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Accreditation Data Management System


MasterSoft's Cloud based Accreditation Data Management System offers a comprehensive System for assembling, managing & compiling data of of all the activities of the Higher Educational Institutes. It helps to generate required reports in desired formats for NAAC/NBA & national ranking agencies such as NIRF. Institutions can submit the data accurately & quickly without errors to various agencies. It also provides many graphical tools to coordinators for easy & effective monitoring of progress of Data entry work in the Software. The software includes-

  • Multiple logins so that users can enter & update data
  • Provision for uploading necessary proofs with data
  • Gives reports in desired accreditation formats
  • Offers high security and safe data back up
Challenges Faced Accreditation Software
Organization of reports at College Level Every stakeholder through his/ her individual login can enter information in static formats which is centralized at institute level
Maintaining Chronological Order & Date Formats Records entered into the system are automatically date stamped, ensuring chronology and proper sequence
Ensuring Data Privacy & Vulnerability Hosting Information on secure, password protected system ensure data security with role based limited access. Moreover Cloud system enable multiple auto backups securing data
Maintaining Supporting Documents The system ensures that supporting documents / web links are maintained with each record. Linking record, chronology & supporting document
Monitoring Entries of Information Access control remains with the Institution, where all entries and consolidated reports
can be generated in clicks

Essential Data Entry Points in Accreditation Software


Transfer data directly from ERP to Accreditation Software following are the data entry points


Academic Details

Institutional & Affiliated College details including the - Program & Category wise student & staff sanctioned strength, Program & Courses such as CBCS / Elective courses, Result of final year students, Curriculum Design, Implementation & Enrichment.


Other Details

Information of each student such as - Name, Enrolment No., Course details, Caste Category, Gender, Medium, State, Country, Mobile no., Adhar no., Fees type & Scholarship (Govt./ Pvt.), Disability.

Faculty & Staff

Basic details : Name, Designation, PAN & Adhar details, type, Date of joining & leaving, Email & mobile, previous experience, Caste Category, appointment type, Department, Promotions, Attach necessary documents

  • PH. D. & PH. D. supervised information
  • Grants for research projects along with books/paper published
  • Awards Received – Government, International & Private
  • Membership in various Academic bodies of University / Board
  • Workshops / conferences attended & paper presentation
  • Incentives received from Institute against Govt. / international recognition / awards

Infrastructure & Learning Resources

The following data will be recorded in the Accreditation System under various major heads.

  • CT enabled classrooms & equipments
  • Facilities for sports & cultural activities
  • Library automation & utilization
  • IT Infrastructure
  • Maintenance of Campus Infrastructure

Campus Extension Activities


  • Value-added Certifications & programs
  • Capability enhancement & holistic programs
  • Special Programs for helping students
  • Student’s grievances Readdressal
  • Competitive exams & career counseling

Faculty-Staff & Others

  • Awards & recognitions for extension activities
  • Collaboration/MOU with Industries
  • Sports and cultural activities
  • Training Programs for faculty & staff
  • Initiatives for local community


  • Grants from various Government/ Pvt. Bodies
  • Infrastructure improvement budget
  • Library books budget
  • Physical & academic facilities budget
  • Budget for R & D

Management & Governance

  • Vision and mission & core values
  • e-governance in Administration
  • Financial Assistance to Faculty for research & training
  • Financial Audits
  • teaching learning reforms

Feedback System

  • Feedback process of the Institution
  • Students & Teachers Feedback for improvement
  • Feedback by the student about Teaching
  • Continuous Internal Evaluation & Assessment
  • Improvements in Teaching-Learning


  • Alumni database
  • Alumni Forums
  • Financial Contribution of Alumni / Association
  • Lectures delivered by Alumni
  • Alumni Association/Chapters meetings held

OBE – Outcome-Based Education

The following data will be recorded in the Accreditation System under various major heads.

  • Define Vision, Mission & PEO
  • Defining & mapping PO, CO, PSO
  • Define Exam Assessment pattern & Scheme
  • Exam registration of students
  • Attainment Calculation & reports

Accreditation Software to Ensure the Highest NIRF Ranking


NIRF or the National Institutional Ranking Framework, launched in 2015, is a standard & unique methodology sanctioned by the Ministry of Human Resource and Development (HRD Ministry). The NIRF framework’s vision is to offer excellence in teaching-learning practices to help students & faculty. The major categories of institutions that fall under the NIRF ranking criteria include- Overall, University, Engineering, Management, Pharmacy, College, Medical, Law, Architecture, Dental, Research Institutes.


Ensure the best
educational practices


Improve teaching-
learning strategies


Make data-driven


Provide authentic information
to the NIRF committee

Features Of Accreditation Data Management System


1 Independent & Cost-Effective

Being a standalone edTech solution, it doesn’t require integration with educational ERP software. Institutions can implement this mobile & web compatible assessment platform individually & save huge costs.

2 Mock Test Provision

Faculty gets the provision to design assign question banks & create mock tests to help students practice & prepare for the final test for self-evaluating their performance & ensuring better scores.

3 Question & Answer Shuffling

Enables faculty to prepare various question paper sets by shuffling questions & answers to minimize the chances of malpractices during the online examination.

4 Run Time Result Display

Teachers can predefine ‘pass’ & ‘fail’ criteria. The questions are processed & auto-calculated at a faster speed and run time results are displayed immediately at the end of the examination.

5 Real-Time Proctoring System

Faculty can monitor crucial details such as time taken for solving questions, number of attendees, etc. Also, any new browser automatically gets disabled when the exam starts ensuring best practices.

6 Accurate Reports Generation

Ensures error-free result calculation & generation of various MIS reports to identify the academic strength & weaknesses of students to help faculty prepare the best teaching strategies.

Easily Obtain Accreditation from a Recognised Entity by Automating the Overall Data Collection Process!

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Key Benefits of Accreditation Data Management System


Quick Access to Policies & Procedures

Updated Policies is Notified to Everyone

Centralized Location for Key Procedures

Modify Policies in One Location

Improve Transparency

Easier On-Site Review

Attach Policies to Each Standard

Faster Review Process

Prove Compliance with Complete Privacy

Role-Based Access for Data Security

Direct Data Fetching Integrated With MasterSoft ERP

Simplified Integration with SIS and LMS

Prevent Repetitive Data Entry

Easy Upload of Academic Activity Reports

Better Communication Among Departments

FAQs on Accreditation Data Management System


The accreditation data management software is an advanced edTech tool to compile and manage data & supporting documents required for successfully getting accredited by reputed accreditation agencies.

Accreditation is important to the reputation of higher education institutions among students and employers. Accreditation management software accelerates and simplifies all criteria necessary for accreditation, making it easier and faster to qualify for accreditation.

The accreditation data management system can help institutions manage the given activities and simplify their journey to accreditation.

  • Data fetching from ERP software
  • Auto-generated 100% accurate compliance reports
  • Data management in chronological order
  • Mianatinence of supporting documents & evidence for accreditation
  • AI-powered analytics for better insights

Accreditation is like a hallmark of quality education in educational institutions. It reflects the highest quality education & work processes of HEIs. Therefore, every HEI must try to get accredited by a recognized accreditation entity.