School Financial Management Software

School Financial Management Software

As the word suggests, school financial management software keeps expenditures in check. Functionality related to financial transactions is managed through this module of School ERP.

The basic functionality of accounting software are :

  • Attendance of staff and ‘Leave Without Pay’ subtractions
  • Employees monthly pay slip bills which include academic and non-academic staff
  • Supplementary bills
  • Monthly Salary Calculation of faculty and staff

School Accounting Software verifies other important dimensions like :

  • Income Tax calculation
  • Provident Fund and loan management
  • User defined 15 Earning and 20 Deduction heads
  • User defined rules for the calculation of :
    • Dearness Allowance
    • House Rent Allowance
    • Company Leased Accommodation
    • Professional Tax
    • Provident Fund

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