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MasterSoft Online Assessment Tool

MasterSoft Online Assessment Tool to Conduct Online Assessment, Evaluation & Results

Standalone online assessment tool that helps educational institutions to redefine the traditional assessment process with proctoring technology that successfully evaluates and identifies learning gaps of students by conducting secure & scalable online exams, and boosts their academic performance & skill-set.

The Need of Online Assessment Tool in the Times of Covid


Virtual Classrooms have become an integral part of Learning and evaluation is an essential part of the Teaching - Learning Process, thus MasterSoft Online Assessment Software to conduct Unit Tests, Term Exams in MCQ & Descriptive Format while considering the ground level challenge of bandwidth, device & security, we bring to you the best Solution.

MasterSoft Online Assessment Software, built-in with Artificial Intelligence & BI Powered Analytics Tools for analyzing areas of improvement, test level, etc seamlessly helps institutions including schools, colleges, and universities to overcome the following challenges by offering the best online assessment practices.

  • Diagnosing & Rectifying Learning Gaps
  • Creating Assessments to Map Memory, Skills & Conceptual Knowledge
  • Scrutinize Question-wise Performance
  • Evaluation of PO & CO
  • Monitoring Online Test to Avoid Malpractices
  • Generating Accurate Assessment Reports
  • Faster Result Calculation with Detailed Analysis

Being an independent edTech tool, the MasterSoft Online Assessment Platform doesn’t require any kind of integration with school, college ERP, and university ERP software. In addition to these mainstream educational bodies i.e. schools, colleges, and universities, authorities & faculty conducting tuition classes can also implement the online test software to ensure better learning outcomes.


The following reports can be generated with the MasterSoft online assessment software.

  • Assessment-wise Performance Reports
  • Subject-wise Performance Reports
  • CO-PO Analysis Reports
  • Question-wise Student Performance Reports
  • Student-wise Attainments Details
  • Class-wise/Section-wise Progress Reports

Key Benefits Of Using MasterSoft Online Assessment Platform


Accomplish Learning Goals

Enables teachers to define, track, monitor student academic progress based on crucial aspects such as the questions they attempt & skip, the time they take to solve questions, and identifying their understanding level to help them achieve learning goals.

Descriptive & MCQs

To maintain a balance between subjective & objective learning quotient, the online test software enables faculty to create thoughtful question paper sets consisting of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) and descriptive questions.

Data-Driven Feedback

Analyzes complete student performance based on their assessment test data and empowers faculty to provide data-driven feedback to students, and plan corrective actions that aid in enhancing student success.

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Features Incorporated in MasterSoft Online Assessment Tool


Independent & Cost-Effective

Being a standalone edTech solution, it doesn’t require integration with educational ERP software. Institutions can implement this mobile & web compatible assessment platform individually & save huge costing.

Data Security

Mock Test Provision

Faculty gets the provision to design assign question banks & create mock tests to help students practice & prepare for the final test for self-evaluating their performance & ensuring better scores.

Client Support

Question & Answer Shuffling

Enables faculty to prepare various question paper sets by shuffling questions & answers to minimize the chances of malpractices during the online examination.

BI Analytics Tools

Run Time Result Display

Teachers can predefine ‘pass’ & ‘fail’ criteria. The questions are processed & auto-calculated at faster speed and run time results are displayed immediately at the end of the examination.

Multi User

Real-Time Proctoring System

Faculty can monitor crucial details such as time taken for solving questions, number of attendees, etc. Also, any new browser automatically gets disabled when the exam starts ensuring best practices.

Data Accuracy & Report Accuracy

Accurate Reports Generation

Ensures error-free result calculation & generation of various reports to identify the academic strength & weaknesses of students to help faculty prepare the best teaching strategies.

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