Terms and Conditions


The below terms of use govern the use of all MasterSoft ERP software solutions. By accessing and using any MasterSoft ERP software, you agree to abide by these terms and conditions.

All MasterSoft ERP solutions are the exclusive property of MasterSoft ERP Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Nagpur, India. MasterSoft reserves the right to modify, update, or terminate access to any ERP solution without prior notice. Users must periodically review and comply with the "Terms of Use" linked to the software.

Accessing any MasterSoft ERP solution implies agreement to these terms, and any violations will be considered willful. Also, access is limited to Registered Users with valid login credentials. Unauthorised access attempts using invalid, stolen, or borrowed credentials are strictly prohibited.

Users are confined to the software menu and features displayed on the screen. Unauthorised expansion of access, hacking, or illicit use is strictly forbidden and subject to legal action.

By accessing any MasterSoft ERP software, users implicitly grant permission for MasterSoft to monitor all activities within the software for security and compliance.

These terms are governed by Indian law, and disputes will be resolved in Nagpur, India.

Thank you for choosing MasterSoft ERP Solutions Pvt. Ltd. for your ERP needs. By using our solutions, you agree to adhere to these terms, ensuring a secure and efficient experience for all users.

For any questions or concerns, contact our Customer Support for clarification at mastersoftcloud.support@iitms.co.in.

The final terms and condition are based on the final service level agreement between MasterSoft and customer.