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Hostel Management Software for Higher Education Institutions

Hostel Management System for Schools

Simplify your Hostel Management activities with MasterSoft's Hostel Management System for Schools!

Most schools have hostels that provide lodging and food to students. Outstation students who come to seek admission at a school register for a hostel facility. Managing hostels is similar to running a hotel. It involves several tedious and manual tasks of maintaining student data, keeping track of room status, allocating rooms, and several financial aspects. Schools need student hostel management software to keep their hostel management sorted.

MasterSoft's School Hostel Management System

The school hostel management system by MasterSoft comes with greater security & centralized student data management provision, and many more configurable features that ensures smooth functioning of the system. The school or the administrative staff can keep their hostel information organized by computing through this hostel management system. The school hostel management system has an SMS and E-mail facility. It is well integrated with the fees collection software.

Hostel management software for schools sorts the in-house hostel requirements. There are so many masters made available to the user for efficient hostel creation in the software. The masters are;

  • Wings
  • Room Number
  • Fees
  • Mess
  • Hostel fees
  • Room allotment/ change
  • Hostel admission
  • Mess stock/ bill management
  • Dues and returns
  • Room status
  • Hostel id-card
  • Reports/certificates

Key Benefits of the Hostel Management System


Eliminates manual tasks

A hostel management system automates all the manual tasks and reduces the need for time and effort to perform regular operations.

Secures student data

The student's data including emergency contacts and personal details are stored safely and can be easily searched in the system.

Easier Management of Operations

All the functions of allocating rooms, marking attendance, student fees, mess activities, and bills are managed with greater ease.

Features of Hostel Management System for Schools


Students fees management

Information about every student's modes of payments, bank details, pending and paid fees is stored with high accuracy in the system.

Room allotment and status

Information about available rooms and allocated rooms along with wing-wise data is stored in the system.

Mess stock management

Information about vendors, their products, and bills is maintained online along with the availability and requirement of groceries and food items.

Room number

Information about the students based on their room numbers and the capacity of each room is stored in the system.

Easy guest entries

Separate guest profiles are created for the guests brought in by the students and their data is stored for future references.

Check-in and Check-out

Student's attendance is marked using a biometric system and their check-in and checkout time in the hostel is recorded.

FAQs On Hostel Management System


The hostel management system is an ERP solution designed to administer and manage all the hostel activities such as room allocations, hostel admissions, mess, fees, & bills. It also maintains student data & gives reports on requests.

Hostels manage the students in the following ways-

  • Registers students, staff, and guests online
  • Bifurcates the students based on hostel wings
  • Allocates rooms for the students
  • Maintain student profiles and data
  • Maintain attendance records and check-in and checkout timings.
  • Manage hostel fees, refunds, and deposit data
  • Manage housekeeping and repair tasks as per student requests
  • Tracking guest and visitor information
  • Manage mess activities and stock availability
  • Generate reports as per the requirements
  • Automatic Room allocation
  • Attendance markings and check-in & check-out functions
  • Creation of guest profiles and storing their details
  • Information regarding mess stock, product prices, and availability
  • Housekeeping and repair management
  • Easy communications with parents
  • Property maintenance management
  • Fees and online payment processing
  • Generating reports
  • Giving data about the students on a single search
Manage your hostel operations with greater convenience by adapting the advanced Hostel ERP solution!

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