Biometrics & RFID Attendance Management System For Educational Institutions

Easy and accurate tracking of student and faculty attendance made possible by MasterSoft

Necessity Of RF-Attendance

Biometrics & RFID Attendance Management System


Parents & institute administrators are always concerned about their ward’s/student’s irregular attendance, their tendency of bunking the classes/labs and safety & whereabouts of their ward/students. The problem is increasing day-by-day. At the same time, the conventional method of taking attendance in every lecturer/lab by calling names & roll numbers or signing on paper is very time consuming, unsecured, inefficient, difficult, and monotonous for faculty. Their valuable time gets wasted in taking attendance manually. On an average, around 20-30 minutes are wasted on a daily basis. Therefore, many times proper attendance is not taken by the faculty. Also, proxy attendance is always a problem in most of the campuses.

Government & statutory bodies are also insisting educational institutions to implement a foolproof student attendance monitoring system. Further compilation of student attendance reports and communication with parents is further a tough activity for institute administration. Even if a student is missing the classes for almost 15 days, real-time communication in the existing manual attendance system without an attendance management system is a difficult task. Since institutions do not have foolproof student attendance automation & leave management systems, there is a tendency of missing the classes by students which affects their academic performance seriously. To solve all above problems & to manage the student attendance in a most efficient way, MasterSoft Group, Nagpur has designed & developed RFID technology along with biometric technology & developed an ERP product called - RF-ATTENDANCE SYSTEM.

To solve all above problems & to manage the student attendance in a most efficient way, MasterSoft Group, Nagpur has designed & developed RFID technology along with biometric technology & developed an ERP product called - RF-ATTENDANCE SYSTEM.

How can MasterSoft help you in tracking attendance?


Mastersoft's RF Attendance software provides robust, secured and automatic attendance management in educational campuses with minimum human involvement. Its capability to uniquely identify every student by scanning & analyzing their RFID tag/thumb impression makes the attendance tracking process faster, error-free, convenient, and secured as compared to traditional paper-pen methods.

RF Attendance Tracking System automates the entire attendance management by streamlining crucial activities such as-

  • Students Registration & RFID Card Printing
  • Automatic Student Attendance Recording
  • Data Processing on Attendance Server
  • Sending Daily SMS to Parents
  • Weekly & Monthly Attendance Reports for Teachers
  • Generating MIS Attendance Reports

Usage of RFID Cards In the Campus


RFID ID cards issued to students and faculty members can be used for multiple purposes:

  • Computer Center
  • Hostel
  • Library
  • Classroom
  • Labs
  • For Identification, Authentication & Attendance/Tracking at Campus Entrance Gate
  • Examination Hall
  • Identification & Authentication at Fees Collection Counter, Library - Circulation
  • As a cash card - in Campus Co-operative Stores, Canteen, Gym, Library fine, etc
  • Leave Management and Attendance of Faculty, Officials and Non-teaching Staff

Components of RFID Student Attendance System


A complete Radio-frequency Identification- RF Attendance System comprises of following hardware:

  • RF-Attendance Software
  • RFID Readers/Portals
  • RFID ID Cards to Students
  • Computers, Networking & UPS
  • Manpower for Monitoring

The RFID Card Attendance System can be implemented in all types of educational institutions including schools, colleges, and universities to derive maximum benefits for all stakeholders – students, faculty, educators, and parents. RFID cards with unique identification information are given to students, faculty, and other staff members. The RFID readers are placed strategically across various points in the campus such as near the entrance gate, classroom door, canteen, etc. Whenever a student or staff member with an RFID card crosses nearby the RFID reader device, their clock-in/clock-out/attendance information is captured. These multiple check-points will ensure highest accuracy of information.

To process the attendance & time information, administrators need to connect these RFID readers to computers. The computer can be further connected to a student information management system (SIMS) for extracting & storing attendance data safely & sending daily attendance alerts to parents.

Benefits of using attendance management system


Reduces workload of faculty

The teachers do not have to spend large portion of their lecture time in marking student’s attendance

Parental access

The parents are notified every time the student is absent and gives them access to the complete track record.

Data-Driven Feedback

Analyzes complete student performance based on their assessment test data and empowers faculty to provide data-driven feedback to students, and plan corrective actions that aid in enhancing student success.

Features of Biometrics & RFID Attendance Management System


Integration with other ERPs

The biometric attendance system can be integrated with other ERPs like learning management system for accessing and processing the data

Data Security

SMS notifications

The students and parents are notified via SMS about the student’s absenteeism.

Client Support

Access control

Software access is granted to different individuals based on their roles in the management of the institute.

BI Analytics Tools

Biometric or RFID recognition time

he software records the time at which the student or faculty member has entered the class.

Multi User

High Scalability

The system has the provision to accumulate rising amount of data without causing any disturbance to the software.

Data Accuracy & Report Accuracy

High storage capacity

The software can store data with highest security and backup solutions in case of emergency.

Integrated with Biometric & RFID & Technology, MasterSoft’s Attendance Management System is the Best Software!

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