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What is School ERP Software?

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School ERP system enables institutes to automate and simplify all regular activities such as curriculum management, attendance records, administrative tasks, information handling, fee management, and assignments. School ERP software is a robust, cloud-based, time-tested educational ERP system with advanced modules that enable teachers and educators to digitize educational institutions' regular work processes.

It is designed to track and record the administrative work of schools and educational institutions. It includes all of the modules that teachers and staff need to keep track of all student records, such as maintaining academic records, admissions, online fee collection, timetable planning, etc.

A school ERP system enables the schools to conduct and manage all the daily activities such as attendance management, student information, fee tracking, administrative tasks, and homework management. It helps the school to streamline end-to-end activities in schools and improve their management and teaching-learning using robust and smart solutions.

MasterSoft’s School Management system aims at easing administrative hassles and improving efficiency and productivity. It supports various modern technologies such as online payment gateways, RFID smart cards, biometrics, mobile apps, etc.

Why Use MasterSoft School ERP System Software?


MasterSoft believes that breakthroughs in advancement are achieved only when administrative and managerial activities in an educational institution are automated. As school administrators are responsible for online admissions, fees, and assessments, among other things, it necessitates keeping a constant track of student and faculty activities, their efficiency, and overall productivity. Using school management system software helps in digitizing work processes.

Success Stories


P. Balchandran

Chief Executive- Admin & PR, St. Xavier International School

Student administration and the generation of exact MIS Reports have been easier and faster thanks to the MasterSoft Team's Cloud-hosted School Management System and staff training.



Principal, Digamber Jain Gurukul, Solapur

Generating ID Cards, Bonafide certificates for the students, staff training, accurate DCR reports & 3 years of excellent service support of MasterSoft team members has been commendable.

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Benefits Of School ERP Software


For any school to run their day-to-day activities systematically, the ERP lets the school complete various tasks without consuming too much time & effort.

Effective Data Management

Manage entire student life-cycle

Store alumni student information

Repository for - fees, health records, scholarship, etc.

Access data in desired digital formats

Improved Academic Performance

Analyze grades, assessments, homework, etc.

Generate MIS & graphical reports

Understand the learning gaps of students

Create curated learning plans

Paperless Documentation

Get rid of manual tabulation of attendance

Online registration & receipt generation

Hassle-free data management

Cloud-based data storage

Modules Of School Management System

Admission Management

Admission Management

  • Easy Generation of Merit Lists
  • Mobile Application Integration
  • Admission Status - Live Tracking
  • Online Fee Payment Gateway
  • Real-Time Reports
Student Records Management

Student Records Management

  • Easy Data Search & Retrieval
  • Role-based Access
  • Centralized System For Managing Records
  • Student Performance Evaluation
  • Direct Communication among Departments
Attendance Management

Attendance Management

  • Biometric & RFID Device Integration
  • Accurate Students Attendance Records
  • Auto-Generated Email/SMS Notifications
  • Monitoring Absentees & Leave
  • Easy Attendance Report Generation
Fees Management

Fees Management

  • Payment Gateways - UPI, Credit/Debit card
  • Accurate MIS fees reports
  • 100% Safe Transactions
  • Automated Notifications for Pending Fees
  • AI-Powered Analytics Dashboard
Assessment/Exam Management

Assessment/Exam Management

  • Conducts Both MCQ/Descriptive Exams
  • AI-Proctoring for Controlling Malpractices
  • Accurate Result Generation Online
  • Reports in PDF & Word Formats
  • Create Online Question Paper


  • End-to-End Payroll Processing
  • Automated Income Tax Calculation
  • Online Recruitment of Faculty
  • Leave Application and Approval
  • Automation of Daily HR Tasks
Payroll Management

Payroll Management

  • Quicker Salary Calculation & Payments
  • Insightful Payroll & Employee-Related Reports
  • Faculty Record Maintenance
  • Automatic Calculation of Leaves
  • Integrated to HRMS Software
Library Management

Library Management

  • Easy Books Tracking & Issuing
  • Faster Scanning and Identification of Books
  • 100% Accurate Inventory of Tagged Books
  • RFID Anti Theft Detection
  • Automatic Calculation of Late Fees

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Prominent Features Of School ERP Software


The School ERP system effectively manages all administrative and non-administrative tasks of a school, such as monitoring daily activities, student admission, and student examinations, among others. This software offers different modules required for a school to be operational and caters to all types of schools—CBSE, IB, ICSE, and State Board.

1 Multi-User Functionality

The school ERP software solution provides multiple-user role-based login for all the members based on their roles, avoiding overburdening. The entire staff and faculty of the school can easily manage activities & modules assigned to them through their login.

2 Smooth User-Interface

The User Interface of the school management system is easy to use, offering improved interactive facilities for different users at school. It enables the school to manage operations efficiently without any technical help from an engineer.

3 Customizable Modules And Plugins

School ERP modules are interlinked and tailored as per the requirements of the school. The administrative head of the school can have complete access to all the operations which are being tabulated, processed, or recorded.

4 Data Security And Backup

A cloud-based service saves data on the cloud instead of decentralized databases. Therefore, the data is retrieved easily. The backup of data is automatic, and the school doesn’t have to invest in hardware to store data.

5 Generate Reports

School management system helps the faculty generate real-time reports-Grade’s lists, consolidated mark sheet, student registration details, receipts, and challans through the software. The reports can be exported in the desired PDF, Excel, or Word formats.

6SMS And Email Integration

Automatically send emails & SMS to parents and guardians regarding the day-to-day activities of their wards. SMS and email integration in the ERP school software ensures that the parents/guardians are well informed about events, examinations, attendance, and homework.

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Why Use MasterSoft’s School ERP Software


Significant Reduction in
Workforce Cost

A Step Towards a Paperless System

Prompt Decision

Built by Academicians, For Academicians


Augments Connectivity & Engagement

Best Cross Domain Experience & Feature Advantage

Strong Integration

Secured Payment

MasterSoft Makes You Future Ready


Our Value

MasterSoft ERP Solution is the most trusted e-governance ERP provider based in India. A close experience with prestigious educational institutes, including autonomous and MHRD-governed and funded institutions such as NITs, IIITs, and central universities, has helped our team members understand the educational framework and integrate best practices into our campus management solutions.

Built on the foundational principles of Innovation, Compliance, Data Security, and Transparency, our ERP products are time-tested and proven to streamline institutional work processes and save time to improve the efficiency of the campus.

MasterSoft Makes You Future Ready

FAQs on School ERP Software


School management software is an information management system used by educational institutions to manage all student's' records. A school management software is a system that is designed to manage & simplify the day-to-day administrative & non-administrative tasks of a school and the institutions offering K12 education. Users can seamlessly manage all administrative and academic activities from a remote location and the institutions offering K12 education. School management software enables schools to monitor daily activities like daily attendance, timetable management, etc. from a single centralized platform. From managing online admissions, assigning homework, assessments, examination management, finance and payroll management, and library management, the school ERP software offers various modules for complete campus administration & enables educators to make quick & thoughtful decisions that enhance student & faculty performance & drive institutional growth.

The cost of school management software varies depending on aspects like - total number of modules, student capacity, features & functionalities, implementation services, etc. On an average, the price of school ERP software in India falls in the range of 0 to 250 Rs Per Student Per Year.

Here are the best practices by which schools can benefit from e-learning modules with the integration of the best ERP software for schools software successfully.


  • Conduct online lectures, integrated with Microsoft Teams
  • Create an e-library, upload teach notes and e-books
  • Send announcements
  • Conduct Online Assessment: MCQ and Descriptive.

College Faculty:

  • Ensure Communication through email and communication forum
  • Assign Tasks online and Evaluate the same
  • Keep parents and teachers in loop

Being the largest & oldest educational ERP providers in India, MasterSoft offers the following school ERP modules to ensure best practices in schools.

  • Admission & Fees Management System
  • Student Administration System
  • Student Attendance System
  • Inhouse & Online Examination System
  • Finance Management System
  • Payroll & Leave Management System

College Faculty:

  • Establishment or Service Book
  • Library Automation Software
  • E-Learning Software
  • Online Assessment Tools
  • Hostel Management System
  • School Bus Management

Schools are engaged in time-consuming and cumbersome tasks that can be easily simplified with an automated School Management System.

It further:

  • Improves school branding
  • Enhances teacher productivity
  • Improves parental-teacher communication
  • Creates a transparent environment

MasterSoft, one of the leading providers of Educational ERP solutions has one of the best School Management Systems in the market. It has curated this software keeping in mind the tedious school operations and aims at integrating biometrics, smart cards, and payment gateways to further simplify the school administrative operations.