2023

Education is a basic human right and a key driver of societal progress. It helps in empowering individuals, promoting economic development, and fostering social cohesion. Unfortunately, access to......

Role of Technology in University Sustainability Initiatives

Poonam Nathani, Academic Consultant
14 August 2023

Universities and colleges across the globe have embraced the importance of sustainability in their institution vision goals. Recognizing the importance of providing quality education and promoting skill-based learning.......

Student Academic Management System - A Complete Guide

Gurudev Somani, Academic Consultant
07 August 2023

Student academic management system plays a key role in modern educational institutions. There is a growing need for effective management of student academic records and information to improve.....

Simplify Institute Tasks: MasterSoft's Student Management System

Prashant Borkar, Academic Consultant
31 July 2023

Efficiently managing administrative tasks is crucial for the seamless functioning of educational institutes in today's changing educational landscape. With the growing intricacies of.......

MasterSoft ERP: A Ready-To-Implement Solution Aligned With NEP Standards

Gurudev Somani, Academic Consultant
24 July 2023

The Indian educational system has undergone a profound change as a result of the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020. NEP strives to transform how we teach the next generation by putting an emphasis on diversity.....

UTSAH & PoP Portals: Navigating NEP 2020 Implementation

Mustak Ahmed, Academic Consultant
17 July 2023

As the popularity of NEP 2020 continues to soar and educational institutions place strong emphasis on its implementation, the need to closely track and accelerate its adoption......

Types of Student Attendance Tracking Provided by MasterSoft

Poonam Nathani, Academic Consultant
10 July 2023

Attendance is one of the most important operations in a school or college. Also, it takes up a lot of valuable time to mark a student's attendance for every lecture.......

Cheat Sheet - 10 Practical Tips To Increase Student Enrollment

Prashant Borkar, Academic Consultant
03 July 2023

Attracting and enrolling students is essential for the success of any educational institution in today's competitive educational environment. With the rapid growth of the industry.......

Benefits Of Online Assessment Over The Offline Assessment

Mustak Ahmed,Academic Consultant
Updated On 27 June 2023

The rising digitalization and adoption of e-learning modules in various institutes and among the students are creating a need for conducting online exams and assessments of the students....

How NEP 2020 Changes The Nature Of Exams And Assessment For Students?

Gurudev Somani, Academic Consultant
26 June 2023

The future of people and society is significantly influenced by education. The National Education Policy 2020 (NEP 2020) was launched in recognition of the need for a comprehensive.....

A Comprehensive Guide On Competency Based Assessments

Mustak Ahmed, Academic Consultant
19 June 2023

In today's dynamic environment, where it is critical to hone existing skills and cultivate new ones in order to stay ahead, the need for competency-based assessment is intensifying......

Assessment Management Software For Students

Poonam Nathani, Academic Consultant
12 June 2023

Technology innovations continue to influence how students study and professors teach in the fast-paced world of education. The introduction of Assessment Management Software represents a significant development.......

National Digital Education Architecture (NDEAR) - A Complete Guide

Gurudev Somani, Academic Consultant
5 June 2023

Education has grown to be a crucial part of our society in today's rapidly changing digital environment. Given our growing reliance on technology, it is crucial to make use.....

Problems Faced By Universities While Shifting Online And How They Solved Them?

Prashant Borkar, Academic Consultant
29 May 2023

Today, the Internet has taken over every industry. After COVID-19, 70% of education in the field also moved online. The entire world is going online. Online education provides a number of advantages, such as .......

National Education Policy: All You Need to Know about NEP 2020 for Higher Education

Gaurav Somani,Academic Consultant
Updated On 29 May 2023

The Indian higher education system is now being transformed by the National Education Policy 2020. This policy places a strong emphasis on encouraging interdisciplinary study, offering novel subjects, and giving ....

Three Language Formula In NEP 2020 Explained!

Mustak Ahmed, Academic Consultant
22 May 2023

The 1961 meeting of the several chief ministers of the Indian states resulted in a consensus that led to the implementation of the three-language formula. The Three-Language Formula was intended to.....

10 Modern Teaching Methods Revolutionising Online Education

Poonam Nathani, Academic Consultant
15 May 2023

Technology improvements and the rising need for flexible learning options have made online education a popular substitute for conventional brick-and-mortar classrooms. Over the past few decades.......

NEP 2020 New Academic Structure Explained - 5+3+3+4 Education System

Prashant Borkar, Academic Consultant
11 May 2023

Poor quality education, ineffective methodologies and unequal access to educational opportunities have been central to the Indian education system. Furthermore, the problem is even more.......

NCF 2020 (National Curriculum Framework - 2020) - A Complete Guide

Gaurav Somani, Academic Consultant
9 May 2023

A strong foundation for student achievement is typically built on the principles of academic rigour, holistic learning, and social and emotional growth. The NCF 2020 is a program designed to guide....

Remedial Classes And Remedial Education - A Complete Guide

Gurudev Somani, Academic Consultant
1 May 2023

Everyone in the classroom strives to study at the same pace as the others, but this is typically not the case. Remedial instruction is used with students who are falling behind in class.....

ECCE - Early Childhood Care And Education - A Complete Guide

Mustak Ahmed, Academic Consultant
26 April 2023

The term "early childhood" refers to the time frame from birth to the age of eight. Between the ages of 0 and 8, early childhood development includes a child's physical, socioemotional.....

How To Implement A Digital Evaluation System In Your College?

Poonam Nathani, Academic Consultant
24 April 2023

As the number of online courses increases, every component of e-learning is undergoing an increasing amount of digital transformation. Statistics show that around 82% of students believe.......

Evaluate Student Performance with Relative Grading System

Prashant Borkar, Academic Consultant
18 April 2023

Evaluation of student performance is a crucial component of the learning process in an academic setting. It serves as a benchmark for students' accomplishments and aids in tracking their growth.......

Learning Management System - A Comprehensive Guide On LMS Software

Gaurav Somani, Academic Consultant
12 April 2023

Online learning has become very popular recently. The eLearning market has grown by 900% since the turn of the century and is booming. Digital innovations have made it easier for people to learn new things....

National Education Policy 2020: All You Need To Know About NEP 2020 For Schools

Gurudev Somani, Academic Consultant
Updated 11 April 2023

Technology has advanced to another level altogether and to achieve sustainable development & create more job opportunities for students by allowing them to learn & sharpen their skill sets....

E-content Development Center: A Detailed Guide

Mustak Ahmed, Academic Consultant
03 April 2023

The National Education Policy 2020 (NEP 2020) lays out the groundwork for how India's educational system would advance over the coming decades. The establishment of a Center.....

National Education Policy (NEP) 2020: Hits And Misses

Poonam Nathani, Academic Consultant
27 March 2023

The government has made substantial corrective moves to bring about the required reforms to our educational system during the past 30 years, but none of the programs were able to have an influence on the entire country.......

What Is ERP Software (Enterprise Resource Planning)?

Prashant Borkar, Academic Consultant
20 March 2023

ERP, which stands for Enterprise Resource Planning, is a kind of software developed to assist businesses in centrally and effectively managing their operational procedures.......

Learning Gap Of Students - How Teachers Can Identify And Solve Them?

Gaurav Somani, Academic Consultant
09 March 2023

Students have become accustomed to new learning methods since the beginning of 2020, including the ability to quickly switch between virtual and hybrid learning models. Several young students....

What Are Some Key Factors For Institutional Growth?

Gurudev Somani, Academic Consultant
28 Feb 2023

Educational institutions are responsible for providing the necessary tools and knowledge to students to help them succeed in their lives. Colleges and universities have been....

Top 10 EdTech Trends To Watch In 2024

Mustak Ahmed, Academic Consultant
21 Feb 2023

Technology is becoming integral to the educational process, with both teachers and students depending on rich media, in-depth data analytics, and cloud delivery to improve educational outcomes.....

Role Of AI And Other Modern Technologies In Higher Education In 2023

Poonam Nathani, Academic Consultant
16 Feb 2023

The education sector has witnessed significant changes in the past few years, with different technologies playing a key role in transforming the way students learn and how educational institutions function......

NEP 2020- New Structural Changes In Curriculum And Pedagogy In Education

Prashant Borkar, Academic Consultant
09 Feb 2023

Realizing one's full potential, creating a fair and just society, and advancing global progress all depend on education. The secret to India's continuous rise and leadership on the international stage in ......

How To Increase Educational Institution Efficiency Using A Campus Management System?

Gaurav Somani, Academic Consultant
30 Jan 2023

What are the top ten institutes in my state? Diploma courses in the best colleges in the country - These are two basic examples of sentences that students often type while browsing through colleges on ....

Why Are Online Exams Gaining Popularity In India?

Prashant Borkar, Academic Consultant
23 Jan 2023

Did you know corporate organizations have shifted to a computer-aided method of analyzing employee performance? In fact, they continuously look for ways to improve their ways of functioning......

National Education Policy 2020 - Make Your Institute Ready For NEP-2020

Mustak Ahmed, Academic Consultant
17 Jan 2023

The National Education Policy of India has been revised by the Government recently. The NEP 2020 version emphasizes on the upgradation of education in schools, colleges, and universities with the help of edTech....

What Is The Assessment Rubric For Teachers In Higher Education?

Poonam Nathani, Academic Consultant
19 Dec 2022

The most crucial aspect of education lies in the medium through which institutes impart it, and teachers and instructional pedagogies are intrinsic to it. But imagine what will happen.....

What Is Summative Assessment? Examples And Types Of Summative Assessment

Gurudev Somani, Academic Consultant
12 Dec 2022

Repeated revisions of a difficult subject topic, practicing specific mathematics sums over and over again, and studying for hours are indicative of upcoming exams. The pressure to do well....

What Is Formative Assessment? Examples And Types Of Formative Assessment

Prashant Borkar, Academic Consultant
05 Dec 2022

Learning is inconsequential if students do not track their improvement or if there is no medium through which teachers can evaluate their knowledge. Therefore, examinations have been an integral part......

Online Assessment Test – How Does It Help You Keep Track Of Student's Progress?

Gaurav Somani, Academic Consultant
29 Nov 2022

What is the role of assessments in a student’s life? Is it just to evaluate their academic knowledge? For the longest time, the traditional educational system followed a one-dimensional....

What Is Experiential Learning? A Complete Guide

Mustak Ahmed, Academic Consultant
23 Nov 2022

Frequent absenteeism, rote memorisation, ineffective learning habits, and lack of appropriate techniques are some crucial drawbacks of the traditional educational system. Moreover....

What Is Auditory Learning Style? A Complete Guide

Poonam Nathani, Academic Consultant
16 Nov 2022

Do you remember the first time you learned subtraction, addition, or multiplication? If yes, you must recall how you finally grasped the concept. It is noteworthy that although teachers may use.....

Learning Management Systems: Why Do Institutes Need To Think Of Advanced LMS Software?

Gurudev Somani, Academic Consultant
09 Nov 2022

"Burnout" is a conceptualised condition that individuals encounter after chronic workplace stress and is not uncommon in the education sector. Besides, even you would become exhausted....

Future Of Educational ERP Software In India: Implementation, Challenges, And Solutions

Prashant Borkar, Academic Consultant
02 Nov 2022

The sole dependence on a paper-based system to conduct every operation of a school or college is no longer the norm. For instance, previously, institutes used the traditional way to collect.....

Why Should Educational Institutions Switch To Online Exams For Students?

Gaurav Somani, Academic Consultant
27 Oct 2022

In the latter months of 2019, the COVID-19 outbreak created nationwide panic, which made the countries implement stringent regulations such as lockdowns, social distancing rules, and the shutdown....

Why Does the Online Examination Process Fail?

Mustak Ahmed, Academic Consultant
17 Oct 2022

Due to the pandemic, the offline examination system was difficult to execute due to nationwide lockdown and the fear of the spread of infection. Thus, many schools and colleges opted for various....

How to Pursue Two Academic Programmes Simultaneously? Guidelines by UGC

Poonam Nathani, Academic Consultant
04 Oct 2022

The education sector has been experiencing significant developments to improve the learning experience and make individuals better prepared for the changing needs of the industry.....

Why Does An Institute Need A Student Online Registration System?

Gurudev Somani, Academic Consultant
03 Oct 2022

The admission process is one of the vital processes in an institute, which is the main source of revenue. Parents may be anxious to ensure that they have submitted all the required documents for registration....

What Is Adaptive Learning? Benefits And Challenges Of Adaptive Learning

Prashant Borkar, Academic Consultant
26 Sept 2022

In this dynamic education industry, schools and colleges need to keep up with the new learning approaches. They need to create an atmosphere which promotes learning at one’s own pace.....

MasterSoft's Outcome-Based Assessments: Easy Accreditation For Institutional Growth

Poonam Nathani, Academic Consultant
13 Sept 2022

Education industry has been going through multiple transitions from the past few years. Knowledge is now not just restricted in just scoring good grades with no in-depth knowledge of the concept in reality....

What Is Hybrid Learning? A Complete Guide

Gaurav Somani, Academic Consultant
07 Sept 2022

We are given a well-known image when we think of schooling. One shows a school with a blackboard, tables, seats, and pupils staring intently into the corners of their books, and lecturing teachers...

How Can Institutes Optimize Student Management With MasterSoft's SIS System?

Mustak Ahmed, Academic Consultant
03 Sept 2022

It's time for educational institutions to try to incorporate cloud, analytics, and mobility so that all students' information and activities are available at all times and from any location....

Role Of Quality Assurance In Higher Education

Gurudev Somani, Academic Consultant
20 August 2022

What ensures the efficiency of educational institutes? Who regulates the maintenance of basic standards and procedures in an institute? According to a recent survey, the gross enrollment ratio in higher....

Are You Facing Data Migration Challenges During ERP Implementation?

Prashant Borkar, Academic Consultant
03 August 2022

What is the best way to accelerate operations in an institute? Stakeholders of institutes have found the answer to this question in ERP solutions which enables them to execute many functions effortlessly......

What Is Observational Learning In Higher Education?

Poonam Nathani, Academic Consultant
26 July 2022

The initial source of children’s learni Higher Educationng is their parents and the environment they grow up in; over time, their behavior and mannerisms get affected depending on how their parents or older siblings behave.....

How to Improve Student Outcomes With Education ERP?

Mustak Ahmed, Academic Consultant
Updated on 13 July 2022

Students and parents expect more from schools nowadays. Parents not only expect higher grades but also want their children to have all-around development. Today’s digital age demands digital means and smart use of ....

How Does MasterSoft's Library Management System Help Students To Enhance Learning Experience?

Gaurav Somani, Academic Consultant
06 July 2022

Library is one of the most critical aspects of the education system as it provides content and information for the users to improve their knowledge while boosting their creativity. With developments ....

Implement Advanced Digital ERP Infrastructure: 5 Steps to Restructure your Institute!

Poonam Nathani, Academic Consultant
04 July 2022

The education industry is highly dynamic in nature and has witnessed significant changes in the past few years. The COVID-19 outbreak was one such incident which completely revolutionized the education sector....

Why Are Educational Institutions Concerned About Student Data Security? And How Can Mastersoft Assist?

Prashant Borkar, Academic Consultant
Updated on 30 June 2022

Data and information of every individual have not been valued in the history of man the way it is valued now, and this is because it has been made valuable by the present age controlled by information technology.....

How Can masterSoft's University Dashboard Help Vice-Chancellors in Decision Making?

Gurudev Somani, Academic Consultant
Updated on 26 June 2022

The institutes and universities generate large amounts of data every day from online admissions, finances, examination, evaluation, lead generation, and others. It is difficult for them to store and process....

7 Most Effective Strategies To Improve Student Attendance

Mustak Ahmed, Academic Consultant
15 June 2022

Students often see the attendance percentage during their admissions in colleges, which they need to maintain throughout the term. However, after attending a couple of weeks or months of classes, they begin to falter and remain absent.....

How Does Using A Cloud-Based SIS (Student Information System) Increases Institutional Efficiency?

Gurudev Somani, Academic Consultant
09 June 2022

In the last few years, the education sector has encountered a series of disruptions that propelled colleges and universities to consider new operating models. Additionally, they had to develop innovative ways.....

Most Effective Ways to Overcome Attendance Tracking Problem

Gurudev Somani, Academic Consultant
Updated on 6 June 2022

Tracking student attendance is one of the fundamental responsibilities of a school. Students who remain more absent than present in class are, inevitably, indifferent learners and poor achievers, with sorry prospects for the....

How Does Technology Improve The Student Learning Outcomes?

Prashant Borkar, Academic Consultant
01 June 2022

Technology has become an indispensable part of people’s lives as it helps to execute a simple or complicated task easily. Hence, the education sector, which had already been integrating automation for the past....

How An ERP Software Can Improve Workflow Management In Educational Institutions?

Poonam Nathani, Academic Consultant
26 May 2022

The success of educational institutes depends upon a lot of factors such as efficient organisational structure and consistent administrative function. Similarly, they focus on innovative approaches to regulate....

How Continuous Learning Can Assist In Teacher Development?

Gaurav Somani, Academic Consultant
13 may 2022

Owing to the changing policies, global trends, and educational reforms, institutes raise their standards by taking many developmental steps. Furthermore, they reform the organizational structure, which includes restructuring....

What Is Pedagogical Content Knowledge (PCK)? Elements Of Pedagogical Content

Gurudev Somani, Academic Consultant
09 May 2022

Teaching is a continuous process that entails uncertainties and challenges that might baffle novice and experienced teachers. Therefore, it would not be inaccurate to deduce that it is a demanding job because it requires the individual to invest.....

NCFTE: Guide On National Curriculum Framework For Teacher Education

Mustak Ahmed, Academic Consultant
20 April 2022

The role of teachers is indispensable for laying the socio-cultural dynamics of any society, and it directly impacts student education in the long run. The teacher profession carries....

What Is Multicultural Education? How To Implement It In The Classroom?

Gaurav Somani, Academic Consultant
16 April 2022

With increasing number of fields and rising number of colleges in local as well as international level, students can now pursue their field of interest in foreign colleges, as they are well-equipped with the course ....

What Is Asynchronous Learning? Benefits & Examples Of Asynchronous Learning

Poonam Nathani, Academic Consultant
08 April 2022

E-learning has gained popularity in the past few years due to its ease and convenience for both teachers and learners. E-learning can be divided into two divisions, namely­ asynchronous learning and synchronous learning....

NCTE - Role and Functions of NCTE (National Council For Teacher Education)

Gurudev Somani, Academic Consultant
07 April 2022

Teachers are an integral part of the education system as they are a guiding force in the students’ lives. They are responsible for not just imparting knowledge of core subjects but also inculcating values in.....

What Is National Educational Alliance For Technology (NEAT) Scheme

Prashant Borkar, Academic Consultant
01 April 2022

Institutes have been keeping up with the global trends and providing the best courses and facilities. But still, some sections of the student population find it difficult to avail the appropriate educational help due...

What Is The Institute Of Eminence? How Is IOE Different From Other Institutes Or Universities?

Mustak Ahmed, Academic Consultant
30 March 2022

Educational institutes are the foundation for building the future of nations. Hence they must have the best facilities regarding, teaching and learning systems and student support which they provide throughout the academic......

CBSE Affiliation Guide And Process For CBSE Affiliation

Gaurav Somani, Academic Consultant
28 March 2022

Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is an Autonomous Organization under the Union Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India. It is one of the best and most recognized boards of school....

LMS Vs CMS: What Is The Difference Between An LMS And CMS?

Prashant Borkar, Academic Consultant
22 March 2022

Although online learning has been around for a decade or so, it gained increased momentum in the last two to three years. Therefore, even those institutes that focused on traditional offline classes began to branch out and facilitate...

What Is Heutagogy In Education? Difference Between Pedagogy Andragogy And Heutagogy

Poonam Nathani, Academic Consultant
19 March 2022

The traditional structure of the educational system has pre-defined norms, as per which the institutes and teachers facilitate learning. The structure entails instructors establishing an ecosystem....

Metacognition - Strategies, Skills And Metacognitive Knowledge

Gurudev Somani, Academic Consultant
15 March 2022

Effective classroom teaching is key to helping students achieve learning goals, but they seem to depend upon the teachers. Consequently, depending on the class notes and rote learning solely further serves to the lack.....

What Is Washington Accord? Importance Of Washington Accord Accreditation

Mustak Ahmed, Academic Consultant
10 March 2022

One of the most revered professions is that of an engineer, which ensures not only a bright future for the learners. Therefore, hundreds and thousands of students across the country prepare themselves with the sole goal to pursue engineering......

What Is SOLO Taxonomy? Importance And Levels Of SOLO Taxonomy

Gaurav Somani, Academic Consultant
03 March 2022

For the longest time, institutes relied upon the traditional way of teaching and normalized rote learning that never helped students intrinsically. Therefore, educators and scholars....

What Is Microlearning? Examples & Benefits Of Microlearning

Prashant Borkar, Academic Consultant
01 March 2022

The traditional teaching method has a one-dimensional approach as per which lessons are taught through in-depth explanations or short briefings. Furthermore, one of the main goals of teachers is to complete the syllabus....

What Is SCORM? How Does It Work - A Complete Guide To SCORM

Poonam Nathani, Academic Consultant
25 Feb 2022

The past two years have witnessed a gradual increase in online learning primarily due to the global health crisis. Consequently, the teachers began to adjust course materials under the guidance of respective institutes....

What Is Flipped Classroom: How To Implement Flipped Classroom Model?

Gurudev Somani, Academic Consultant
22 Feb 2022

The best way to ensure excellent academic progress is to be flexible enough to adapt unique learning and teaching methodologies. Being stagnant and rigid in regards to classroom activities will only lead to unproductive output....

What Is Cognitive Learning Theory? Strategies & Benefits Of Cognitive Theory?

Mustak Ahmed, Academic Consultant
17 Feb 2022

Plenty of times, students find themselves wondering about the best ways to retain information for an extended period and use it at opportune times. But more often than not, they struggle to apply the knowledge......

National Higher Education Qualifications Framework Draft Based On NEP 2020

Gaurav Somani, Academic Consultant
11 Feb 2022

The National Education Policy was drafted with the aim of improving the quality of higher education to develop thoughtful, well-rounded and creative individuals. It also emphasises that higher education must be planned in such a way that it....

What Is Social Emotional Learning (SEL) And Why It Is Important For Students?

Prashant Borkar, Academic Consultant
08 Feb 2022

Schools nowadays are becoming more ethnic and multilingual, with pupils from a variety of socioeconomic backgrounds. Teachers and community organizations assist kids with many reasons for participating in learning....

Guide To Curriculum Development: Types, Principles & Process Of Curriculum Development

Poonam Nathani, Academic Consultant
31 Jan 2022

Curriculum development is a process through which an institute or the instructor designs or creates a plan for a course or program. Furthermore, it is not a stagnant approach and includes continuous improvement....

How Rashtriya Uchchatar Shiksha Abhiyan (RUSA) Can Enhance Quality In Higher Education?

Gurudev Somani, Academic Consultant
21 Jan 2022

The Rashtriya Uchchatar Shiksha Abhiyan (RUSA) is the federal government's initiative to develop the potential of India's vast network of state universities. The nation's future depends on equipping these institutions......

What Is SAMR Model? Importance Of SAMR Model In Education System

Mustak Ahmed, Academic Consultant
17 Jan 2022

Institutes have been adopting the online learning module increasingly for the past two to three years. One of the biggest reasons for doing so is to cater to the educational needs....

Student Enquiry Management System Software For Hassle Free Student Enrollment

Prashant Borkar, Academic Consultant
Updated On | 12 Jan 2022

Achieving enrollment goals can be a demanding and strenuous task for an educational institute if they don't have a well-knit marketing strategy and a comprehensive procedure to organize student data. Much of the valuable time gets wasted in choosing....

Online Admission System or E-Admission for Educational Institutions

Gaurav Somani, Academic Consultant
Updated On 11 Jan 2022

The increasing numbers of students seeking admission in the Academic Institutes (School, Colleges, and Universities) are causing tremendous pressure on the administrative body of the institutes to manage and arrange the....

ARIIA Ranking: Atal Ranking Of Institutions On Innovation Achievements (ARIIA)

Poonam Nathani, Academic Consultant
10 Jan 2022

'Innovation' is the catchphrase of the twenty-first century all over the world. Simply said, innovation is the act of transforming ideas into new or improved commodities....

What is Computer-Based Test (CBT) | Benefits of Computer Based Test (CBT)

Prashant Borkar, Academic Consultant
Updated On | 07 Jan 2022

Be it any era - the era that followed the “Gurukul” system or the “chalk-board” teaching-learning methodologies, examinations or tests have been an integral part of every educational system.....

Why Faculty Management Systems Are Increasingly Becoming A Necessity?

Mustak Ahmed,Academic Consultant
Updated On 31 Dec 2021

The growing adoption of latest technologies in the educational industry for managing various activities and processes of the institute are encouraging the institutes to upgrade themselves....

How To Generate Transfer Certificate (TC) Online For Students

Gurudev Somani, Academic Consultant
28 Dec 2020

A Transfer Certificate is a document issued to students upon request by schools and colleges following their departure from the university. It incorporates the student's details, such as his or her date of birth....

What Is A Course Management System? Benefits Of Course Management For Higher Education

Mustak Ahmed, Academic Consultant
22 Dec 2020

The implementation of NEP 2020 is creating opportunities for new methods of teaching such as OBE, CBE, and others in the institutes. These new ways are majorly focused....

7 Steps For Successful ERP Implementation Process

Poonam Nathani, Academic Consultant
16 Dec 2021

Implementation of an ERP solution for your institute’s management has become one of the important parts of updating your teaching and management methods. It is a way of integrating....

What is CBE? Guide to Competency-Based Education

Prashant Borkar, Academic Consultant
Updated On 13 Dec 2021

When it comes to the major goals of any educational institution, maximizing the – “Student Learning Outcomes” is on priority. However, the outcomes are dependent on a lot of factors. The primary factor is – the quality of education......

What is Outcome-Based Education? OBE vs Traditional Education System

Prashant Borkar, Academic Consultant
Updated On | 10 Dec 2021

In the traditional system of education, the teachers and students spend a lot of time trying to learn the syllabus of every subject. The main aim of the course and curriculum has been to score good ....

Importance Of CRM System For Higher Education Institutions

Gaurav Somani, Academic Consultant
09 Dec 2021

In recent years, there have been several changes in the ways of operating in Higher Education Institutes. There is a strong wave of digitization that has been creating an impact....

How Time Table Management System Beneficial For Schools

Gaurav Somani, Academic Consultant
Updated On 09 Dec 2021

In this fast-paced life, this is how a normal day in an individual’s life looks like! We hardly come across people who maintain a daily routine, ain’t it? Apart from taking a toll....

5 Biggest Mistakes To Avoid When Creating Reports For Accreditation Process

Gaurav Somani, Academic Consultant
Updated On 19 Nov 2021

Which I think is on point regardless of the work or purpose we speak about. Be it the process of teaching or learning, one has to pass the litmus test of quality to stand out from the crowd.....

AQAR : Guidelines & FAQ On Annual Quality Assurance Report (AQAR)

Prashant Borkar, Academic Consultant
Updated On 19 Nov 2021

National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) is an organization that is funded by the University Grants Commission (UGC), responsible for assessing and accrediting institutions based on set standards and criteria....

How MasterSoft Can Help Your Institution In Accreditation Journey?

Poonam Nathani, Academic Consultant
Updated On 18 Nov 2022

An educational institution’s “Accreditation” status is most of the times considered as the prime criteria for a student to take admission. When an institution holds accreditation from a reputed agency such as NBA/NAAC....

Shedding Light On The New Norms Of NEP 2020 For NAAC, UGC, And AICTE

Mustak Ahmed, Academic Consultant
Updated On 18 Nov 2020

One of the key transformations that NEP has brought is the introduction of a single authoring body that would take care of all the functions of higher education –HECI or the Higher Education Commission of India....

Data Validation And Verification (DVV) In NAAC Grading Process For Higher Educational Institutions

Gaurav Somani, Academic Consultant
Updated On 18 Nov 2021

National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) Accreditation is a hallmark of “quality” education. The primary aim of NAAC is to enhance the teaching-learning processes in higher education institutions by....

NAAC Revised Accreditation Framework (RAF) And Its Relevance To NEP 2020

Prashant Borkar, Academic Consultant
Updated On 18 Nov 2021

It is one of the pillars that enlighten the minds of the children and ensure to make a better tomorrow. It is through education that the different socio-cultural divides that exist in our country can be overcome....

Importance And Benefits Of Institutional Accreditation For Higher Education

Poonam Nathani, Academic Consultant
Updated On 18 Nov 2021

The fundamental goal of any educational institution is to provide quality education & state-of-the-art facilities to students & help them build new skills that would help in shaping their careers. And the first step....

How Can Colleges Be Prepared For NAAC Peer Team Visit?

Gaurav Somani, Head Business Development
Updated On | 18, Nov 2021

However, for being accredited successfully, HEIs have to hustle a lot in terms of managing the institutional data. The basic step towards getting accredited successfully is to prepare your institution for the NAAC peer team visit.

What Is NAAC Accreditation? Importance & Benefits Of NAAC

Gaurav Somani, Academic Consultant
Updated On | 18,Nov 2021

As a responsible educator, you must be implementing various innovative teaching-learning approaches for better students’ learning outcomes. You might have even seen how institutions with the best NAAC grades....

What Is IQAC? What Are The Functions And Benefits Of IQAC In NAAC?

Poonam Nathani, Academic Consultant
Updated On 18 Nov 2021

As we discussed in the NAAC Accreditation Guide, the major goal of the National Assessment and Accreditation Council is to improve the quality of education. As providing quality education, adopting innovative .....

NAAC Accreditation: Guide to National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) for Higher Education

Mustak Ahmed, Partner Manager India Sales
Updated On 18 Nov 2021

Getting "successfully accredited" from a recognized body is quite imperative for any higher education institution. It determines the quality of education that the institution offers and helps the students to choose .....

How Cloud ERP System Better Than On-Premise (Standalone) ERP System?

Gaurav Somani, Academic Consultant
16 Nov 2021

Owing to the rising digitization in the education sector and implementation of NEP 2020, various institutes are moving towards adopting ways of integrating technology in education. Several institutes have been....

What Is AICTE? Role Of All India Council For Technical Education

Prashant Borkar,Academic Consultant
03 Nov 2021

Technical education in India was offered sometime back in the mid 19th century. Hence, it was important to establish a body that assured the quality of technical education offered....

What Is Collaborative Learning? Benefits & Strategy Of Collaborative Learning

Mustak Ahmed,Academic Consultant
29 Oct 2021

Often indirectly students are forced to memorization at time to often which curtails their critical thinking, creativity, and cognitive abilities since major focus is on the result....

Is Your ICT Infrastructure Ready For New Education Policy 2020 - (Higher Education)

Poonam Nathani, Head Business Development
22 Oct 2021

The NEP aims to increase the Gross Enrolment Ratio in higher education including vocational education from 26.3% (2018) to 50% by 2035.This is likely to increase the admissions in colleges and hence increase work....

Distance Education Bureau (DEB) In India: A Complete Guide

Gaurav Somani, Head Business Development
14 Oct 2021

Distance education enables the students to take up the desired courses even if they are not physically present in the city or country where the college is located. Distance education is a great option for students....

What Is Pedagogy? Importance Of Pedagogy In Teaching And Learning Process

Anand Shirke,CEO
07 Oct 2021

Pedagogy refers to the way of teaching students, whether it is the theory or practice of educating. It is a relationship between the culture and techniques of learning. The main aim of pedagogy is to build on previous....

What Is Game Based Learning & How To Effectively Use It For Higher Education?

Gaurav Somani, Head Business Development
30, Sept 2021

The “curriculum” is an integral part of the learning process. Without an effective curriculum, value-based education is not possible. With time, there have been increasing demands to modernize....

Cluster University | A Salient Feature of NEP 2020

Balram Korde, VP Sales and Marketing
Updated On | 28 Spet 2021

With a vision to positively impact and take the growth curve of students to a new high, the Government of India has proposed National Education Policy 2020.Cluster University | A Salient Feature Of NEP 2020....

How To Conduct Academic And Administrative Audit (AAA)?

Gaurav Somani, Head Business Development
24, Sept 2021

The NAAC (National Assessment and Accreditation Council) evaluates the quality of education in the Higher Education Institutes and makes sure that the colleges are offering top-class education for.....

Contribution Of Academic Libraries In Quality Education And Research

Gaurav Somani, Head Business Development
17, Sept 2021

“Libraries” have originated from the efforts made by humans in ancient times for collecting important literature and documents. And ever since then they have been playing an important role in the development of human beings.....

8 Online Assessment Strategies For Better Learning Outcomes

Ashish Vyawhare, Sr. Business Development
08 Sept 2021

The pattern of students’ assessment has remained the same for a long period, but it was bound to change in the face of challenging circumstances. The integration of technology also changed the way of assessments when.....

What Is CCE: Importance Of Continuous And Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE)

Mustak Ahmed,Partner Manager India Sales
03 Sept 2021

Before we speak about the importance of continuous and comprehensive evaluation, let us understand what the traditional educational model lacked. The traditional educational system has been running on the same.....

National Curriculum Framework (NCF) - A Complete Guide

Prashant Borkar, Academic Consultant
30 August 2021

India is one of the most culturally diverse and prominent countries in the world and has achieved many feats ever since independence. But if we were to talk specifically about the education which forms the future of a nation....

Tips to Gear up Your Children To Return Back to School after Lockdown

Gaurav Somani, Head Business Development
Updated On | 26 August 2021

In response to the deadly virus COVID-19, India is following lockdown that had started by the end of the month -March 2020. Furthermore, due to the second wave in 2021 strict lockdown came ....

Top 7 Benefits Of Taking Your Coaching Institute Online

Gaurav Somani, Head Business Development
21, August 2021

Coaching centers have always proven to be reliable when it comes to providing -“additional guidance” and “support” to the learners. Some students join coaching centers to prepare for competitive examinations....

Why Online Fee Collection Software is a Must for Educational Institutions

Gaurav Somani, VP Sales and Marketing
Updated On | 20 August 2020

With the rapid technological advancements & introduction of the New Education Policy 2020 that possesses great implementation benefits, its high time educational institutions,....

What Is Academic Bank Of Credits (ABC) In Higher Education Institutions?

Poonam Nathani, Academic Consultant
13 August 2021

The University Grants Commission (UGC), one of the statutory organizations, is a key player in maintaining the quality of education across Indian institutions. Right from evaluating teaching-learning practices to bringing....

Strategies To Boost Student Retention By Implementing Campus Management System

Ashish Vyawhare, Sr. Business Development
Updated On | 09 August 2021

Students taking a drop from their education institution & switching to another has become a common phenomenon these days. Top-notch education experts state that the main reason forcing students to take such....

What Is Remote Learning And How Do You Implement It Successfully?

Mustak Ahmed,Partner Manager India Sales
28 July 2021

Well, to begin with, remote learning is a form of distance learning where a learner gets the provision to learn in a virtual educational setup rather than the traditional physical classrooms. However, there’s a thin line that differentiates remote....

Importance Of STEM Education In Enhancing Student’s Success

Anand Shirke,CEO
22 July 2021

Quality education is undoubtedly one of the strongest pillars that contribute to an individual’s growth & success. But what are the factors that make education “worth pursuing”? Seymour Papert once quoted .....

FAQs On NAAC Accreditation - Most Frequently Asked Questions

Prof. Dr. A. S. Rao, Former Academic Consultant
20 July 2021

When it comes to the “NAAC Accreditation”, educators & faculty, especially the ones who are new and trying to attain the NAAC certificate, have some most frequently asked.....

A Guide On National Skills Qualification Framework (NSQF)

Prashant Borkar, Academic Consultant
15 July 2021

To address the serious issue, the Government of India took initiative in the year 2013 and introduced National Vocational Education Qualification Framework (NVEQF) which was renamed afterward as....

What Is Multi-Disciplinary Approach In Education? Advantages And Disadvantages

Poonam Nathani, Academic Consultant
Updated On | 13 July 2021

Regardless of what field we talk about, this quote on learning by Michael hits the nail on the head. There’s no limit to learning and the multidisciplinary educational approach mentioned in the NEP 2020 is the....

Beginner’s Guide to Outcome Based Education | What is OBE | Principles Of Outcome Based Education

Gaurav Somani, Head Business Development
Updated On | 12 July 2021

William’s attempts in enhancing the quality of the educational ecosystem by introducing outcome-based approaches have indeed brought a revolutionary change. Unlike the traditional way of teaching-learning,.....

What Is Blended Learning? Types And Benefits Of Blended Learning

Mustak Ahmed, Partner Manager India Sales
09 July 2021

The term “learning” has already gone beyond the four walls classroom setup! The era of digitization has brought a wide range of changes that have never been explored before! Today, technology has a crucial role to play in the learning process.....

10 Great Benefits Of Implementing Student Information System (SIS)

Gaurav Somani, Head Business Development
Updated On | 08 July 2021

Student Information System, popularly referred to as “SIS”, is a data management tool that enables Institutions to operate smoothly. It is a one-stop source for all kinds of student information that can be easily integrated ....

Ensure Student Data Security by Implementing College ERP

Balram Korde, VP Sales and Marketing
Updated On | 06 July 2021

A few decades back when people started to talk about why “data” will be the big thing, I am sure nobody took that seriously. With the development of tools that thrive on data & analytics, every organization has understood the importance of data.....

Pedagogy Vs Andragogy: Difference Between Pedagogy And Andragogy In Learning

Balram Korde, VP Sales and Marketing
02 July 2021

The term “learning” is like a never-ending loop! Whether you count learning from the day a child begins to walk or speak or the day someone studies to graduate or the day one innovate something....

How to Conduct Online Entrance Exams?

Anand Shirke,CEO
29 June 2021

Well, the competition in the educational field today is enough to brightest of the student nervous. However, it’s imperative for educators to conduct entrance exams as it helps them shortlist the best candidates for their institutions....

NIRF Ranking: National Institute Ranking Framework - Everything You Need to Know!

Mustak Ahmed, Partner Manager India Sales
26 June 2021

Such statements would surely catch the eye of anyone, but have you ever wondered what it takes to be counted as one of the top educational institutes or what is the process that is involved in it? NIRF ranking list .....

What Is Student Record Management System And What Are Its Benefits?

Gaurav Somani, Head Business Development
19, June 2021

While we all know & realize the value of time- do we really work on time management? Especially, if you are an educator or faculty, do you really keep a track of time? Don’t you feel that a lot of time gets wasted in preparing documents....

Learning Outcomes - Types, And Examples Of Learning Outcomes

Poonam Nathani, Academic Consultant
10 June 2021

This quote reflects that learning is a lifelong process. It can’t be confined to the four walls of the classroom & holds the power to impact a learner’s life. Likewise, the learning outcomes – the result or impact of learning can’t be confined to....

What Are The Features Of Alumni Management Software?

Anand Shirke,CEO
Updated On | 01 June 2021

“You know class- David was the best student of that batch. He never missed any of my lectures…!” As a faculty, you might have memories of old students. Some who excelled in your class, some who were naughty, and some......

What is Bloom's Taxonomy? What are its Applications & Importance?

Mustak Ahmed, Partner Manager India Sales
28 May 2021

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”- Maimonides “Bloom’s Taxonomy” is a popular educational model. However, before we discuss the purpose of Bloom’s ......

What is ABET Accreditation? | ABET Accreditation Process, Criteria & Benefits

Ashish Vyawhare, Sr. Business Development
25 May 2021

“Accreditation” – is just not a review process, it is a foolproof way for educators to offer quality education to students. It helps them to meet & create new standards of education. Thus, accreditation can be thought of as a mandate to ensure......

What is Online Proctored Exam? How Does It Work?

Gaurav Somani, Head Business Development
21 May 2021

The Minister of Human Resource Development Mr. Ramesh Pokhriyal – has been one of the most prominent names that have been hustling through the entire year of “2020” & now “2021” to ensure that all students get – “best education facilities”. .......

MasterSoft's Best Practices for Ensuring Seamless Online Admissions

Anand Shirke, CEO
18 May 2021

Being the director of the largest & oldest edTech solution providers in India, Mr. Gurudev Somani says - “Ensuring quality education has always been our primary objective. Our focus & determination to......

What is Project-Based Learning? Guide on Project Based Learning (PBL)

Balram Korde, VP Sales and Marketing
14 May 2021

I believe it’s exactly what needs to be implemented! There are enough theories that claim to be the best in the market when it comes to the transformational teaching-learning process. However, in reality, all that is being taught ......

Solutions to All Major Challenges of Payment Gateways

Mustak Ahmed, Partner Manager India Sales
12 May 2021

“Why pay online when one can pay cash?” “Online payments lead to fraud.” Do you have similar thoughts? You need to stop there and then! I know that payment gateways are often looked upon as “not-so-safe” when......

Importance of OPAC in the Digital Library

Gaurav Somani, Head Business Development
04 May 2021

There’s a famous adage – “Books are our best friends.” Well, there’s no doubt about it. They certainly are! Many researchers have even proven that books possess a significant power that can impact young minds in a positive way........

Why ERP Implementation in College Is Not Expensive Anymore!

Balram Korde, VP Sales and Marketing
22 April 2021

With the “new normal” situation that invited digitization in education last year, educators were left with no choice but to pay focus on implementing ERP in the campus. Unfortunately, the situation today –in 2021 is still the same. According to recent news – 13 states have cancelled their plans of re-opening the colleges. The stakes are high........

CBSE Class 10 Exam 2021 Notification: Here’s What You Need to Know!

Mustak Ahmed, Partner Manager India Sales
16 April 2021

We all have witnessed how pandemic disturbed the educational ecosystem in 2020. From shutting down of schools, colleges, and universities to online admissions & online examinations- the entire setup was digitized quite remarkably The transition was really quick! However, in 2021, when everyone was expecting the.......

How To Choose The Best School Management Software For Your Institute?

Ashish Vyawhare, , Sr. Business Development
08 April 2021

Technology has always played a vital role in changing the approaches of industries in terms of - Administering methods to conduct daily operations,Providing seamless medium of communication ,Improving productivity of work processes. Irrespective of how large or small the industry is, staying up-to-date.......

What Is a Transcript of Records for Schools & Colleges?

Mustak Ahmed, Partner Manager India Sales
07 April 2021

“Examination” & “Evaluation” - these are the two most important factors that contribute towards “Excellence” in a students’ academic journey. Right from school to completing graduation from a college or university, a student needs to maintain their academic record along with taking care of skills development......

Top 7 Benefits of e-learning for Students

Anand Shirke, CEO
Updated On | 05 April 2021

“Completing education, learning new skills, earning a valuable degree, and getting a great job…!” How’s the thought? Amazing, right? Considering the current situation, this affirmation tops the wish list of every student. Well, it could be for real if you switch to “e-learning”! I know it’s hard to digest but.......

How Going Paperless by Using School ERP Software Helps Educational Institutions?

Balram Korde, VP Sales and Marketing
03 April 2021

As a faculty, imagine getting a deadline to submit a student-related report to the school administrator, for which you need to go through a lot of student data. The information is written or printed format on paper; bundles of paper stacked on top of each other, followed by hardcover files. Examining .......

What Is LMS? Features And Benefits Of Learning Management System (LMS)

Mustak Ahmed, Partner Manager India Sales
01 April 2021

A learning management system or “LMS” is an edTech tool designed & developed to provide e-learning services to students in an educational institution LMS has been in the education industry for quite a period But ever since the concept of digitization bloomed in the education industry .......

How Can Student Tracking System Help in Improving Student Performance?

Gaurav Somani, Head Business Development
26 Mar 2021

If education was not meant to prepare us for the future, why would it be considered as one of the basic pillars of a nation?To ensure that educational activities are just going in the right direction & fulfilling the ultimate purpose of education it’s imperative for an institution to track students’ progress. And when we talk about....

What Is E-Learning? Features and Benefits of E-Learning Management System

Ashish Vyawhare, Sr. Business Development
Updated On | 22 Mar 2021

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.” Charles Darwin. The mentioned quote by Charles Darwin seems quite relatable especially, in the light of recent times, where we need to “Adapt the New” and “Bid Adieu to the Old”!......

Top Features To Consider While Choosing University ERP

Anand Shirke, CEO
17 Mar 2021

“Changes call for innovation, and innovation leads to progress.” Li Keqiang When it comes to educational institutions, the functioning and daily activities of universities are different from that of schools & colleges. Not in terms of nature of work but in terms of –“complexity”......

Why MASP School Recognition Is Helpful?

Balram Korde, VP Sales and Marketing
Updated On | 05 April 2021

Microsoft Aspire School Program (MASP) – an ambitious, path-breaking suite that brings “learning to life” in K-12 institution. An MASP school – a school that has enrolled for the Microsoft Aspire School Program and gained access to the comprehensive set of innovative technologies....

Modern Library Software Requirements for Optimal Automation & Best Efficiency

Ashish Vyawhare, Sr. Business Development
10 March 2021

I would like to quote an interesting fact about books- “There are approximately over 2 million books published every year across the globe!” Can you believe it? Well, even I didn’t when I first heard it! And just like food to our body, books are food for our mind and soul! And the......

What Is The NBA Accreditation And Why Does It Matter?

Ashish Vyawhare, Sr. Business Development
11 March 2021

For any higher education institution, getting “Accreditation” from reputed accreditation organizations such as NBA or NAAC can create a great impact in terms of quality of education & institutional practices.......

Six Vital Reasons To Invest In Student Information System For A Better Future

Gaurav Somani, Head Business Development
Updated On | 06 March 2021

For a powerful educational institution growth and improved institutional effectiveness, the requirement of excellent student information system is necessary. The modern SIS helps in boosting the students' success by......

NEP 2020 & College Autonomy: Complete Guide

Balram Korde, VP Sales and Marketing
03 Mar 2021

A decade back, the working structure of colleges and universities was smooth & manageable as the HEIs were limited in terms of their count. However, with the development of the educational ecosystem......

ICT for Higher Education - Smart Move towards Online Teaching and Learning

Mustak Ahmed, Partner Manager India Sales
Updated On | 01 March 2021

Well, that’s quite fair because from the traditional classrooms to the new digitized classroom era, a lot of transformation has taken place in the education ecosystem. The young Gen-Z surely......

Online Examination Software for Post-Exam Analysis, Better Learning Outcomes & Decision Making

Gaurav Somani, Head Business Development
13 Feb 2021

When it comes to a school – it has been observed that children often study the curriculum just to pass the exams. Even teachers follow the same teaching methodology that doesn’t add any......

The Best School Management System to Enhance Students Learning Experience

Ashish Vyawhare, Sr. Business Development
10 Feb 2021

Most school educators started thinking about digitalization only after realizing how things can change overnight. As per a recent report of UNICEF –“More than 90% of the countries have adopted remote teaching......

LOCF: Complete Guide to Learning Outcome Based Curriculum Framework (LOCF)

Anand Shirke, CEO
05 Feb 2021

The University Grants Commission (UGC), one of the most prominent autonomous bodies that work towards ensuring the best quality education in India. As an initiative to make the teaching-learning framework better......

How to Manage Exam Schemes, Rules & Result Processing Online

Gaurav Somani, Head Business Development
02 Feb 2021

Despite the multitude of differences in the academic framework, every educational institution across the world follows the “exam & assessment” code to judge the knowledge, understanding, and skill-sets of students......

How to Manage College Applications, Merit List Generation & Online Admissions

Mustak Ahmed, Partner Manager India Sales
27 Jan 2021

Accessibility & awareness of internet & mobile phones have increased the reach, now students can search and find colleges, apply online & get accepted all in the remote. During Covid, Online Admissions through the online application......

Complete Guide to the National Board of Accreditation (NBA Accreditation)

Gaurav Somani, Head Business Development
22 Jan 2021

“The colleges offering engineering courses colleges need to complete their accreditation process before 2022 to meet the quality of higher education.” - All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE).....

The Ultimate Checklist to Safeguard Your University’s Data

Anand Shirke, CEO
18 Jan 2021

In this data-driven world, data holds an important place. Right from backing up the decision-making process, to maintaining a smooth workflow in the organization, data plays a key role.....

Top 3 Reasons Why Higher Education Institutions should focus on Achieving Autonomy

Mustak Ahmed, Partner Manager India Sales
15 Jan 2021

The concept of autonomy in higher education institutions was initially introduced in the National Education Policy, 1992. After a period, the UGC – University Grants Commission appointed a “Gnanam Committee” for the same......

Why School And College Need Automated Student Attendance Management System

Mustak Ahmed, Partner Manager India Sales
Updated On | 05 Jan 2021

Marking attendance is quite important for a number of reasons. As significant as attendance is, it consumes a lot of class time and doesn’t contribute toward student progress.....

The Beginner’s Guide to Outcome Based Education (OBE System)

Gaurav Somani, Head Business Development
28 Dec 2020

William’s attempts in enhancing the quality of the educational ecosystem by introducing outcome-based approaches have indeed brought a revolutionary change. Unlike the traditional way of teaching-learning,.....

Role of Management Information System (MIS) in Education Sector

Prashant Borkar, Academic Consultant
17 Nov 2021

Right from the student turnover rate to the financial records, every piece of data that is/was ever associated with the college paves way for its development. The bigger the institution, the greater the volume....

Why You Need Online Admission Software Rather Than Web Forms

Mustak Ahmed, Partner Manager India Sales
15 Dec 2020

A few years back web forms were created to extract information of the visitors on various sorts of websites. The visitors’ data were collected whenever they asked any query or wanted to get in touch......

Why MIS reports are important for educational institutions?

Ashish Vyawhare, Sr. Business Development
Updated On | 12 Dec 2020

However, right from the student's enrollment in the school to the completion of their academic lifecycle and beyond, “data” plays a key role, and “student data management” is a very important aspect to drive institutional goals.....

Best Tips to Improve Your Institute's Website to Drive Online Registration & Admission

Anand Shirke, CEO
04 Dec 2020

Having a website for educational institutions like schools, colleges, and universities was an alien concept for educators – 5 years ago we can say. However, today everyone is well aware of the benefits a website can offer. Even the most stubborn institutions with “old-school” mindsets are “evolving”.....

Leverage LMS to Deliver Curriculum that Supports the Best Teaching Strategies

Gaurav Somani, Head Business Development
26 Nov 2020

If you relate this quote to online education – the one designed to offer interactive video sessions, vast e-content for self-study, and online assessments & tests to help students build up a strong academic portfolio, you’ll understand exactly the crux of the aforementioned quote....

Benefits of Implementing School Management Software

Ashish Vyawhare, Sr. Bussiness Development
Updated On | 23 Nov 2020

I completely adore this “impact-creating” quote by Aristotle on education. Be it traditional teaching-learning setup or the modernized edTech for the classroom version of education brought to us by the NEP 2020, it sums up both of them. Speaking of edTech, the school management software is one of the best....

How to Attend Formative and Summative Assessment Online

Balram Korde, VP Sales and Marketing
18 Nov 2020

The journey of educational institutions has come a long way since the covid-19 pandemic. And to be honest, even if the chips were not down, the concept of edTech was bound to bloom in the upcoming decade because of the New Education Policy 2020...

Online Examination System Helping Schools Minimize Disruption to Learning

Anand Shirke, CEO
11 Nov 2020

The educational ERP tools were meant to sell like a hot cake in the market at some point. However, the focal point of concern remains the students’ skill development & better teaching-learning services. And there’s nothing better than school ERP software with an...

Why Online Attendance Management Software Is Beneficial For Schools?

Gaurav Somani, Head Business Development
Updated On | 07 Nov 2020

There are schools where all attendance related work is done on paper i.e. the whole session attendance is stored in the register and at the end of the session, the reports are generated. It makes the daily attendance a very weary task for the faculties. To overcome such old-fashioned processes, there are various software....

Top Cloud Based Library Management Software To Redefine Your Library Experience

Mustak Ahmed, Partner Manager India Sales
05 Nov 2020

People often ask me- What’s the purpose of libraries when we have everything available on the internet? Well, I agree. That’s true as steel. Everything, indeed, is available on the internet. However, will you stop sending your kids to schools for the same reason?....

What is Multi Disciplinary Education? Advantages and Disadvantages

Balram Korde, VP Sales and Marketing
31 Oct 2020

Regardless of what field we talk about, this quote on learning by Michael hits the nail on the head. There’s no limit to learning. However, when we speak of the hierarchical educational structure, the concept of “learning” gets bounded with so many aspects such as – curriculum,....

Top Reasons Your Library Needs A Library Management System

Ashish Datir, Sr. Software Developer
Updated On | 24 Oct 2020

Library - a quintessential part of an educational institution and a society as a whole! It is not just a place containing books but also a storehouse of information & content that has power to influence minds. An integral as well as crucial part of any educational campus, the library is one of the few....

OBE Software to Simplify CO, PO, PEO, PSO Attainment Reports!

Mustak Ahmed Academic Consultant
21 Oct 2020

Earlier a mandate for achieving the National Board of Accreditation (NBA accreditation), today, it has become a crucial element of the New Education Policy 2020. OBE or outcome based learning enables faculty to first set & prioritize a goal....

Step By Step Guide on Cloud Based CRM Lead Management

Gaurav Somani, Head Business Development
06 Oct 2020

Do you know for what purpose a CRM is used? If you belong to a modernized educational institution, you probably do. But, if you are still a part of an educational school that relies on manual working methods for 95% of its daily work and isn’t excited about adopting the latest edTech tool....

Online Attendance Management System Software for Students

Anand Shirke, CEO
Updated On | 29 Sep 2020

In today's competitive world, with increasing working hours and less classroom time, teachers need edTech tools which help them manage precious class time efficiently. Instead of focusing on teaching, faculty members are often stuck with completing formal duties, for e.g. taking daily student attendance....

Why are Online Descriptive Exams & Tests Important for Students?

Balram Korde, VP Sales and Marketing
21 Sep 2020

Online teaching-learning processes & exams have brought a tremendous change in educational landscape. Faculty & staff are using various online assessment tools today to track the student performance. But do you remember the days when kids used to give written tests and oral exams?...

How To Implement Choice Based Credit System (CBCS)?

Mrunal Singh, Software Developer
Updated On | 04 Sep 2021

To maximize skill-based education & enhance student learning outcomes in terms of their grades as well as skills, the National Education Policy (NEP 2020) has made some crucial changes in the traditional teaching-learning system in India. The right to choose subjects....

How to Get a Customized LMS that Multiplies Student Learning Outcomes!

Anand Shirke, CEO
15 Sep 2020

The statistics of the schools acknowledging & using e-learning tools are increasing every day. However, despite a major uptick in the use of learning management systems (LMS) for conducting online classes, faculties are still struggling to acquire best student learning outcomes....

Government Announces Zero Charges for Students Applying to Colleges in West Bengal

Ashish Vyawhare, Sr. Business Development
24 August 2020

Students and parents have to spend a lot right from the initial process of paying registration fees, fees for buying college form, brochure, traveling cost (as they need to visit colleges frequently to confirm college admission status). As the admission procedure has shifted to the digital horizon, most of the....

Why Do You Need a File Tracking System For Educational Institution?

Mrunal Singh, Software Developer
Updated On 21 August 2020

Today managing files in hard copy and searching them from bundles is a very tedious and burdensome task, causing tremendous confusion and pressure on the administrative body of the institutes. Movement of such files from one desk to another takes time and slows down the process....

4 Key Tips for Sustaining Mental Health of Online Educators and Learners during Covid-19

Balram Korde, VP Sales and Marketing
18 Aug 2020

Since Covid-19 has halted the “normal” life, at this moment, hope is the only source of faith that the human race can succumb to. A ‘hope’ those good days will come soon and things will be normal again. However, the virus has just not hit people physically but it has....

Cloud Education ERP Implementation: Challenges & Solutions

Anand Shirke, CEO
Updated On | 17 Aug 2020

Earlier misunderstood as a highly unsafe & inefficient technology, Cloud Education ERP is on boom since a couple of years. It has truly proved its mettle by passing the litmus test of ‘Student Data Security’, which was and still is the prime concern of most of the educators....

Advantages of Biometric Attendance Management System

Anand Shirke, CEO
06 August 2020

Ever wondered why attendance marking is such an important element of a school’s daily routine? The reason is not hard to fathom. When a student is marked “present”, that student is also implicitly marked “safe”, “sincere”, “punctual”, “conscientious” and “regular”. However, one needs to move with the times!....

Why Educators Need to Put Maslow Before Bloom

Balram Korde, VP Sales and Marketing
31 July 2020

“Difficulties rise exponentially when school closures are prolonged…Schools, however imperfectly, play an equalizing role in society and when they close, inequalities become far greater.” Stefania Giannini, UNECO’s Assistant Director-General for Education. Inequalities amongst children were always a matter....

Preparing to apply for college admission from home during Lockdown? Just read this…

Ashish Vyawhare, Sr. Business Development
24 July 2020

Many state board class 12 & 10 results are out now, drawing all eyes on the college admission 2020! Since many leading universities like Maharashtra University, Pune University, and Delhi University, have decided to conduct online admissions strictly due to the pandemic situation, children & parents....

CoronaVirus Impact: Recent Status of Educational Institutions in India

Balram Korde, VP Sales and Marketing
20 July 2020

Schools & other educational institutions across India are closed since mid-March due to the outbreak of COVID-19. The students need to attend online classes & students who live in remote areas can learn via mediums like TV and radio – MHRD. Being a resident of New Delhi, my child has been facing a lot of trouble ever since Corona....

Tamil Nadu Education System During COVID-19 & Lockdown

Gaurav Somani, Head Business Development
14 July 2020

Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Mr. Edappadi K. Palaniswami, recently announced that the State Government would bear the higher educational expenses of a hair dresser’s daughter, named Ms.Nethra, as she helped poor people during Lockdown! With a motto of ‘student empowerment’ & ‘quality education for all’, Tamil Nadu Government.....

How to Increase Student-Associate Engagement with Microsoft MASP-CSMS in 2020

Anand Shirke, CEO
09 July 2020

No wonder why terminologies like: teacher-student engagement, collaboration & communication get thrown around everywhere. However, there's a very less percentage of schools & educational institutions that are living up to the expectations! Even if you see the education ERP vendors, most of them are pursuing the low-effort game of “marketing”....

How to Make Online Learning Fun and Easy – 5 Tips for Parents

Gaurav Somani, Head Business Development
07 July 2020

“Shock and awe” would perhaps best describe the emotional state parents find themselves in when locked up at home with their young ones for months on end. For as long as schools took care of schedules and imposed ground rules of conduct for the most part of the year (and the day), parents could handle the odd holiday months of carefree....

How Educational Institutes Can Benefit from Planning Academic Calendar

Balram Korde, VP Sales and Marketing
30 June 2020

Being a teacher by profession, planning is something which I can’t ignore at any cost. From preparing my daily “To-Do” list, a vast syllabus that I need to teach, to scheduling exams from time-to-time, I plan everything in advance to make my journey easier. However, just brainstorming can’t help in preparing foolproof academic calendars....

Do Online Admissions and Enrollments Work Better for Colleges?

Ashish Vyawhare, Sr. Business Development
27 June 2020

Your college must have done its best to streamline the admission and student enrollment process when admissions were an “in-person” affair. This was the age of ink pads, typewriters, long queues, anxious students, nervous freshers, reams of paper, irate clerks and peons, and stern “one at a time, please” rebukes. With computers and....

Tools for Effective Classroom Management

Ashish Vyawhare, CEO
16 June 2020

Teachers were only tentatively experimenting with technology in the past. However, they have been bulldozed by the corona virus into adopting elearning tools. And they are discovering that remote teaching-learning is quintessentially student-centered, democratic and humane. As educator and writer Jerry Blumengarten states, “Tech gives.....

CBSE Board Exam 2020: Notification to Prevail Adverse Effects of COVID-19

Anand Shirke, CEO
13 June 2020

As per the new exam guideline of CBSE, the board exams would be held with utmost safety measures in the home schools of students instead of the exam centers that were initially allotted to them. 10 days of time would be given to the schools prior to commencement of board exams to fully get prepared for the exam conduction....

COVID-19: How Higher Education Institutions can Turn Challenges Into Opportunities

Gaurav Somani, Head Business Development
06 June 2020

You know, when the virus entered India and cases began to be detected in the month of March, nobody had the slightest clue that ‘Quarantine’, ‘Alcohol Sanitizers’, ‘Social Distancing’ will become power words of vocabulary leading us to the worst days. Since kids fell under the category of people who are most likely to get distressed.....

Mumbai University Instructions for Admissions & Assessment During COVID-19

Ashish Vyawhare, Sr. Business Development
02 June 2020

From following the ‘Janata Curfew’ to lighting lamps, it’s been three months now since the COVID-19 intruded tiptoeing & turned the regular pattern of living upside down. This pandemic situation is something nobody expected even in their dreams. Even the ‘WHO: World Health Organization’ is clueless about when the situation will end....

How to Make University Management Easier with ERP Software?

Balram Korde, VP Sales and Marketing
30 May 2020

Modern, tech-savvy youth have little patience today with reams of paper, ink pads and stamps, musty file-laden shelves and sullen administrators. They care more for speedy processes, quick answers, and the precision and response-time of the Google search engine! A comprehensive erp for university management would not only attract....

Tips to Get Started with Online Examination Module in School Management System

Anand Shirke, CEO
25 May 2020

The online examination system, one of the modules of school management ERP, is the latest hot topic among school administrators these days. With an online exam management system, educators & faculty can create, manage, evaluate, and analyze, students’ performance all at a unified or centralized place from anywhere!....

How to Improve the Online Reputation of Your Institution with Digital Marketing?

Gaurav Somani, Head Business Development
23 May 2020

Google, the ultimate critic! How you wish your reputation did not depend on Google! Well, here’s a little secret. You can control Google Search Engine results to a VERY large extent. And we can show you how. Or better still, we can do it for you! Here is a scenario many institutions may be familiar with. Your institution may have....

Why Online Assessment is a Great E-Learning Tool

Ashish Vyawhare, Sr. Business Development
21 May 2020

That assessment is great for learning and is never in doubt. Assessments are part of the learning process for students. Every error committed in an assessment can lead the student to new knowledge or to an increased understanding of the subject. Hence the need to see assessments as “tools” that aid learning. For teachers, assessments....

Digital Platforms: Connecting Alumni & Attracting New Admissions

Balram Korde, VP Sales and Marketing
16 May 2020

Digital technology has turned consumers into “Wise Men”. Every other person including parents performs the ritual of – “mini research” before even applying for their kid’s admission. The internet is stuffed with zillions of content pages & information; anyone can find anything in the digital space with mere clicks! Why would someone....

How to Speed Up Admissions in 2021-22 With a Good Online Admission Management System

Anand Shirke, CEO
12 May 2020

Does your institution have a well-defined strategy to combat Covid -19? And is speed part of that strategy? If not, it should be, because your competitors are coming out all guns blazing with innovative responses to the Covid-19 “social distancing” diktat. E-learning, digital fee payments, distance examination systems, mobile apps,....

Quick Guide for Educators While Conducting Online Assessment

Gaurav Somani, Head Business Development
06 May 2020

I am sure he did recognize what the future might bring up! Unlike yesteryears, today, education has jumped out of the “conventional” box & achieved new milestones. Milestones, which could never be achieved if it wasn’t edTech backing up the entire transition! During the current situation where no one is allowed to move out, keeping up....

How to Manage Online Assessment

Anand Shirke, CEO
2 May 2020

““As per the teaching-learning plan made in consultation with educationists, principals & teachers of various schools, students will be supported remotely by the teachers with the help of parents, siblings, and technology.” - Tweeted Mr. Manish Sisodia, Education Minister, Delhi, India...

Top Onpage SEO Tips to Improve Your School's Website Ranking in 2020

Gaurav Somani, Head Business Development
25 April 2020

Can’t remember? Well, that’s how the world works! No one remembers who came second! To survive in this competitive era, you need to stand out from the crowd. Talking of the websites, it is the reflection of your institution in the digital landscape. Unlike the old marketing hacks – advertising in newspapers, TV, and radios, a website....

Is a Cloud-Based School Management System the Best Choice for your School?

Balram Korde, VP Sales and Marketing
21 April 2020

If you have decided to automate all work processes at your school, or are deciding to upgrade the system already in place, your technical advisor may give you a heads-up on the options before you. It would be tempting to go in for a solution that is economical at first view or one that has been recommended by an in-house expert or....

Why Are Schools Opting for the MASP Program?

Anand Shirke, CEO
18 April 2020

You must be wondering why schools in India are opting for the MASP program, what it is, and a lot many queries! No matter what reason has pulled you to this article, if modernizing the educational campus is your aim & you want to understand every nook & cranny about Microsoft Aspire School Program (MASP), you’ve got to the right place!...

Top Advantages of Online Assessment Tools

Mustak Ahmed, Partner Manager India Sales
16 April 2020

The overall institutional academic report says – Excellent Performance, but still the majority of the students not doing well from their career perspective? Despite scoring good grades in the exams, they are not able to do anything out of the box!....

Five Things You Should Know About Remote Learning as an Educator

Gaurav Somani, Head Business Development
11 April 2020

Of all the jobs that exist, a teacher’s job is, arguably, the toughest one. Teachers are often expected to do the unexpected, in unexpected circumstances, while delivering exceptional results. With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing schools to shut down, online classes appear to have taken a life of their own. Teachers whose jobs....

5 Tips for Building Your School's Positive Perception Online

Gaurav Somani, Head Business Development
04 April 2020

Having a social media account for your educational institution might just help you hit a jackpot in terms of teachers-students engagement, passing on mission & values, collaborating with new prospects, and of course, sharing career-related information & knowledge to help students. What seems to be just a post for many might be the....

Get Hold of the Falling Retention Rate with Online Admission Software

Mustak Ahmed, Partner Manager India Sales
26 Mar 2020

It requires efforts, time, and perseverance to fill the bill. Sadly, due to the outbreak of COVID-19 across the globe, the routine life of a common man has been disturbed including educators & students. Speaking of the students, their biggest concern, at this moment is –...

What are the features of Alumni Management software?

Anand Shirke, CEO
24 Mar 2020

As a faculty, you might have memories of old students. Some who excelled in your class, some who were naughty, and some who bunked your classes religiously and left no stone unturned in troubling you! It’s quite legit if your present students wonder where they are. What they might be doing in their career?...

Fully Utilize Library Software to Enhance Students’ Reading Habits

Ashish Vyawhare, Sr. Business Development
03 Mar 2020

A pet peeve of the older generation is the aversion of kids and young adults to reading. Unfortunately, the more the seniors complain, the more the younger generation is inclined to rebel and reject books en bloc. However, as an educator, your goal is not to win a war of generations, but to enhance your students’ reading habits....

Five Solid Evidences Why Campus Management System Is Good For Your Institutional Development

Mustak Ahmed, Partner Manager India Sales
28 Feb 2020

To strengthen our point, we’ll briefly discuss the case of the LNM Institute of Information Technology, Jaipur. We’ll try to explain to you everything in the simplest words possible! If you are someone new to the concept of ERP and want to discover how campus management systems can contribute to the growth of your institution, this article will surely....

The Next 5 Things You Should Do For Success of School Management

Anand Shirke, CEO
15 Feb 2020

Setting your school up for success requires that you ace certain key management skills. After all, a school is much more than its physical infrastructure. To succeed, it needs to demonstrate a capacity for delivering stellar results year after year. But success is not just about impressive learning outcomes. Those outstanding....

Implementing a School Management System Is Not Difficult At All! You Just Need A Great School ERP Vendor!

Balram Korde, VP Sales and Marketing
03 Feb 2020

The thought of implementing a student information system in an institute of primary or higher education could cause some apprehension in the minds of decision-makers, whether they are trustees, directors of Multi Academy Trusts, heads of department or technical heads. Many educators who have so far been EdTech-averse....

How To Get Your Child to Enjoy Reading

Gaurav Somani, Head Business Development
28 Jan 2020

For traditional book lovers who have always held e-books in disdain, modern trends of downloading and uploading e-books and conducting book search operations on Google inevitably cause deep despair. Generations of bibliophiles who have spent hours wandering admiringly amongst musty shelves of high-ceilinged libraries can’t understand Gen....

RFID tracking systems | A Revolution Automating Attendance Management in Schools

Ashish Vyawhare, Sr. Business Development
24 Jan 2020

In a student’s life, punctuality & attendance play a dominant role in deciding the success level of the kid. The more a kid will invest in lectures, the more she/he will gain knowledge. However, times have changed, bunking classes is considered to be a hallmark of “coolness” amongst kids. So, in such instances, teachers need to be extra....

MasterSoft CSMS is Now a Part of the Innovative Program - Microsoft’s Aspire School Program (MASP)

Mustak Ahmed, Partner Manager India Sales
21 Jan 2020

MasterSoft ERP Solutions on 15 January 2019, announced that their innovative ERP solution – Centralized School Management System (CSMS) is now a part of Microsoft’s Aspire School Program (MASP) Suite. With technology playing a key role in empowering every aspect of teaching & learning, this collaboration of two giants in the education....

What benefits does CBCS have to offer the Faculty Members?

Balram Korde, VP Sales and Marketing
13 Jan 2020

If you look back in the past several decades, you’d recognize that there was a trend of sending their children to foreign countries for studying. Once the schooling of students is done, parents used to admit their kids to foreign universities. This trend was channelized merely due to the incompetent education quality in India where you’d....

Benefits of MasterSoft Multi Academy Trust Management System

Gaurav Somani, Head Business Development
06 Jan 2020

“MasterSoft ERP Solutions help you formulate concrete decisions,“ says Mr. Sham Somani, MasterSoft MD & Founder. 1, 2, 20, 200, 2000 + still counting, and many more milestones to cross! The innovatory mindset of our team has been the most influential “element of success” in the journey of empowering educationalists. Working with all sorts of....

Choice Based Credit System for Student Preferred Courses

Balram Korde, VP Sales and Marketing
24 Dec 2019

Every student wonders what opportunities will he/she get after graduating – after all, the fees of colleges are continuously rising! Students pay a whole lot of their parent’s hard-earned money and still, they get the tag of being – UNEMPLOYED! The real culprit fueling the unemployment ratio in India is the low quality of education. Even the....

Education ERP - The Future and Importance of Edtech by 2020

Anand Shirke, CEO
18 Dec 2019

As you know, more than just taking a lecture, teachers have to play a multidimensional role. Right from planning exams, preparing timetables, taking attendance, assigning homework to students, and additional administrative tasks, they have to go through a lot of hassles daily. Education ERP is basically a modern-day software that follows a....

Automated College Management System Creating Success Stories of Educational Institutions

Gaurav Somani, Head Business Development
29 Nov 2019

Regardless of colleges’ spending money on its infrastructure & activities such as arranging sports events or seminars, the prime objective of institutions remains achieving educational excellence & ensuring students’ success. MasterSoft College Management System is an avant-garde ERP solution that can minimize the workload of faculty....

Benefits of Investing in Education Technology for Automation of Institutes

Balram Korde, VP Sales and Marketing
23 Nov 2019

The bell rings, the teacher enters the classroom, begins to mark attendance, asks for the previous day’s homework from students. Before the lecturer could start teaching, almost two-thirds of the lecture timing gets wasted just like that. In addition to these daily tasks, faculty members also need to carry out administrative tasks &....

6 Reasons Institutions Should Move on Cloud Technology

Ashish Vyawhare, Sr. Business Development
12 Nov 2019

Ever since its inception, cloud technology has become a hot topic for debate amongst educators. While some educators have implemented cloud education ERP in their campus & experiencing its benefits, there’s another side of the story where educators question the student data security provided by the cloud and are still stuck with....

Analytics Dashboard System Helping Teachers To Monitor Student Progress

Anand Shirke, CEO
06 Nov 2019

Students are the main pillars of any educational institution. No matter how good infrastructure or experienced faculty members an institution may have, the student success ratio is the ultimate factor that decides how successful an institution is. Therefore, the focal point of teachers must be providing quality education to their....

How education ERP is helping top-notch institutions to generate higher ROI

Mustak Ahmed, Partner Manager India Sales
31 Oct 2019

In this tech-driven era, where the majority of the work can be automated, simplified, and performed with greater efficiency with the help of technology, it would be irrational to overlook its importance in the education sector. To be honest, edTech is way more than just an add-on tool; it can help boost the growth of institutions....

Why Online Teaching and Learning Module is a Must for Every School

Gaurav Somani, Head Business Development
23 Oct 2019

Well, the answer is quite simple! In this generation of tech-savvy kids, traditional means of teaching just don’t suffice their requirements. Introducing technology in the classroom, an e-learning system to be precise, has become the need of the hour. Being an educator, you must implement an education ERP system that would....

Why Student Experience Plays an Essential Role in any Institution Growth

Balram Korde, VP Sales and Marketing
17 Oct 2019

Students are one of the main pillars of any educational institution. It would be wrong to say that an institution is successful merely because of its infrastructure or experienced resources. Surely, these factors play a crucial role in the success of the educational institution, but without positive students’ outcomes, an....

Technology Emergence in Education Landscape to Improve Student Experience

Anand Shirke, CEO
05 Oct 2019

There was a time when teaching was confined to a blackboard, chalk, and a four wall classroom. Teachers used to conduct seminars via PowerPoint presentations every once in a while and it was considered to be the only “standard” of technology in the classroom! Well, thanks to the advanced education technology such practices....

Why Top-Notch Education Institutions Prefer Customizable ERP Solution

Gaurav Somani, Head Business Development
27 Sep 2019

There’s a plethora of Education ERP solutions available in the market, and strangely, each of the ERP vendors claims their campus automation system to be the best. In such a scenario, it might get difficult for an institution to figure out which product would be apt for meeting their institutional needs. Being an educator....

Top 3 Benefits that Educational Institutes Can Reap by Switching to the cloud Technology

Balram Korde, VP Sales and Marketing
20 Sep 2019

In today’s tech-driven environment, conventional four-wall classroom teaching is just not enough to help students excel in terms of their academics as well as personal growth. With the changing dynamics of the education world, it has become crucial for institutes to change their traditional norms and embrace new technology....

How MasterSoft Helps Education Institutions Overcome Top 5 Challenges

Mustak Ahmed, Partner Manager India Sales
14 Sep 2019

With more than 22 years of experience serving prestigious clients such as NITs, IIITs, and leading autonomous institutions, MasterSoft e-governance ERP has made a mark in the education sector as the best ERP solution provider. It has helped over 2000 institutes to overcome challenges that were responsible for degrading....

Topmost Benefits of Implementing Online Examination Management Software

Ashish Vyawhare, Sr. Business Development
04 Sep 2019

Gone are the days when means of education was restricted to a four-wall classroom. In today’s tech-driven era, where everything is just a click away, anyone can learn and get an education without any hassle. Education ERP integrated with Online Exam Management System is one of the new feathers in the cap of technology....

How ERP Implementation Benefitting Student Journey from Prospect to Alumni?

Gaurav Somani, Head Business Development
19 Aug 2019

Right from day one, they bring a vibrant vibe in the institution, keep on making teachers proud with their achievements, and finally leave with phenomenal positivity behind to inspire the upcoming generation. We are talking about the ‘heart’ of educational institutions - Students! Every student’s journey is unique....

How Can CCMS Help colleges to Streamline their Processes

Mustak Ahmed, Partner Manager India Sales
05 Aug 2019

“A solution developed by Educationalists bringing in the best practices in Education Domain”
Centralized Campus Management System (CCMS) is a cloud Education ERP solution that can streamline the work processes of any kind of educational institutes by automating the student-faculty lifecycle and entire campus administration....

Top 5 mistakes educators do while implementing Education ERP

Anand Shirke, CEO
29 July 2019

Right from streamlining the workflow to managing grades, attendance, fees details, and generating highly precise performance reports of students, Education ERP Software holds the power to completely transform an educational institution. No wonder why ‘Education ERP’ has become a buzzword among educators these days! To be honest....

Monitor Student Progress with BI Dashboard Management System

Gaurav Somani, Head Business Development
15 July 2019

Effective teaching, communication, engagement, and careful assessment of progression can build a strong foundation for students’ success. As an educator, you must understand that lack of any of these aspects can create a negative impact on student’s academics as well as personal growth. The best way to gain precise insights about....

Technology in Classroom to Empower Student, Faculty, and Staff

Ashish Vyawhare, Sr. Business Development
09 July 2019

Long gone are the days where such routine contributed to a typical day in a teacher-student life! Nowadays, not just the teacher but also the students need to perform a lot of activities. For instance, a student needs to manage extra-curricular activities along with academics to escalate personality development, and likewise....

Why cloud education ERP is better than on premises ERP?

Mustak Ahmed, Partner Manager India Sales
20 Jun 2019

Ever since its inception, ERP software has proven its mettle in the education industry improving work efficiency. The three basic pillars that contribute to the success of any educational institution - proper planning, streamlining day-to-day activities and effective resource management can be easily achieved by the education ERP....

Looking For a Diverse ERP Solution to Run The Institute?

Anand Shirke, CEO
25 May 2019

Be it a school, college, university or a business firm, the amount of information that is to be handled is surplus. Students, teachers, parents, examination, results, funds, payment and what not, but, the education ERP software (Enterprise Resource Planning) makes it a lot easier to deal with. ERP acts as an exclusive solution for the....

Increase Student Enrollment Rate With Lead Management System

Ashish Vyawhare, Sr. Business Development
13 May 2019

Despite the increasing number of jobs and the consequent need to enroll in professional degrees, educational institutes are finding it difficult to achieve their target enrollment rates. There are various reasons for low enrollment rates. Educational institutes do not have proper insights of leads. It is also very difficult to keep....

How Can Cloud-Based ERP Transform The Educational Processes?

Gaurav Somani, Head Business Development
30 April 2019

Schools are growing at a very fast pace and becoming more complex. It is essential to have a system that helps educational Institutes function smoothly and ease operations. Rather than facilitating continuous workflow, the traditional systems actually hamper them. Schools should implement technology to help with effective working....

How Can You Streamline Admission Process with College ERP?

Balram Korde, VP Sales and Marketing
12 April 2019

With changing times, it’s always better to upgrade your institute and the way it works. This not just proves advantageous, in numerous ways, to your institute but also helps you to stay on top of your competition and serve your students and parents better. The admission process is extensive and time-consuming. However, it is also an....

Why Educational Institutions Need Admission Management System?

Mustak Ahmed, Partner Manager India Sales
01 April 2019

Admission is perhaps one of the most tedious, stressful and hectic activities taking place on campus. But does your institution really need an admission management system? Well, the answer totally depends on the type and size of an institution as well as its long-term goals! Here are some of the benefits and advantages that colleges....

Why Do Institutes Need Student Information System?

Mr. Gurudev Somani, Director
27 February 2019

With advancement in technology, it is imperative for institutes to upgrade their old systems to stay ahead and provide students a better schooling experience. There are many cons of saving information manually and there is an easy way out - Student Information System. Student information management system is basically used....

Benefits of Integrating School ERP System with RFID

Balram Korde, VP Sales and Marketing
19 February 2019

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), as the name suggests, is a technology which can detect objects such as books, ID cards, etc. attached to an RFID chip by deploying radio waves. The RFID readers are highly efficient and can read several cards, books or objects at once. A proficient school management system provides....

Is your MIS meeting the goals of your Institution?

Gaurav Somani, Head Business Development
11 February 2019

An MIS should ease your job, reduce your workload and eliminate repetitive tasks. But more often than not, an MIS creates hassle and increases unnecessary work of both the teachers and staff. If your MIS does not have these features and characteristics, then it's time to replace it with an ERP which has all these....

Benefits of Using A College Management Software for Financial Management

Mustak Ahmed, Partner Manager India Sales
8 February 2019

It is common knowledge that a college management software has made it easier, for administrators and faculty alike, to manage ongoing campus activities which include admissions, examinations, library management, etc. What makes a competent college ERP different is that the administrators can map and perform all the....

How A School Management System Helps Drive Higher ROI?

Balram Korde, VP Sales and Marketing
4 February 2019

Needless to say a school management system drives progress and helps in achieving institutional goals. But did you know that it also helps drive higher ROI? There are many ways in which a k12 management system has a positive impact on ROI which are in the form of savings in direct or indirect expenses. Here is how you....

5 Key Attributes Of A Future-ready University Administrator

Gaurav Somani, Head Business Development
14 December 2018

The administrator of any organization is majorly responsible for a plethora of things. Most importantly the administrator is the leader who is followed by many others. Thus, he has certain responsibilities and a prime role to play. But what makes a university administrator different is that he is not just followed....

Why Colleges Should Automate The Examination Procedure?

Gaurav Somani, Head Business Development
08 October 2018

The massive changes in the information and communication technology have changed and given new and very innovative methods to the operational procedures of different sectors. In the educational sector, the innovative methods have improved the management, teaching, examination and all the other administrative....

Top 6 Ways To Make Educational Institutions Smarter With Analytics Dashboard

Anand Shirke, CEO
30 August 2018

The advancement of technology has blossomed so well in this present age that its massive effects has demanded and forced changes in the procedural and daily activities of prominent and small sectors of the world such as construction, communications, agriculture, healthcare and even in human resource....

Why Education Sector Is Opting For Paperless Solutions?

Gaurav Somani, Head Business Development
06 August 2018

Despite countless attempts many organizations worldwide have not been able to go completely paperless. One reason for this may be the incredibly improbable idea of a paperless office. But those who have been successful in reducing paper consumption considerably have benefited greatly from it. Same is....

Why Alumni Management Software is Becoming a Necessity?

Balram Korde, VP Sales and Marketing
30 July 2018

With increasing awareness, rising expectations and disappearing boundaries students as well as parents are being selective when it comes to education. Now institutions not only have to compete with domestic competitors but also international institutions. Now is the right time when alumni management....

An Ideal Guide On: 'How To Implement Education ERP'

Mr. Gurudev Somani, Director
18 July 2018

A campus management software is a cohesive single system which harnesses data systematically, organizes it and produces it in a required format on demand. The benefits of deploying a suitable ERP especially in an educational institution are potent, effective and long-lasting. But for an....

How Data Analytics Enhance Student Retention Along With Graduation Rates

Balram Korde, VP Sales and Marketing
14 July 2018

Back in the day, colleges and universities could easily replace students who dropped out. But nowadays, with a staggeringly increasing number of students with their sky high expectations, many worthwhile institutions are also finding it challenging to retain students and increase graduation....

Spreadsheet Vs Education ERP Software - Which One is More Accomplished?

Gaurav Somani, Head Business Development
09 July 2018

Educational campus means abundance of data which needs nurturing, organizing and maintenance. From admissions to fee collection to exam, each task involves piles of paperwork which is to be maintained forever. For decades excel sheets have been an excellent platform for storing, calculating....

Cloud Based Education ERP - A Cost effective Solution for Higher Education

Mustak Ahmed, Partner Manager India Sales
04 July 2018

With a tough competition in the market and ever growing demands or expectations of the students as well as parents, organizations or institutes providing higher education need to stay updated by implementing latest strategies. One of the most significant aspect of this digital age is to....

MasterSoft Store (inventory) Management System- Why is it Deemed Fit for Higher Educational Institutes?

Ashish Vyawhare, Sr. Bussiness Development
15 May 2018

The inventory management in higher academic institutes becomes a major challenge for the administration of colleges. Inventory optimization, transparency in the supply chain, scalability, and time-saving are the most common problems. The automated inventory management system....

Ultimate Five Things to Bear in Mind while Fetching ERP for Universities

Mustak Ahmed, Partner Manager India Sales
23 April 2018

The higher educational universities are bringing the academic leaders, technology, and educational process on one platform with university ERP software. The ERP helps in building, managing, and executing the educators' roles in an efficient way. The digitization process for the....

How Technology Helps Bridging Gap Between Parents and School?

Balram Korde, VP Sales and Marketing
16 April 2018

The engagement of parents in the development of their kids is necessary in the present times. Most of the times their hectic schedule does not let them cope with the child's learning. For this, the school app is important to bridge the gap between parents and....

LIB-MAN : Automate Your library with Industry best Library Management Software

Shyam Chandak, Jr. Software Developer
26 December 2017

Library automation software helps schools and colleges to manage whole library department without many efforts. MasterSoft provides library management system that allows institutions to efficiently manage all the in-house operations of the library like Acquisition....

7 Important Features to Look for in a School ERP

Ashish Vyawhare, Sr. Bussiness Development
05 September 2017

For easy use of ERP and to get the best out of the online education systems a School ERP must have certain basic features. There are n number of educational institutions that have reported to be unsatisfied with the school management software they have....

5 Things to Consider When Choosing Higher Education ERP

Balram Korde, VP Sales and Marketing
14 September 2017

Education software is must for an educational institution, may it be a school or higher education institution. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is software that plays a vital role. This software is capable of performing various important tasks once....

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