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What is your data safety policy?

MasterSoft provides you 100% data ownership. Nobody has direct access to the data layer. For further protection of your data, MasterSoft asks you to sign a data protection agreement that ensures data handover at any time in future. Institute has a direct access to data which can be downloaded in excel at any point.

Solution is hosted on highly secure cloud servers, under the Meghraj Policy in Non seismic zones, and multiple auto-backups are conducted, ensuring data security. Security checks & auto-prompts are triggered at sensitive action points.

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How MasterSoft Can Help in Accreditation Data Management?

Higher Ed Institutions (HEIs) are required to submit detailed & accurate institutional information & data of the last several years for various statutory accreditations such as NAAC / NBA & other agencies. During the process, HEIs face challenges such as repetitive administrative work, date-wise organization of reports in various formats, data privacy issues, maintaining supporting documents & monitoring entries of information, etc.

MasterSoft provides a cloud-based Accreditation Data Management System for assembling, managing & compiling entire institutional data & generating reports in desired formats for NAAC / NBA & other agencies. MasterSoft team provides necessary training & multiple logins to the faculty & staff so that they can promptly upload & update error-free data in-house along with crucial documentary evidences & proofs. Useful for Universities, Autonomous & Affiliated colleges, the system is integrated with graphical tools by which the coordinators can efficiently monitor the data entries. Date-stamped data maintenance on the highly secured server with multiple-backups ensure data security & accuracy & thus, help stakeholders to get ready for various accreditations.

How to get higher ROI with education MIS for colleges, universities & schools?

Be it a college, university or a school, proper data management is an important aspect. With education Management Information System (eMIS), institutions can collect, manage, access, and analyze the entire institutional data with ease. They can generate various reports related to different departments and keep a tab on every activity. With streamlined in-house processes & accurate institutional reports in hand, educators can make smart decisions which will eventually increase institutional efficiency and give highest ROI.

What is School Management Software?

A School management software is an integrated educational ERP solution which is designed & developed to streamline, automate, and simplify all the work processes in a school. Read more.......

How online admission system ease institute admission?

Online admission software eliminates the hassle of standing in long queues, enables immediate online transactions, and provides real time stats of admission-related tasks by streamlining the entire student admission procedure.

What Is College Management Software?

College Management Software is a comprehensive educational ERP solution to streamline the work processes in colleges & boost the overall productivity. Read more...

How do I find the best e-learning platform?

To ensure seamless virtual teaching-learning experience & provide quality education, you must choose an e-learning platform equipped with the following functionalities.

- Online Lecture: Integrated with Microsoft Teams & Lecture Notes

- Online Assignment Scheduling & Assessment

- Online Assessment : MCQs, Descriptive Tests, OTP Based, Question Bank Creation, Schedule Tests

- E-Content Upload Provision

- Create Syllabus & Teaching Plan Online

- Teacher Student Discussion Forum

- Internal Mailing & Chat Provision

- Compatibility with Mobile, Tabs & Desktops

What Is University Management Software?

The University Management System Software is an end-to-end cloud-based University erp solution developed for conducting, monitoring & analyzing complex activities of University and its affiliated colleges. Read more...

How does Education ERP help in Timetable Management?

Education ERP integrated with timetable management module can help you generate a clash-managed timetable by providing you details such as – Total number of faculty with specialization of their subjects, availability of teachers, classrooms, total number of students in a branch-wise and section-wise. Thus, it can help faculty members generate & manage daily, weekly & monthly timetable without any hassle. Teachers can also keep track of their unit-wise curriculum, lectures which were planned for them and lectures which were actually executed.

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What is a student information system?

Student Information System (SIS) is a vast database of student related information that assists educational institutions to manage every single detail about students from a centralized location in a systematic, error-free, organized and cost-effective manner. From streamlining & managing functions like student registration, admission, billing, attendance information, to health records, the inbuilt functionalities of student management software simplify administrative tasks & ensure a systematic work ecosystem in educational campuses.

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What function does student information system serve?

A student information system serves the following functions:

- Maintains entire record of every student in campus

- Minimizes paperwork by automating student-related processes

- Inbuilt BI dashboards helps in analyzing & improving student performance

- Provision of online registration, admission & fees management

- Mobile apps for effective, fast & transparent teacher-student communication

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What is library management system?

A library management system is an ERP software built to minimize the hassles of librarians by streamlining all the functions of a library. Right from book purchases, stock verification, accessioning, barcode generation, indexing, book search, circulation, budget analysis, books, magazines, newspaper, & other e-books, sanction to students to fine calculation, the user-friendly library automation software enables authorities to manage all the in-house activities of library & improves productivity.

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How can you keep kids parents and teachers connected

A school mobile app is the best edTech tool that can help educators keep kids, parents, and teachers connected!

What is the significance of CBCS system?

Choice Based Credit System or CBCS System is a globally acknowledged student-centric education system that allows students to choose & learn subjects of their own interest. CBCS system integrated e-governance ERP software, which is designed & developed in compliance with the rules & regulations of University Grants Commission (UGC) can help educators expand the horizons of learning for students by providing great flexibility to students in terms of learning & developing career-oriented skills. Students get the opportunity to opt for various courses like - core, elective, and ability enhancement courses. Unlike the traditional system, performance assessment is done by awarding credits that is a sum of hours of Theory (T), Lecture (L) & Practical (P).

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Does Online fee payment provides EMI facility for students?

Yes, with online fee payment provision, students get a split fee option wherein they can pay the educational institution’s fees in EMIs & installments as per the guidelines of higher management authorities.


What is OBE System?

Outcome Based Education System or OBE system is an ERP solution that enables Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) to promote skill-development & provide quality education by analyzing, evaluating, and mapping the lessons learnt by students based on the questions attempted to attain POs, COs & PEOs as per the guidelines of the NBA.

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What features should one expect from an online assessment tool?

An end-to-end online assessment software & exam management platform must be integrated with the following features. 

- Compatible with both web & mobile applications

- Daily assignments & question banks upload provision

- Intuitive & user-friendly interface for easy navigation

- AI-powered real-time proctoring technology to minimize malpractices

- Support diverse Exam Pattern: MCQs, Descriptive, Quizzes

- Encrypted question papers for ensuring authenticity & student data security

- Real-time exam evaluation & progress report generation

- Instant feedback system to optimize learning outcomes

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How can online assessments software be helpful for students?

An online assessment software empowers students by giving them access to valuable e-content, question banks, fun & interactive quizzes, engaging video tutorials, assignments, etc enabling them to attend and clear online assessments & exams effortlessly. 

The software simplifies the online examination conduction procedure for faculty as well. With a LMS, the faculty can create question papers - MCQs & descriptive, evaluate & track student performance, generate report cards and give instant feedback to maximize students' learning outcomes.

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