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Online Examination Software

MasterSoft offers a tested, feature-rich solution for a better experience in Online Examination Software to Conduct Semester Exams, Mock Tests, Entrance Exams, and Tuition Class Assessments in a Proctored Environment.

Online Examination System

MasterSoft’s Online Examination System is a comprehensive and extremely user-friendly software to conduct, monitor, and track examinations remotely. Built with advanced security features, real-time proctoring, MCQs & Descriptive test provision, the exam software is mobile-friendly & provides hands-on expertise to manage the entire exam-related activities, accurate result processing, and declaration. With AI-driven analytics dashboard integration, faculty can furthermore analyze, evaluate & improve students’ performance in terms of academics as well as skills development.

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Traditional Examination System Vs Online Exam System

Traditional Examination System Online Examination System
Students are required to reach the exam center on time Can attempt the exam from any location
Requires pen, paper, classrooms, moderators etc. Requires computer and internet connection
The faculty has to check every paper to score them The software evaluates and scores the students
Requires moderators to keep watch on the students Online remote proctoring system monitors the students
The students get results after months The students can get results immediately after the exam

Features of Online Exam Software


Mobile Apps based


Multiple Choice/Descriptive


Randomization of Questions as per
Multiple Sets & Option Shuffling (MCQ)


Image Uploading in Descriptive


Video/Image-based Monitoring
of Student Activities


Online Invigilation, Monitoring,
Tracking Malpractices


MIS Reports, Exam Analysis &
Analytics for Exam Team


Mock Test & Counselling of
Students for Exam


War Room Setup for Support, Troubleshooting


E-Content & Mock Tests
for Practice


Intuitive Interface &
Easy Navigation


Configurable Platform with
100% Data Security

We Conduct Online Examination Across the Globe

Online Examination Across the Global

Semester Exams

Semester exams can help you understand the students’ knowledge level throughout a session. Smartly conduct & track semester-wise exam grades for better students’ performance with MasterSoft’s Online Exam Software!

Annual Exams

Evaluate the knowledge and skills developed in the entire year using an online examination system from MasterSoft and smoothen the entire process for your institute.

Mock Exams

Taking the online exams for the first time may make your students nervous & affect their performance. Help your students prepare for the final exams confidently with MasterSoft’s Online Mock Test provision!

Entrance Exam

The entrance exam creates a pathway for students to get admissions to desired institutions. Simplify the online admission process with the best entrance exam provision offered by MasterSoft!

Multiple Choice Questions

Make the students ready for competitive exams in the future by checking their higher-order thinking skills using MasterSoft’s online examination system.

Tuition Classes

Take your coaching class to greater heights by ensuring students’ academic growth with MasterSoft’s Online Exam Software! The robust platform offers seamless conduction of online tests.

How MasterSoft Combat Methods of Cheating in Online Exams

Verify student’s identity

Create questions that require higher-order thinking

Give shuffled questions to every student

Use different question types

Disable other applications and browsers during exams

A Glimpse of MasterSoft’s Online Exam Software

Our Mantra to Successful Test Management

We strive to deliver configurable, secure solutions ensuring institutional success at every stage. Test Prep is built to cater to the different challenges & needs posed by the institutions & provide a hassle-free experience. Our progressive mindset & dedicated services that set us apart include-


Handles Concurrent Users


24*7 Support to Students & Staff


Mock Tests for Student & Faculty


MasterSoft is the only software provider which gave us the feeling of Offline exams. We Tried the Online Exam Software from 3-4 vendors, but are satisfied by the solution provided by MasterSoft. It provides Role based logins for Invigilator, Supervisor, Moderator & Evaluator.

Dr. Manju Lalwani Phatak

Principal, C.H.M College

With the help of software provided by the company, I found that the entire work of result of F.Y.B.A./B.Com./B.Sc. get easy accurate without mistakes and not time consumable. I hope in the future, this software remains beneficial for the examination of all the classes.

Ashok Aseri

Registrar, Pemraj Sarda College, Ahmednagar

The software is time-tested & simple to use. Our staff is well trained by the company engineers on this software. Our staff is using this software without any problems from year 2002.

Dr. S. S. Rathore

Principal, Manoharbhai Patel Institute of Engineering & Technology, Gondia

Trusted by More Than 3000 Clients Worldwide

About Mastersoft

Serving world-class, result-driven edTech solutions to educational institutions for more than two decades, MasterSoft ERP has become the largest, oldest, and most trustworthy ERP solution provider. With an objective to enrich the teaching-learning experience, maximize students learning outcomes & generate the best ROI, MasterSoft professionals have designed state-of-the-art ERP solutions including the online examination software that ensures seamless online exam conduction. We are a team of 250+ ERP professionals committed to helping educators streamline daily work processes & enhance the quality of education in the long run.

Conducted 1000s of successful online examinations
Trusted by clients across
the world
Proven Record of 99% client
satisfaction ratio
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Year of Experience


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How can MasterSoft help you with Conducting Online Examinations?

MasterSoft is one of the top ERP solution providers offering a technologically advanced online examination system for conducting exams. The software helps the institutes in maintaining student information, giving provisions for multiple types of questions, proctoring methods, and storage of data for a large number of students. The ERP solution is scalable, highly secure on a cloud platform with safe backup.

Why We Are the Ideal Partner For Your Online Exams?

Data security- We offer safe cloud storage and backup.

BI technology- Helps to improve the functioning of the system.

Best proctoring methods- Eliminates the scope for cheating or other malpractices.

Why Mastersoft's Onlline Exam Software
Why Mastersoft's Onlline Exam Software

Why Mastersoft's Online Exam Software

Implementing EdTech in Schools

Hassle-free management of all in-house activities from single platform.

24*7 onsite & online service support easing onboarding & implementation.

Role based logins and functionalities for complete data protection.

FAQs On Online Examination System


An online examination system is a software that helps to conduct exams digitally using the internet and computer. It helps in reducing the resources required to conduct exams and makes the examiner’s job easier.

In online exams, all the processes that are carried out to conduct exams are digitalized using the online examination system. It covers everything from student learning assessment to giving feedback after the test.

Just like the traditional examination, the purpose of the online examination is to check the subject knowledge of the students.

The online software collects data from every student and authenticates them.

The question paper is already set by faculty and the student has to attempt it in a given time slot.

The students are monitored by the system itself.

All the other browsers and applications are disabled.

Any suspicious activities among the students are noticed .