University Administration & Information Management System A web-based egovernance erp for university & it's affiliated colleges

U-AIMS - University Administration & Information Management System is a web based - integrated e-Governance ERP for computerization of all the Activities of any University & its Affiliated Colleges. The ERP computerizes complete student life cycle and University Administration. ERP has inbuilt modern technologies such as On Line Payment Gateway, Mobile Apps, SMS/email alerts, RFID technology (HF,LF, UHF) & Biometric for student attendance & monitoring in campus, Bl - Business Intelligence Tools etc.

MasterSoft's UAIMS - university managament system has 23+ pro modules and in-built 45+ modules and can be hosted easily to the university data centre or on cloud servers. Modules are designed keeping in mind the different dynamics of operation, and can be customized according to the needs of the university.

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U-AIMS features

  • Integrated, Time tested & secured ERP
  • Comprehensive, customizable, easy & stable, role based ERP
  • Includes best practices of 1500++ campuses in India
  • Unlimited scalability with no limits
  • Hosting: University Data Centre/ Dedicated server/Cloud.
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  • Affiliation of new colleges – Application, Scrutiny, Committee formation, Sanction, Affiliation certificate
  • Renewal of affiliation
  • Uploading College infrastructure, faculty- staff-students details
  • Existing College Registration
  • University Notifications


  • Centralized First Year Admissions for all colleges & Dept. by University
  • Student applies to University Portal – On-Line in one form for multiple colleges & multiples courses
  • Merit base coll & course allotment
  • Admission by student in college
  • College admits students


  • Great convenience to students, colleges & University
  • Fast, transparent, saves cost & time
  • On merit admission
  • Accurate students Coll & Univ

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  • Registration & uploading of newly enrolled students papers on portal
  • Eligibility checking
  • Enrolment number generation
  • Login Id for students
  • Enrollment Reports & Analysis


ERP is useful for Marks / Grade based exam system and computerizes total Examination work of the University. The system handles large volume of data. This ERP is totally flexible & can be configured for any number of Colleges, courses, medium of instructions, subjects in course and any type of examination with any type of Grace & Condonation rules. Strong validations are provided for minimizing human errors.

All Users - Students, College & University staff, Paper Valuers, setters, Moderators……. each one gets role based login / password for performing their work. This System provides on line facility to each student for following activities of Student life cycle.

  • Enrollment Form
  • Submitting Exam Form
  • Exam Hall tickets / answer scripts / results / mark sheets on-line
  • Application for Revaluation, mark sheet, Transcript & Degree, Migration certificate…and verification of Degree / Transcript

Defining Examination System

Defining following parameters as per University rules

  • Academic Session, Schemes, Faculty, Medium, Examination Pattern
  • Courses, Subjects, Subject Grouping
  • Exam Ordinances, Grace Rules & Condonation Rules, Grade Rules

Question Paper Setting & Moderation

  • Appointment of Paper setters & Moderators by Authorities
  • Paper setting & submission by paper setters
  • Paper Moderation
  • TA / DA / Remuneration of Moderators / Paper setters
  • Entry of Paper sets on secured Servers with auto encryption

Pre Examination Work

  • Exam Notification & Online Exam form filling by Students
  • Scrutiny of Exam Forms
  • Extract Backlog Subject data
  • Roll number and Center No. allotment to eligible students
  • Exam Time Table & Exam Hall tickets Printing by students
  • Pre Exam Reports - Roll list, Numerical Returns – Coursewise – centrwise – subjectwise number of student appearing for the examination, Attendance List for conduction of Exam
  • Seating Arrangements at Exam Centre & Invigilator duty management

On Line Exam Question Paper Distribution

  • Storage of Questions Papers on Secured Servers in encrypted formats
  • Univ. sends login details for every paper 30 mins in adv. to col.
  • Exam Centre – Principal, Univ. Exam Officer - combined log-in & download Question Papers
  • Photo Copier prints Question Papers

Paper Valuers Registration & Duty Allotment

  • Registration of Examiner with subjects
  • Approval by Board of studies
  • Preparation of Examiner / Valuer panel
  • Appointments of Examiner
  • MIS / Statistical Reports

Post Examination Work

  • Internal / Sessional Marks from College
  • Exam Center Management - Absentee / un-fair means entry, Bundle Creation and Docket Report, Dispatch of Answer Books
  • Masking/Unmasking (Coding/Decoding) at University
  • On Screen Answer Script evaluation

Result Processing & Publishing

  • Allotment of grades (Absolute/Relative), SPGA & CGPA calculation as per Ordinances or Result Processing for Mark based system including Grace Marks & Condonation Rule
  • TR Printing, Scrutiny & Corrections; Final TR printing
  • Result Reports
  • Tabulation Register - TR & Gazette, Mark sheet/Grade Cards, Pass Certificate, PDC, Degree
  • Toppers / Merit List and Press Note
  • Result Analysis for Annual Report
  • Result Publishing - Via SMS / email /App / Portal
  • MIS Reports – according to semester, subject, gender...


  • Online Application for Re-Valuation by Student & Fees payment
  • Valuer Allotment for Re-Valuation
  • Revaluation by Valuers
  • Re-Valuation Result Processing
  • New TR, Mark sheet/ Grade cards Printing

Degree, Transcript & Convocation

  • Provisional Degree, Degree, Transcript with security mark
  • On-line Transcript / Degree verification system
  • Convocation Management

Digitization Of Old TR Record

  • Scanning of old TR in PDF format
  • Data Entry of Student Key Information such as Name, Roll No., Course, College Enrolment No.
  • Indexing of scanned records on key fields
  • Powerful search & Retrieval of scanned TR on key fields


Finance modules computerizes accounting of multiple schemes, cash books for any number of financial years. Finance module is linked with Fees, Stores, Hostels, Payroll modules and entries. These modules can be transferred to Finance modules directly. The Finance module is divided into following sub-modules:

Student Fees & Other Receipts

  • Student Fees collection for Exam, Enrolment, Revaluation, Degree, PDC, Migration cert., Fines, Late fees, Certificate
  • Receipts for Tender fees, EMD, SD, Fine, Testing, Rent
  • Receipt from Employee for Electricity bill, Quarter rent, water bill, fine, return of balance advance
  • Money deposit from University Departments to Finance section
  • Fees Reports – DCR, MCR, summary fees report, Outstanding Fees, Demand Creation, Bank wise DD collection report

Payments to Students, staff & Vendors

  • Refunds of fees, EMD, SD
  • Payment of TA-DA, Remuneration, LTC, Salary, Medical, Testing & Consultancy, O .T. Bill of staff
  • Payment of Advances, Scholarships, stipends
  • Imprest Accounting
  • Payment Reports

Scholarships & Stipends

  • Scholarship - Form Entry, Bill & Disbursement
  • Stipends – Defining stipend type & list, Stipend Monthly bill preparation based on attendance & performance, reports

Budget & Bill Passing


  • Define Flexible budget heads & subheads for Plan, Non Plan… expenditures and Amounts
  • Purchase Proposal by Dept. to Vice Chancellor via User defined passing authority path– Say – Dept. HOD- Audit-FO/... Reg./ VC
  • Sanction note from Audit Section
  • Purchase Process through Stores module / Manual
  • Bill passing through User defined passing authority path
  • Payment & Cheque printing using Core Accounting module

Bill Preparation & Passing

TA-DA / LTC / Medical Bill; Testing & Consultancy Bill; Imprest Accounting

Core Accounting

User can create any number of Cash Books, Ledger heads & Cost centers (Budget Head) & final account Heads & assign to Ledger.

Accounts Day To Day Entry

  • Direct Transfer of On line Receipt (fees) / Payment entries, Payroll & Stores entry to Core Accounts
  • Contra & JV voucher entries
  • Bank Reconciliation and reports
  • Accounts Configuration
  • Cheque – Individual / Bulk Cheque & covering letter printing, Cheque Issue Register

Accounts Reports

  • Cash-Bank-JV- Day book; Ledgers
  • Trial balance, Balance sheet and Receipt & Payment statement, Income & Expenditure statement


Payroll & Supplementary Bills

  • Module provides User defined 20 Earnings Heads (Basic, DA, HRA …) & 40 Deductions heads - PF, PT, LIC, PF, IT...
  • Flexible User defined pay rules
  • Create Salary Setup – Define Departments, Designations, Pay scales, Appointment & staff type, Earning & Deduction Heads, Caste category, Supplementary bill types, Religion
  • Creation of new Employee
  • Process Monthly Pay bill & Supplementary bills
  • Annual Salary Reports & Identity Card
  • Payroll Reports - Salary Register & Abstract, Pay Slips / Salary Certificate, Bank statement, Schedules of – PF- LIC-GSLI-PT
  • Leave Reports – EL, CL, PL, ML etc.
  • MIS Reports
  • Income Tax - Defining Income tax rule - slabs, deduction heads, Chapter 6 Heads, IT configuration for TDS, Employee IT Declaration form entry, IT Calculation, IT Challan Entry
  • Income tax reports – Form 16, 24 Q, 12BA, Investment Report

Service Book

Entry & reporting of all the service book entries such as – Personnel memoranda, Appointment, Family, Qualification, Previous qualifying services, GPF Loan & advances, Nomination, Disciplinary action, Pay revisions, increments, Leave, Promotion & transfer, Change of pay scale, LTC, Training Programme etc. Scanning, storage & retrieval of original documents of Employee's personal file.

Pension & Gratuity

  • Extracting last 10 months salary data from Payroll or entry
  • Pension & Gratuity Calculation-(Pension case file) - Calculation of - Qualifying service, Pensionable pay, Pension, DCRG, Family Pension, Commutation of pension

Leave Management

  • Define leave types & Rules
  • Leave Opening balances record
  • On-line Leave application & sanction
  • Periodic crediting of leave
  • Detention leave
  • Carrying Balance leave to next year
  • Scanning & attachment of Leave sanction papers


  • PF Loan application & sanction
  • Bulk proceedings
  • Loan refund
  • Interest calculation
  • Monthly subscription
  • Personal Ledger A/c

Bio-metric Attendance

  • Integration of Biometric devices with HRMS
  • Auto calculation of Employees in & out time, Absentees, average hours worked
  • Auto SMS /email alerts to employees
  • REPORTS - Attendance & Absentee Report, Average working hrs, Leave taken, Poor attendance, Employee Leave Report

On-line Recruitment Portal- E-recruits

E-recruits provides an secured - easy & Fast - on-line – Transparent – Accurate - paperless system for Faculty & Staff recruitment in Higher Education Institutions.

  • Creation of vacancy by Campus
  • On-line Application By candidates – with his details - Qualification, Teaching / Research/ Industrial experience; Books Published, PG & Ph.D. Guide Exp., Patents, Consultancy...
  • On-line fees payment thru secured login
  • On-line Scrutiny by Scrutiny committee
  • Auto Interview call letter via email to Eligible candidates
  • On-line Data access to all members of Interview Committee
  • Communication with Applicants & Updating final results
  • Data export to Excel, Word, PDF...
  • Customized reports


This module computerizes process such as - Goods Procurement, Receipt of Goods, Stock book, Bill passing, Issue, write off & Stores reports. Institute can create many Departments, Users, Items, Vendors, Passing authorities, Passing paths... Module allows flexible format for quotation / tender documents, vendor quotation entry, Taxes, Warranty conditions

Flow Of Purchase & Stores

  • On-line Requisition for Goods from users and approval by author
  • Flexible Passing Authority Path
  • Issue of approved material to Departments / Users
  • Acceptance of Goods by Users
  • Generation of Indents by Stores for Goods to be procured
  • Preparation of Tender / Quotations documents
  • Entry of received Quotations / Tenders
  • Generation of Comparative statement & Vendor Recommendation
  • Auto Generation of PO
  • Entry of received Invoice
  • Receipt of Goods & Invoice passing for payment
  • Return / Rejection of Goods from Departments
  • Return of Goods to Vendor

Stores Reports

  • Procurement Process Documents - Quotation calling letter, Tender Documents, Comparative Statement, Purchase Order
  • Goods Receipt Register
  • Stock book
  • DSR - Dead Stock Register | Indent Report / Requisition report
  • Stores Daily Report
  • Balance Quantity Report
  • Reorder Level Report
  • Item Ledger / Item Wise Investment
  • Department Wise Investment
  • Vendor List / Invoice List / Item list
  • Entire

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Hostel module computerize complete work of Hostel main office and various Hostel offices. Module computerizes Hostel activities/ work such as: Defining Hostels, Hostel admissions & fees, room & mess allotment, monthly mess bill calculation, student certificates & reports, Hostel Stores & Accounts, Hostel staff Payroll...

  • Hostel: Define each Hostel by defining its wings / Blocks, floors, rooms, type of rooms, Assets in rooms, room eligibility room allotment, Hostel management committees
  • Mess: Create Mess, attach one / multiple Hostels to it & define mess bill expenditure heads
  • Students Application for Hostel
  • Merit List Generation
  • Hostel & Room Allotment – Merit basis / First come first / Lottery
  • Hostel Admissions, Create Fee Demand & accept Fees
  • Asset allotment to room / students
  • Mess allotment
  • Mess bill – on Monthly Expenditure / Fixed rate / Contract basis
  • Hostel Attendance – Biometric / Manual
  • Hostel Fine
  • Hostel Adhoc staff Payroll
  • Financial Accounting & Stores
  • Hostel Reports: Room wise list of students, Vacant room report, Hostel ID cards, Attendance report, Student Address labels, Hostel certificates, Bills & balance payment, Payroll register, Financial Accounting reports, Stock register, Fine report, Students complete info., Dues & Refund report at the end of sem. / year
  • SMS / Email – alerts to students, parents, wardens, Guardian


RF Lib-man-UHF RFID Library Management System

This is an integrated, multi-user, multilingual and easy to use package for the complete computerization of in house operations of any Library. LIB MAN - Library Management Software provides free Devnagri and bar code support. This supports UHF based RFID Library Automation.

Acquisitions & Cataloging

  • Requisition, Quotations, Comparative st., P. O.
  • Supply Orders/ Bills-Invoice processing
  • Accessioning
  • AACR2 Catalogue
  • Pay requisitions
  • Binding
  • Write off Books
  • Stock Verification
  • Transfer to Dept.
  • Multiple currency & Exchange rates
  • SMS & E-mail and Data Export to Word, XL, PDF, TEXT


  • B.T. Creation
  • Circulation
  • Reservation & Claims
  • Overdue
  • Recall notices
  • Holidays
  • Clearance
  • Fine
  • Notices
  • Reminders
  • Book bank
  • Reference Books circulation

Web OPAC - On-line Public Access Catalogue

Book search according to Title, Author, Subject, Publisher, Class No, Accession, ISBN, Publication Year, Place, Word in a title, Belonging, Keyword, Combinational...

Serial Controls

  • New / Renewal subscription order & reminders
  • Binding of serial
  • Circulation
  • Indexing & Serial OPAC
  • Newspaper
  • Payment notices
  • Current / Expected Arrivals

MIS Reports

  • Utilization of documents
  • Budget Analysis
  • Claims analysis
  • Graphical reports
  • Analysis of documents
  • MIS of Documents

M-OPAC- Mobile Based OPAC App

M-OPAC - A free - smart phone based Book Search APP – allows Institute Users to search Library books. The Campus Library Book details are stored on Central Cloud – MOPAC. Patrons across world can access book details of your Campus Library and similarly Your Patrons can access book details of all libraries on M-OPAC cloud.

Library Patrons can search book details from one / many Libraries using App according to Title-Author-Publisher-Keyword, subject. It allows Inter library loans; Book claims / reservation & rare book searching.. Useful for any type or size of Library.

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The Student Diary App provides a smart phone interface ERP to Students & Parents, Faculty & Officials for viewing related information through a secured login. It is Powered by Analytics. It helps the Institute save SMS and letter cost as the information is available on smart phone & Urgent messages can be sent to students through Push notification - Free of cost.

It provides following options / information to students / parents for viewing:

  • Personal information
  • Fees paid & Outstanding fees details
  • Class & Exam time table
  • Attendance reports & analysis
  • Library Issue-return details
  • Exam Results & Analysis
  • Student contact details & Address
  • Library OPAC
  • News, Notifications and Updates
  • Notices
  • Student doubt solving by faculty


T & P module is used for T & P work. T & P department creates students & company database, allows student to update part of Biodata, invites companies for Placement, provides student list as per selection criteria to Company, If facilitates interviews, Announces selected student list, updates acceptance from students and maintains records of various T & P activities with it for years to come. Each Student, Company & T & P staff have login rights with different options available to perform their jobs. This is linked with Academic.

Role Of T & P Department


  • Configuring T & P module: T & P staff defines common masters such as Company Job Location, Work areas, Job types, Company categories, Selection methodologies
  • Invitation to companies
  • Defining Companies & Approval to on-line applied companies
  • Approval of student registration in T & P
  • Seminar / Workshop Announcement
  • Details of previously employed students
  • Announcing Placement Schedule
  • Short listing Student For Interviews
  • Defining selection process
  • Student Selection & Acceptance
  • Notices / SMS / Email alerts

Role Of Companies

Companies can register with T & P department & can requests for Placement schedule with selection criteria. Students can apply on-line.

Role Of Students

  • Register in T & P portal
  • Update Resume
  • Apply for interviews
  • Confirm Placement if selected


  • Displaying list of Training Companies
  • Student applies on line
  • Merit list for Training
  • Allotment of companies for Training


(Interactive Teaching and Learning Environment) is a On-Line Teaching - Learning process using modern Technologies - such as Computer, Inter-net, Smart-phones, SMS & a software interlinking these all. This is an additional tool for class room teaching / Learning.

To achieve its objectives, E-Learning have a rich set of tools and resources such as online Test – Descriptive & MCQ, online learning facility, assignment, E-library, announcement on virtual board, discussion forum, teaching plan, syllabus and result report etc. The important participants are Faculty members & Students. Faculty gets links for following activities.

Role Of Students

Various options available to Faculty are:

  • Create Assignment, Announcement
  • Create E-Library Links, Forums
  • Create Syllabus, Lecture Notes
  • Create Lecturer-wise Teaching Plan
  • Mail Utility for student and Faculty
  • Create Question Bank for On-Line Test
  • Creates Test for Student
  • Student Roll List
  • Assignment Valuation & Result
  • Test Result Reports
  • Print-out of answer sheet
  • Student History Log
  • Bulk Student Login Creation
  • Faculty Achievements
  • Mark Entry for Descriptive Test
  • Reply to FAQ & Chatting

Links Assigned To Students

  • Submission of assignments & test
  • Student's Personal calendar
  • View announcement, teaching plan, syllabus
  • Study e-books
  • Participation in forum & chat


We give your Institute a Global gateway & Recognition through an Elegant & Eye-catching Web site. We design content based, Professional, Creative, User & search Engine friendly, smooth functioning secured website. The site can be linked with our ERP. Every use rs has secured login. We provide a Dynamic site which allows you to independently design your own web-page, Menu & manage its contents easily.

Static Web Links

We will design site which may include static links such as:

  • About Us - Introduction, Vision & Mission, Management, Mandatory Disclosures, RTI, Citizen Charter, City, Organization Chart, Principal Desk, Office & staff, Contact us, Feedback.
  • Infrastructure - Central Office, Departments, Hostels, Labs
  • Central Facilities - Canteen, Bank, Library, Shops, Gym, Sports...
  • Academics - Course, Admissions, Fees structure, Scholarships...
  • Departments - Labs, Faculty, Syllabus, events & seminars...
  • Library - Book & Journal Summary; Book Bank, Reading room...
  • Events & Awards - Seminars, Events & Conferences, Awards & Achievements, Merits, Sports, Gathering, NSS & NCC.

Dynamic Web Links

Your site can have many popular dynamic links such as:

  • News room
  • Tenders
  • Circulars
  • Alumni
  • Forum
  • Photo gallery
  • Web-mail
  • Faculty
  • Admissions
  • On line fees
  • Exam Results
  • Download
  • People
  • Time table
  • SMS & email
  • FAQ
  • Feedback
  • Attendance
  • Students Registration


e-Governance modules for G.A.

  • IQAC - Internal Quality Assurance Cell
  • File Movement & Tracking
  • Document Management
  • Meeting Management
  • Dispatch & Diary Management
  • Repair & Maintenance
  • Estate / Quarter Management
  • Vehicle Management
  • Guest House / Seminar Hall
  • Legal Matters
  • Engineering Unit
  • Health Center

IQAC-Internal Quality Assurance Cell

IQAC module enables faculty to enter personal, Appointment & Courses attended and academic performance indicator information such as Teaching, Learning and Evaluation related activities; Co-Curricular, Extension and Professional Development Related Activities and Research & Academic Contributions as per UGC norms to calculate Academic Performance Indicators (API).

File Movement & Tracking

This module is used to speed up the file movement from Departments to Authority & vice-versa and to know the up-to-date status of each files. It deals with activities such as section creation, file creation, defining file movement path & file movement from one desk to another.

Document Management

This creates Secured Repository of scanned/ Digitized Documents with proper Categorization and provides access to authorized Users based on their privileges & authorities. It also maintains User utilization log. Users can create hierarchy of directory and assigns rights to access.

Meeting Management

This module is used for managing the work of various committees – defining committees & members, meeting schedules-agenda & recording minutes & circulation, TA / DA payments and Keyword search for members about Agenda / Minutes.

Dispatch & Diary Management

This module maintains all the info. related to received and dispatched letters. For In-ward / out-ward document unique in-ward / outward numbers are given & separate In-ward / Out-ward Register are maintained.

Repair & Maintenance

This module deals with various processes from Complaint registration to its rectification. Campus User records the complaint On-line, complaints are allotted on-line to various Complaint Cells, Complaints are solved by staff & status is updated. This is a flexible system, you can create/define any number of Complaint sections / Cells.

Estate / Quarter Management

Estate is used for management of staff Quarters. It computerizes activities such as – On-line application for Quarter, Quarter & Asset allotment, Vacating Quarter, monthly energy; water meter reading, calculating bills, & generating various monthly reports.

Vehicle Management

The module is used for management of various vehicles of the campus. It stores procurement details, service & maintenance details, vehicle wise travel log book, fuel expenditure, advances & Expenditure, advance booking of vehicle for tours by various departments, tax & insurance premium, driver log book, rented vehicle management...

Guest House / Seminar Hall

This module is used for management of guest house rooms advance booking, Approval, Confirmation to Guest, Bulk Booking, Guest Check-in & Check-out, Room change, Billing & receipt of payments, On-line Payment by guest, Seminar hall booking... & necessary reports.

Legal Matter

This module is used for maintaining & searching record of Legal matters in various courts - Defining courts & cases, case progress entry on each court date, legal matter reports and online Search...

Engineering Unit

This is used in Construction work management such as - Cost Estimation work using PWD / CPWD data sheet, Inviting Quotations / Tenders, work allotment to contractors & signing Agreement, Work done monitoring & stage certificates, Part payment calculation & release, Tax deductions, final settlement & certification...

Health Center

This is used for Health Center Management where all patients record is stored online for ready reference of doctors. This includes Employee (Family) and Student Record Creation; OPD Management. It also manages Medicine Dispensary & Stores, Pathology Lab, Medical Reimbursement and Hospital Advances. It generates reports like prescription, referral letter, Medical certificate, OPD / X-Ray / ECG - Pathology Registers, Email / SMS alerts to patients & Health MIS reports


CCMS© - Centralized College Management System

This is a web based e-Governance ERP for computerization of all Administrative activities of University affiliated Colleges & University Departments. Courses & subjects offered by college are copied from standard University database; maintaining uniformity throughout all University Colleges. Data transfer from college to University is easy & accurate.

Features Of CCMS©

  • Tightly integrated with our - University Management System
  • College Students, faculty & infra. data is integrated with university system.
  • Total on-line – Cloud / web based -- integrated -- ERP.
  • Secured – 24 x 7 Access to all
  • An integrated software for Society.

Modules Of CCMS©

  • Admission & Fees
  • Students Administration
  • Time Table & Attendance
  • College Examination
  • Finance
  • Payroll & Leave
  • SMS & Group Mails
  • Web Site & Alumni

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