RF-CampusA Cloud/Web-Based E-Governance ERP System For Educational Campuses

RF-CAMPUS is a Cloud/Web-Based E-Governance ERP System for computerization of all the administrative & learning activities of autonomous educational campuses such as IIT, NITs, IIIT, Deemed Universities & all professional colleges. The ERP computerizes complete student life cycle and campus administration.

It supports various modern technologies such as – online payment gateway, SMS, smart cards, biometrics, email alerts etc. It is fully integrated multi-user system with 100% protection against unauthorized access. RF-CAMPUS provides secured, accurate & timely information to users at all levels for better decision making. Also, eliminates duplication of work & hence reduces overall cost & enables better utilization of resources.

RF-Campus Security

  • SSL Certification
  • Encrypted User password
  • OTP - One time password
  • IP Address Authentication
  • Role based access
  • Monitoring of User log

Inbuilt Modern Technologies

cloud integration

Cloud based ERP solution requires no set-up of hardware for data backup and is functional for multi-users

payment gateway

Integrated with multiple payment gateways, fee transaction can be done via debit/credit card & net banking

mobile app

Digitalize your campus with Mobile Apps which keep student, parent and faculty in the connectivity loop

RF-Campus Inbuild Modern Technologies


RFID technology which is supported by the library management software and student attendance software

biometric attendance

Install fingerprint detecting biometric reader or the ID card chip detector for student attendance

business intelligence

BI tools gather data in the form of analytics and graphics, also shows statistics in a better format

RF-Campus features

  • ERP covers best practices of 2000++ educational campuses.
  • Fastest implementation time - Go live in just 3-6 months.
  • Speedy and accurate data conversion.
  • Dedicated manpower for on-site service support.
  • Offers fully integrated customizable ERP.
  • Supports CBCS and OBE, helps in NAAC & NBA.
  • Integrated, robust, role based, and secured ERP.
  • Reliable backup and recovery system.
RF-Campus features

RF-Campus modules

AMS - Academic Management System

Computerize complete Academic System from Admissions to Degree Generation. Following are sub modules.

  • Admissions
  • Fees Collection
  • Student Section
  • Teaching Department
  • Examination & Results
  • OBE- Outcome Based Education


Using this module, Institute can have its own on-line admission process and / or can admit students sent by Statutory Central Admission Authorities. Admission through Statutory Admission bodies like JEE Mains, State CET.

  • Online Admissions
    • Admission Notification and Schedule.
    • Define courses and Eligibility.
    • Secured students login with OTP.
    • Online Registration by Students.
  • Admitted Student Reporting
    • Document Verifications & Uploading.
    • Record creation- Data import / Entry.
    • Capture Photo, Signature & Biometric details.
    • Generation of Admission Slip.
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Fees Collection

student administration

teaching department


Outcome Based Examination

Choice Based Credit System


Finance modules computerizes accounting of multiple schemes, cash books for any number of financial years. Finance module is linked with Fees, Stores, Hostels, Payroll modules and entries.These modules can be transferred to Finance modules directly. The Finance module is divided into foil owing sub-modules.

  • Student Fees & Other Receipts
  • Payments to Students, staff & Vendors
  • Budget & Bill Passing
  • Core Accounting
  • Scholarships & Stipends
  • Cheque Printing

Student Fees & Other Receipt

  • Student Fees & Other Receipt
    • Student Fees collection for Exam, Enrolment, Revaluation, Degree, PDC, Migration cert., Fines, Late fees, Certificate.
    • Receipts for Tender fees, EMD, SD, Fine, Testing, Rent.
    • Receipt from Employee for Electricity bill, Quarter rent, water bill, fine, return of balance advance.
    • Money deposit from University Departments to Finance section.
    • Fees Reports - DCR, MCR, summary fees report, Outstanding Fees, Demand Creation, Bank wise DD collection report.



  • Payment to Students Staff
    • Refunds of fees, EMD, SD.
    • Payment of TA-DA, Remuneration, LTC, Salary, Medical,Testing & Consultancy, O .T. Bill of staff
    • Payment of Advances, Scholarships, stipends
    • Imprest Accounting
    • Payment Reports

Scholarship & Stipends

  • Scholarship & Stipends
    • Scholarship - Form Entry, Bill & Disbursement
    • Stipends - Defining stipend type & list, Stipend Monthly bill preparation based on attendance & performance, reports

Budget & Bill passing

  • Budget & Approvals
    • Define Flexible budget heads & subheads for Plan, Non Plan. expenditures and Amounts.
    • Purchase Proposal by Dept. to Vice Chancellor via User defined passing authority path- Say - Dept. HOD- Audit-FO/. Reg./VC
    • Sanction note from Audit Section
    • purchase Process through Stores module/Manual
    • Bill passing through User defined passing authority path
    • Payment & Cheque printing using Core Accounting module
  • Bill Preparation & Passing
    • TA-DA / LTC / Medical Bill;Testing & Consultancy Bill; Imprest Accounting

core accounting

User can create any number of Cash Books, Ledger heads & Cost centers (Budget Head) & final account Heads & assign to Ledger.

  • Accounts Day To Day Entry
    • Direct Transfer of On line Receipt (fees) / Payment entries, Payroll & Stores entry to Core Accounts
    • Contra &JV voucher entries
    • Bank Reconciliation and reports
    • Accounts Configuration
    • Cheque - Individual / BulkCheque & covering letter printing, Cheque Issue Register
  • Accounts Reports
    • Cash-Bank-JV- Day book; Ledgers
    • Trial balance, Balance sheet and Receipt & Payment statement, Income & Expenditure statement

FEEPAYR - Pay Fee Online

On-Line fees Payment offers great advantages to students, Parents, College staff & Management. FEEPAYR - is a secured, smart phone enabled, Cloud Service to students for on line payment directly into University / College Bank Account. FEEPAYR is compatible with all Banks andpay wallets. FEEPAYR platform is used for Online & incampus fees collection on cash counter.

  • Advantages to Management
    • On time fees collection directly in Bank.
    • No Fee Counters, IT Infra. & Manpower.
    • No student Queue. No Bank Work.
    • Only e-Receipt. No stationary cost.
    • Simple internet. No costly leased lines.
    • All reports on mobile phone.
  • Advantages to Student
    • Online payment 24 x 7 from anywhere.
    • Gets E-receipts; secure and encrypted.
    • No more fee queue in college.
    • Receive real-time updates on phone.
    • Online help and chat service.
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Payroll & Supplementary bill

  • Module provides User defined 20 Earnings Heads (Basic, DA, HRA) & 40 Deductions heads - PF, PT, LIC, PF, IT.
  • Flexible User defined pay rules.
  • Create Salary Setup - Define Depart-ments, Designations, Pay scales, Appointment & staff type, Earning & Deduction Heads, Caste category, Supplementary bill types, Religion.

Service Book

  • Entry & reporting of all the service book entries such as - Personnel memoranda, Appointment, Family, Qualification, Previous qualifying services, GPF Loan & advances, Nomination, Disciplinary action, Pay revisions, increments, Leave, Promotion & transfer, Change of pay scale, LTC, Training Programme etc. Scanning, storage & retrieval of original documents of Employee's personal file.

Pension & Gratuity

  • Extracting last 10 months salary data from Payroll or entry
  • Pension & Gratuity Calculation - pension case file) - Calculation of- Qualifying service, Pensionable pay, Pension, DCRG, Family Pension, Commutation of pension

Leave Management


  • Define leave types & Rules
  • Leave Opening balances record
  • On-line Leave application & sanction
  • Periodic crediting of leave



  • PF (GPF / CPF/ NPS)
    • PF Loan application & sanction
    • Bulk proceedings
    • Loan refund
    • Interest calculation

Bio-metric Attendance

  • Integration of Biometric devices with HRMS
  • Auto calculation of Employees in & out time, Absentees, average hours worked
  • Auto SMS/email alerts to employees
  • REPORTS - Attendance & Absentee Report, Average working hrs, Leave taken, Poor attendance, Employee Leave Report

On-line Recruitment Portal

E-recruits provides an secured - easy & Fast - on-line - Transparent - Accurate - paperless system for Faculty & Staff recruitment in Higher Education Institutions.

  • Creation of vacancy by Campus
  • On-line Application By candidates - with his details - Qualification, Teaching / Research/ Industrial experience; Books Published, PG & Ph.D. Guide Exp., Patents, Consultancy.
  • On-line fees payment thru secured login
  • On-line Scrutiny by Scrutiny committee
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This module computerizes process such as - Goods Procurement, Receipt of Goods, Stock book, Bill passing, Issue, write off & Stores reports. Institute can create many Depart-ments, Users, Items, Vendors, Passing authorities, Passing paths. Module allows flexible format for quotation / tender documents, vendor quotation entry, Taxes, Warranty conditions.

Flow of purchase & stores

  • On-line Requisition for Goods from users and approval by authority
  • Flexible Passing Authority Path
  • Issue of approved material to Depart-ments/Users
  • Acceptance of Goods by Users

stores reports

  • Procurement Process Documents
    • Procurement Process Documents - Quotation calling letter,Tender Documents, Comparative Statement, Purchase Order
    • Goods Receipt Register
    • Stock book
    • DSR - Dead Stock Register | Indent
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Hostel module computerize complete work of Hostel main office and various Hostel offices. Module computerizes Hostel activities/ work such as:

  • Defining Hostels
  • Hostel admissions & fees
  • Monthly mess bill calculation
  • Student certificates & reports
  • Room & mess allotment
  • Hostels Stores Accounts & Payroll


Define each Hostel by defining its wings / Blocks, floors, rooms, type of rooms, Assets in rooms, room eligibility room allotment, Hostel management committees


  • Create Mess, attach one / multiple Hostels to it & define mess bill expenditure heads
  • Students Application for Hostel
  • Merit List Generation
  • Hostel & Room Allotment - Merit basis / First come first / Lottery

Hostel Reports

  • Room wise list of students
  • Vacant room report
  • Hostel ID cards & Attendance report
  • Student Address labels
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RF Lib-man-UHF RFID Library Management System - This is an integrated, multi-user, multilingual and easy to use package for the complete computerization of in house operations of any Library. LIB MAN provides free Devnagri and bar code support.This supports UHF based RFID Library Automation.


  • Acquisitions & Cataloguing
  • Circulation
  • Web OPAC - On-line Public Access
  • Serial Controls
  • MIS Reports
  • M-OPAC-mobile Based OPAC App
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The Student Diary App provides a smart phone interface ERP to Students & Parents, Faculty & Officials for viewing related information through a secured login. It is Powered by Analytics. It helps the Institute save SMS and letter cost as the information is available on smart phone & Urgent messages can be sent to students through Push notification - Free of cost.

It provides following options / information to students / Parents for viewing.

  • Personal information
  • Fees paid & Outstanding fees details
  • Class & Exam timetable
  • Student contact details & Address
  • Attendance reports & analysis
  • Library Issue-return details
  • Exam Results & Analysis
  • Library OPAC
  • News, Notifications and Updates
  • Notices
  • Student doubt solving by faculty
  • Change of password
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T&P module is used for T&P work. T&P department creates students & company database, allows student to update part of Biodata, invites companies for Placement, provides student list as per selection criteria to Company, If facilitates interviews, Announces selected student list, updates acceptance from students and maintains records of various T&P activities with it for years to come. Each Student, Company & T&P staff have login rights with different options available to perform their jobs. This is linked with Academic.

Role of T&P department

  • Placement Work
    • Configuring T&P module: T&P staff defines common masters such as Company Job Location, Work areas, Job types, Company categories, Selection methodologies
    • Invitation to companies
    • Defining Companies & Approval to on-line applied companies
    • Approval of student registration in T&P

Role of Companies

  • Companies can register with T&P department & can requests for Placement schedule with selection criteria. Students can apply on-line.

Role of Students

  • Register in T&P portal
  • Update Resume
  • Apply for interviews
  • Confirm Placement if selected

In Plant Training & Industrial Visit

  • Displaying list of Training Companies
  • Student applies on line
  • Merit list forTraining
  • Allotment of companies for Training
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E-Learning, also known as ITLE- (InteractiveTeaching and Learning Environment) is a On-LineTeaching - Learning process using modern Technologies - such as Computer, Inter-net, Smart-phones, SMS & a software interlinking these all.This is an additional tool for class room teaching / Learning.

To achieve its objectives, E-Learning have a rich set of tools and resources such as online Test - Descriptive & MCQ, online learning facility, assignment, E-library, nnouncement on virtual board, discussion forum, teaching plan, syllabus and result report etc. The important participants are Faculty members & Students. Faculty gets links for following activities.

Links Assigned to Faculty

  • Create Assignment, Announcement.
  • Create E-Library Links, Forums.
  • Create Syllabus, Lecture Notes.
  • Create LecturerwiseTeaching Plan.

Links Assigned to Student

  • Submission of assignments & test
  • Student's Personal calendar
  • View announcement, teaching plan, syllabus
  • Study e - books
  • Participation in forum & chat
  • Companies can register with T & P department & can requests for Placement schedule with selection criteria. Students can apply on-line
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Get Started With MasterSoft


We give your Institute a Global gateway & Recognition through an Elegant & Eye-catching Web site. We design content based, Professional, Creative, User & search Engine friendly, smooth functioning secured website.

The site can be linked with our ERP Every use rs has secured login. We provide a Dynamic site which allows you to independently design your own web-page, Menu & manage its contents easily.

Static Web Links

Following static links will be provided.

  • About Us - Introduction, Vision & Mission, Management, Mandatory Disclosures, RTI, Citizen Charter, City, Organization Chart, Principal Desk, Office & staff, Contact us, Feed Back
  • Infrastructure - Central Office, Depart-ments, Hostels, Labs
  • Central Facilities - Canteen, Bank, Library, Shops, Gym, Sports
  • Academics - Course, Admissions, Fees Stru., Scholarships.
  • Departments - Labs, Faculty, Syllabus, events & seminars.

Dynamic Web Links

  • News room
  • Alumni
  • Web-mail
  • On line fees
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It provides following options / information to students / Parents for viewing.

  • IQAC
  • File Movement
  • Document Management
  • Meeting Management
  • Dispatch
  • Repair & Maintenance
  • Estate / Quarter
  • Guest House
  • Vehicle
  • Legal Matters
  • Engineering
  • Health Center
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