Top Advantages of Online Assessment in Education

16 April 2020

Top Advantages of Online Assessment Tools

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The overall institutional academic report says – Excellent Performance, but still the majority of the students not doing well from their career perspective!

Despite scoring good grades in the exams, they are not able to do anything out of the box!

Most educators are coming across such issues.

They are unable to identify the learning gaps.

Is this the case with your institution as well?

If “YES”- you need to rework your online assessment strategies!

Importance of Online Assessment in Education

The ultimate aim of a K12 & higher Ed faculty is to help students learn & grasp the concept and enhance their skills.

To track & judge their knowledge level, online examinations are arranged from time to time.

Owing to the pandemic, schools & higher Ed institutions are utilizing e-learning software to carry out teaching-learning processes & conducting online examinations. However, merely conducting online examinations for evaluating the learning goals of thousands of students is not enough.

Teachers need to set various learning parameters that not just enhance the academic grades but also help in improving student’s skills, confidence, and attitude towards life.

The online assessment must be followed by a thorough review of every student’s performance & identifying their learning difficulty.

However, keeping track of the plentitude of students’ performance & figuring out their learning difficulty is what makes the assessment journey difficult. Such hassles can be eradicated with the help of e-learning software integrated with assessment tools. Online assessment tools enable teachers to predefine the learning standards necessary to match the best student learning outcomes.

Benefits of Online Assessment Tools

Let me now explain to you the advantages of online assessment in education that will help you improve your teaching-learning strategies.

#1: Digitized Teaching-Learning Environment

Let’s begin with the basic & most obvious advantage: Work process digitization! Let me break down what I mean by “digitization”.

  1. As a teacher, you get the opportunity to teach online via e-learning tools
  2. Students can explore e-content & attend video lectures to learn online
  3. You can arrange short quizzes & online exams to test their skills
  4. Arrange, assess, finish the evaluation & declare results online!

The entire teaching-learning goes beyond the 4 walls of the classroom!

With the help of online assessment tools, you can quickly evaluate whether the student's performance is in sync with the expected learning outcomes or not. Additionally, students can finish their exams online & don’t have to go through a depression & anxiety phase waiting for their result!

#2: Set the Exam Rules & Guidelines for Better Transparency

With the provision of e-learning software, you can save efforts & time and can schedule online skills assessment tests for the thousands of students – class-wise, year-wise, and section-wise.

You get the provision to predefine the guidelines & rules of the exam.

Right from deciding the total exam time to marks of every question, to set certain criteria like negative marking & bonus points, you get complete freedom to organize & conduct the online exam process.

#3: Students Can Attend Exams at any time & From Anywhere

One of the most substantial benefits of online assessment tests is flexibility!

The best advantage is that your students shall get from e-learning software is the facility to attend their exams at any time & from any given location.

Of course, the time constraint will depend on you.

If you want students to attend the exam at a particular interval of time, you can also customize the exam settings likewise. However, the location factor would matter & offer best perks to students who live far away, in another country & also, the ones with physical disabilities.

#4: Fun, Engaging, and Interactive Multimedia Sessions

No more black & white papers!

I have been a part of a generation where examinations were conducted on papers.

I can’t even express the nervousness of having a question paper in hand.

That’s a nostalgic feeling!

On the other end, this generation is all about – Click, Select and Submit!

With interactive, fun, and engaging online exam & assessment tools, children don’t get nervous, instead, they tend to focus better on questions being asked via fun multimedia visuals & audios.

In certain instances, where children are not able to operate the system due to physical disability of hand, they can utilize features such as voice to text converter & carry out with the online assessments & exams!

Blessing in disguise indeed!

#5: Multiple Exam Formats with Proctoring Technology

Be it MCQs or a descriptive test pattern, the online assessment tools help you conduct the online examinations in a format that fulfills your objectives.

With respect to Bloom’s Taxonomy, if you need to pay attention to students’ skill development, you can frame questions in various formats.

As your students attend the online examinations, you can also monitor them with the proctoring technology & ensure zero malpractices.

Additionally, once the grades are auto-evaluated, you can analyze the question-wise student performance reports – which sum up the best benefits of online assessments!

Key Takeaways

If you are still stuck with the old traditional method of examination & assessment, it’s time to upgrade!

For robust, efficient, and advanced School ERP solutions with e-learning provision, you can get in touch with my team.

I promise, there won’t be any boring product pitching session. The current situation across the world demands compassion & helpfulness towards each other.

We will take this opportunity to interact with you & help you understand the utility of learning management system (LMS) & online assessment tools for achieving the best ROI & student learning outcomes.

Let’s ensure that nothing comes in between education & students!

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