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Online Assessment Test

Updated On 27, June 2023

The rising digitalization and adoption of e-learning modules in various institutes and among the students are creating a need for conducting online exams and assessments of the students. Further, the implementation of NEP 2020 requires the institutes to offer online education and reach a large number of students across the country.

Further, the integration of technology with education is giving rise to the implementation of several new software and tools to smoothen the management and processes of the institutes.

Distance learning facilities in institutes offer courses and programs to the students for gaining skills or certifications and require assessment of the students to grant degrees and certificates. In such cases, an online assessment test is the only way of conducting these exams.

What is Online Assessment in Education?

In education, online assessment test can be defined as a way in which the students are evaluated for their knowledge, skills, abilities, and behaviors using the internet and digital platform. The online test for students is conducted on the internet using assessment software or other tools.

Online test for school students helps to-

  • Evaluate their knowledge and learning approach
  • Understand student’s personality test
  • Test learning abilities of the students
  • Assess their weak and strong subjects
  • Identify personality and character traits

Online test for college students gives an idea about-

  • Student’s performance in competitive exams
  • Help in career counseling
  • Admission for higher studies
  • Select suitable candidates for jobs
  • Student’s skills and abilities

Online assessment test has been gaining popularity over the past few years especially in the pandemic where the schools and colleges were enforced to conduct educational activities online. This included classes, exams, evaluation, feedback, and others.

Benefits Of Online Assessment Test

There are various benefits of online assessment test which are given below

Online Assessment Test

1. Helps to Reduce Administrative Burden

The use of online assessment tools for conducting exams and evaluating them reduces a major workload of the staff and faculty members of the schools and colleges.

In the traditional methods of evaluation, the teachers have to go through a large pile of answer sheets, check them, evaluate the students and give scores according to the answers written by them. This creates a lot of work pressure on the teachers of conducting exams as well as assessing every student separately.

Using the assessment tool eliminates this entire workload and gives results as soon as the exam is submitted by the student. This helps the teachers to keep their focus on teaching the students and hence improving the learning outcomes.

Further, the students can get access to the results and report cards without much delay helping them understand their weak points.

2. Requires Less Space

In the traditional system, the student writes exams on answer sheets which are collected by the moderators and given to the teachers for evaluation. The exam papers are needed to be stored in places that are away from the students and are out of danger from any malicious activities like stealing, manipulation, or misplacement of the papers. These documents need to be stored carefully.

An online assessment test reduces the requirement of any physical space for the storage of exam papers. Here, the answers of the students are stored in the system which is hosted by a cloud platform offering high safety. In this way, the online assessment test reduces the need for physical space for the storage of documents.

3. Higher Security

One of the major benefits of online assessment tools is the safety and security of the data stored in the system. A majority of online software is based on a cloud platform that offers high security and data backup options.

It carefully stores all the student data along with their marks, personal details, feedback, and previous report cards. The system checks for the authenticity of every student before the exam and verifies it with the stored data.

4. Flexibility for the Students

Online examination system offers the freedom of conducting exams from any place in the world as long as there is a good internet connection and a laptop or computer screen. It gives the flexibility of location unlike the traditional means of conducting exams where the student has to be present in the examination hall at a given time with their ID cards and exam hall tickets.

This system helps the students from various places to opt for courses and gain skills without the limitations of location. It is majorly useful for the students who cannot afford to move out for education or do not have any higher education facility in their vicinity.

5.Better Scalability

The online methods of examination and assessment can admit any number of students from across the globe. There are no limitations such as classroom space. The teacher does not have to handle a large number of students like a physical classroom setting.

The classes are online and the material is given to the students in the form of video formats or notes. Their doubts and questions are cleared by the teachers at a specific time of the day. The online system can enroll a large number of students without any disturbances in the quality of operation of the software.

6. Accuracy of Assessment

Unlike the traditional system, the online evaluation software offers higher accuracy in giving the results as it eliminates the scope for human errors. The questions in the exams are multiple-choice or true or false based, whose answers are fed in the system beforehand. Even if the questions are subjective, the teachers can evaluate them on the system itself.

How Can MasterSoft Help You in Online Assessment?

How Can MasterSoft Help You in Online Assessment

MasterSoft is the most trusted ERP solution provider which offers solutions for all the educational processes of institutes. The products range from online assessment systems, accreditation data management systems, to student learning systems and others.

We provide highly advanced tools with integrated BI technology for better analysis of the institute’s performance. The online assessment software by MasterSoft helps to conduct exams online across locations and assess the students with ease.

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