What Is E-Learning? Features and Benefits of E-Learning Management System

What Is E-Learning_ Features and Benefits of E-Learning Management System

Updated On | 22, March 2021

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.” Charles Darwin

The mentioned quote by Charles Darwin seems quite relatable especially, in the light of recent times, where we need to “Adapt the New” and “Bid Adieu to the Old”!

Looking at the challenges that the situation has thrown on parents, educators, and faculty; everyone is constantly worried about - what’s going to happen next?

What is the “new” they can adapt to help children continue their studies?

“E-learning” is the “new” that needs to be adapted!

If this is the first time you’re hearing about e-learning or you are familiar with the system but want to discover more, then you must go through this article.

I’ll try to simplify things for everyone who needs guidance.

It doesn’t matter whether you understand the technology or not, please roll up your sleeves & make efforts to understand it. After all, your kid’s future depends on their education!

Let’s start with understanding the word itself-

What is “e-learning”?

If you dissect the word into two –“e” and “learning” -

  • Learning simply depicts – to acquire new skills to enhance knowledge.

For learning, we usually send our children to schools & colleges, right?

  • When the prefix “e” is added to it, the boundary of learning goes global, which means, your children are no longer bound by the four walls of the classroom.

The process of e-learning allows students to acquire knowledge & develop skills from anywhere and at any time by getting connected via the internet & edTech tools. The edTech tools that offer an efficient online teaching-learning platform are referred to as e-learning software or learning management systems (LMS).

The crux is - the e-learning software removes the barriers of distance, time, and location and offers undisrupted educational experience.

How to Get Started with an E-learning Management System?

As an educator, you will need to take care of the needs of all stakeholders as you begin the journey of creating a digital ecosystem.

Speaking of kids, they just need an efficient, interactive, and engaging edTech tool: which could be a web or mobile-based app, to continue their studies via an e-learning platform! And when it comes to teachers, they need a tool that can add value to their teaching process along with the element of innovation.

With the right e-learning software, the students can get access to ample courses to choose from depending on their field of study, interest, and curriculum structure of the institution. Whereas faculty get complete freedom to design e-learning courses as per their convenience & depending on what needs to be taught to boost new skill sets in students.

So, while choosing the learning management system, keep in mind that that the features of the LMS system should strike a good balance between the needs of faculty as well as students.

Features of E-Learning Management System

As I mentioned, you need to pay attention to the features of the ERP software.

I am sharing a list of top e-learning software features that you must consider.

#1: Bloom’s Taxonomy Framework

Bloom’s Taxonomy covers all the aspects that help students to grow not just academically but also skill-wise. Therefore, you must ensure that the LMS software is built on the framework of Bloom’s Taxonomy.

#2: Mobile Friendly & Easy-to-Use Platform

Mobile-friendliness & simple navigation - are some of the most important features of e-learning software. It enables your students to learn on the go at any given point in time while ensuring that the students find it easy to navigate the menu & learn with more convenience.

#3: Share, Track, and Handle Daily Classroom Activities

The e-learning management system should be enriched with built-in provisions such as a teaching planner, timetable management, syllabus & content sharing, and online assignment uploading option- so that teachers can share, track & handle daily virtual classroom activities without any hassles.

#4: E-Library Provision

Access to unlimited e-content such as journals, question banks, personalized notes, that are – relevant, updated, and valuable to students’ journey would surely help you in maximizing student learning outcomes.

#5: Online Examination with Proctoring Technology

Examinations enable the faculty to keep a tab on student progress, right?

Therefore, an online examination system that allows students to appear for descriptive, MCQs, and various other exams format should be your priority. Furthermore, you must also search for proctoring technology to help teachers monitor & conduct the online tests seamlessly.

#6: Student Performance Analysis & Feedback

Well, merely the online assessment provision wouldn’t help when you want to achieve long-term goals of attaining the best outcomes consistently.

For “consistency of progress”, you need to integrate an advanced AI-powered analytics dashboard that provides insightful information on students’ academic strengths & weaknesses. Thus, enabling faculty to analyze & rectify the pain points.

Key Benefits of E-Learning Management System

The e-learning management system offers the following key benefits to students & teachers to make the online teaching-learning path simpler.

  • Analyze: Teachers can analyze the requirements of students as per their previous records & norms of the government.
  • Design: Teachers get the liberty to design curriculum as per the requirements of students. They can emphasize the syllabus which would improve the student's Learning outcomes.
  • Plan: The children learning platform gives the provision of uploading the lecture-wise/hour-wise/day-wise/week-wise/month-wise teaching plan. It would ensure that the teacher is on the right track in terms of completing the curriculum on time.
  • Arrange: The teachers get to decide the time & date of online classes or teaching sessions. They can coordinate with other faculty members & then come up with a timetable that would suit them the best.
  • Monitor: The higher management authorities can gain insights such as the number of students taking part in lectures, students who are absent, etc. It will help them keep an authentic track of interested students.
  • Collaborate: Teachers can share video lessons, e-notes, and study materials online in various formats such as doc, audio, and PDFs.
  • Evaluate: Daily short quizzes can be arranged for evaluating the level of understanding of kids. It would give teachers an opportunity to test their teaching methodologies as well.
  • Boost Student Outcomes: The faculty can provide question banks & assignments on a regular basis to help students improve their academic scores.
  • Online Assessments: With children learning software, school authorities & teachers can arrange & conduct online exams. Also, it helps them easily tabulate & then display the results online - saving countless hours.
  • Communicate: Teachers and students get a personalized communication enriched platform that can bridge the teaching-learning gaps when used wisely for daily communication.

In a nutshell - Teachers, educators, and parents don’t need to panic about the kid’s future!

With learning management software, education would never stop despite the uncertainties.

Let’s sink in the concept without any resistance to help our children continue their studies. Please adapt the “new” for a fresh beginning.

To get started with e-learning, you require an efficient learning management system (LMS) and an active internet connection with login details!

Your one small step can take your kids’ learning graph upward & create a bright future.

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