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Online Examination Management System

For any college, the journey of managing & conducting examinations to the evaluation of papers and declaring results is quite crucial. The college authorities & faculty need to carefully plan & execute everything to ensure the best practices. And thus, handling examination processes manually is surely not a good idea as it consumes the institution´s time and resources, and still, the possibility of exam-related errors remains high.

Examination Day Activities

MasterSoft´s examination management software is an end-to-end solution to simplify, streamline, and manage all exam-related activities seamlessly. Designed & developed to carry out offline as well as online conduction of examinations, this software empowers faculty to take care of the following pre-examination, real-time examination, and post-examination activities.

Easily Automate Exams with Online Examination System


The pre-examination activities include planning & organizing a set of tasks that need to be carried out before the exams. MasterSoft Exam Module enables the faculty to streamline all these activities and save their time & efforts.

  • Creation of Question Papers
  • Student Applications Verification
  • Test Venue/Hall/Room Audits
  • Exam Duty Allocation to Faculty
  • Candidates Exam Roll Number Creation
  • Room Allotment to Candidates
  • Admit Cards & Hall Ticket Generation
  • Attendance Sheet Generation

Examination Day Activities

The examination day activities include planning & organizing the following set of activities that need to be carried out on the day of the examination.

  • Venue/Hall/Invigilation & Management
  • Verifying Students Details
  • Managing Real-time Attendance
  • Handling Documents & Reports
  • Collecting & Verifying Exam Sheets

Post-Examination Activities

With the examination management system, the college faculties get the provision to perform the given crucial post-exam activities without any hassle.

  • Marks Evaluation
  • Final Result Generation
  • Mark Sheets/Grade Card Creation
  • MIS Reports on Students´ Performance
  • Display Results on the College Website
  • Email/SMS the Students´ Results to Parents

Understand the offline examination conduction procedure in detail here.

Online Examination Conduction

Online exam management software has emerged as an important edTech tool nowadays as it minimizes the hassles of traditional paper-pen based written exams by simplifying & automating the exam management process & providing quick result evaluation and publishing.

Right from examination formalities such as - setting question papers, assessments, to compiling candidate's registration details and scrutinizing their academic performance by checking answer sheets to generating accurate results and reports, college examination software helps the institution to manage examination process seamlessly.

Hosted on highly secured cloud technology & integrated with the latest attendance tracking system & proctoring tools, the ERP software ensures 100% security & scalability, keeps tab on students attending the exam, and minimizes the probability of malpractices.

How MasterSoft Online Examination Solution Functions


With the aid of MasterSoft college software, the following set of exam-related activities can be streamlined.

  • Creation of multiple sets of question papers - in both the MCQs and Descriptive Formats within a short span. Multiple question sets creation would further help teachers to keep a tab on cheating and other malpractices by students.
  • Creation of mock test papers for students who want to practice the test beforehand the final examination. As online examination is a relatively new concept, mock tests can help students prepare psychologically for the exams leaving the unnecessary fear of technology.
  • Since most students have access to mobile phones, they can access Mobile Based Assessments for MCQs working well at lowest bandwidth.
  • The special provision of descriptive tests further enables them to type & voice type their answers in multilingual format, capture & upload relevant images to justify the answers.

Besides students, this examination software for colleges can prove to be a boon for faculty and teachers as well. It can improve their productivity by helping them reduce their timings and efforts spent on manual operations such as preparing examination schedules, question sets, and result calculations. And with the aid of image based proctoring, the system automatically captures random images & helps the faculty to keep a tab on student's activities.

All-in-all, it enhances the impact of online teaching-learning classes and students progress.

Features of MasterSoft Online Examination Management Software


Exam management system offers institutions with the following set of features-

  • Examination Schedule Management

    Enables institutions to easily manage examination timetable and schedule for various semesters/academic years.

  • Define Examination & Type of Assessmen

    Faculty can define the examination pattern and the type of exam. For instance - Annual exam, weekly assessment, internal test, formative, descriptive, MCQ test, etc. They can also decide parameters like - date of exam, its time duration, and minimum marks for passing the test.

  • Skill Development in Students

    The assessment questions created on the basis of Bloom Taxonomy Framework can help students develop necessary skills - remembering, thorough understanding, practical application, analyzing power, precise evaluation, and creation.

  • Sustains Lowest Bandwidth Conditions

    The online exam software supports & works even in the lowest bandwidth conditions without fail. For instance, it can accommodate even 40,000 students simultaneously.

  • Online Proctoring Tools

    Inbuilt with AI-proctoring tools & technology, the exam system takes care of students' activities during exams and improves outcomes by diagnosing learning gaps.

  • Student Details, Insights, and Feedbacks

    Faculty can evaluate and generate student-wise/class-wise/ year-wise/section-wise grade card reports of the students with a few clicks and provide instant feedback for enhancing their performance.

  • Online Result Declaration

    College authorities get the provision to publish exam results on college portal, website and even send the report cards via email to students and their parents.

  • Ease-of-Use & Data Security

    The interface is quite user-friendly and has OTP based login & secured information encoding & decoding provision to address all the exam-data management related concerns of faculty as well as students.

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Flow of MasterSoft Online Examination Software


The Educational ERP software supports the layout and pattern of all types of examinations and has configuration options for marks and grade based examinations. The Examination ERP divides the entire procedure for exam conduction into multiple steps with the help of the following features & functionalities.

1. Defines & Creates Examination System

  • Course creation
  • Subjects
  • Examination scheme
  • Exam ordinances like grace and condonation rules
  • Examination evaluation patterns
  • Grading criteria

2. Creates Student Details for Examination Registration

3. Manages Preparatory Examination Work & Examination Schedule Generation

  • Examination timetable and virtual exam schedule
  • Attendance tracking & reports
  • Student performance reports
  • Question-wise performance evaluation reports
  • Entry of absenteeism and unfair means entry

4. Records Marks Entry & Result Calculation

  • Marks and grade entry
  • Grade allotment and calculation
  • Scrutiny, feedback, and finalization of results
  • Printing of TR, grade cards, gazettes, merit lists, and transcripts
  • Result analysis reports

Students Login Section


Thus, the online college software offers a simple registration process, easy creation of assessments, evaluation, instant result analysis, and grade cards with a centralized database.

FAQs Online Examination System


An online examination system is an ERP solution that helps the institutes to evaluate students by conducting exams using the internet and computer.

  • Anti-cheating methods with low bandwidth
  • Offers solutions from the experts
  • In depth Student’s Result analysis
  • Supports MCQs and descriptive types of questions
  • Offers login and student support
  • Verifies student identity
  • Enables easy teacher- student communication
  • Carries out various proctoring methods during exams
  • Assesses the students for their answers
  • Gives analysis of the exam reports
  • Eliminates the scope for human errors
  • Reduces workload of the faculty members
  • Encourages learning in remote locations
  • Conducts exams for a large number of students in one go.
  • Eliminates the scope for cheating and malpracrices

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