Top Reasons Your Library Needs A Library Management System

01 October 2018

Top Reasons Your Library Needs A Library Management System

Library - a quintessential part of an educational institution and a society as a whole! It is not just a place containing books but also a storehouse of information not just in print but also on digital media. An integral as well as crucial part of any educational campus, the library is one of the few places where one can find genuine information on almost all kinds of subjects/topics. With prompt advancements in the world of education, communication and information technology, the library, too has seen a lot of changes over the recent years.

One of the most prominent changes is library automation - wherein every task related to management of library is fully computerized. There are numerous reasons for you to automate your library. Here listing the top 5 of them.

Helps You Manage The Library Constructively

Thousands of books, thousands of magazines and heaps of journals are definitely difficult to manage, not to mention the time and manpower required. Using a library management system you can very easily, quickly and constructively carry out all the activities such as - acquisition, cataloguing, stock verification, circulation, serial control, binding, indexing, etc. Since the whole process is automated, the tasks are streamlined, which means you do not have to do repetitive work. Also, needless manual practices eliminate the risk of human errors and increase efficiency considerably.

Reduces Operating Cost

Expenses incurred in manually managing the library is very high because of a lot of paperwork, manpower, printing cost, etc. involved on a daily basis. Putting all the information on digital media frees you of all the printing and papers, once and for all! You or your patrons can easily search the whole library in just a matter of a few clicks and few minutes. The manual process takes a much longer time and also requires one to be physically present in the library. The paperless solution, reduced man-hours, increased efficiency all lead to lower operating costs.

Library Automation for Seamless Learning Experience

Saves Time - Substantially

Library Stock Verification of approximately 75,000 to 1,00,000 books, when done manually or using spreadsheets requires 6 months with 3 people to generate accurate reports! Assuming 25 working days, 8 hours a day for 6 months:

25*8*3*6 = 3,600 hours!

While MasterSoft's RFID based library management system can do the same in 5-7 hours! That saves 99.8% of the time! Now surely that a substantial amount of time saved along with a lot of hassles.

Makes Your Library A Smart Library

An organized, neat and systematic library is sure to prosper rather than a poorly organized one. The library automation software helps you make your library systematized, organized and smart. A smart library is not just neatly organized but also the one which facilitates quick and effortless searching of books. The software enables you or your patrons to find a book in your library in some seconds via powerful search tools.

One more advantage of using the software is that you can also search for rare books or apply for interlibrary loans and vice-versa. This makes it very easy for your students to access all the books of many libraries from a single place.

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Today's Generation Needs It!

Students these days have access to a plethora of information, but how much of it is genuine is a cause for concern. Filling young minds with false or unauthentic information translates to a not-so-good future. Hence, a library remains the prominent place where students can find authentic information. But the digital age calls for digital methods of making the library a part of every student’s academic life.

The best way is to take your library on the digital media! Yes, a smartphone app such as M-OPAC can easily access your library’s database stored in your library management software. A student can find any book and perform certain important activities via this app. Also, it gives you the benefit of searching books from anywhere on the planet. Time and distance play the role of hurdles and refrain students from accessing the library. So give them the access 24*7 to your library and see the difference.

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