School Bus Management Software

School Bus Management Software


The school bus routing software has the data of driver and the different routes of travel taken by the driver to drop students- integrated. Additionally, the vehicle number or the bus is kept in track using the system. If the school bus delays, SMS alerts are sent to parents informing them their child’s whereabouts as well as the change in bus schedule.

In India, more than 78% of schools have a student count ranging from 1000 to 2000 students. For students to reach school on time, parents send their children to school by bus. These buses are managed by the school on an everyday basis. Very often, in news and other print media, we find troublesome and traumatic stories about school bus accidents and mishaps.

Reportedly, schools which have school management system to manage their school bus routing, tracking and maintenance have a lesser rate of accidents. More schools find benefits in opting for a management solution which keeps student’s safety and health a priority.

It is equally beneficial for the school as well as the parent. The school has the information/details on the server and the parent has information on his/her phone. The number of calls made by parents to schools to know about their child’s safety greatly reduces. Schools are not troubled much. Parents know, through GPS where the school bus is and in how much time their child will reach home.

School bus management records data of driver, vehicle and routes. Student report and school bus fees are also managed by the school bus management software.

Modules Of School ERP

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Modules Of School ERP

Features of School Bus Management Software


1 Quick Transport Alerts to Parents

This software lets parents know the whereabouts of students from the time they take the bus and reach home. If the bus is repaired or the schedule is changed or delayed due to some unforeseen reasons, parents are notified regarding the same and thus can be stress-free. With this feature, students will never skip or miss a lecture and will always take the bus home at the specified time.

2Detailed Fee Management

Parents or students do not need to carry cash to pay fees for each ride. The software is equipped with an integrated fee collection software that easily collects fees in a similar way as school fees are collected on a yearly or monthly basis. Also, discount coupons, deductions, or specific taxation can further be included within the software. Payment gateways enable people to pay their bills online from the comfort of their own homes.

3Updates on Student Attendance

After school, the student’s safety is the school's responsibility. To ensure their safety, the software records the students' daily commute rides and reports them to both teachers and parents.This helps in providing assurance that the student has safely reached the school or left the premises after school. Furthermore, the teacher is notified if the student took the bus but didn’t attend the lecture, thereby improving student discipline.

4Access to a Mobile App

This software is compatible with mobile devices and has a user-friendly app that can be used to easily track the movement of students. Both parents and school administrators can access the mobile from anywhere. They can check the bus schedules, any changes in timing, drop-in and pick-up times, student attendance, and fee details with just a few clicks. Moreover, the app ensures easy and quick data retrieval in times of emergency, making it highly efficient.

5 Standard & Customized Reporting

The software provides details of student attendance, bus information, a fuel consumption report, fees paid, vehicle maintenance, driver payroll, etc. in a structured way, which will help the schools track and manage resource usage and optimize the daily commute. It offers both standard and custom-based reporting to make insightful decisions and further increase the efficiency of the school's transportation system.

6Driver Payroll Management

Bus driver’s work hours can be tracked on an hourly or monthly basis, and their daily attendance can be recorded, which can be further integrated to generate their payroll. Bonuses or deductions on the basis of performance or leaves or taxes, respectively, can be reflected on the overall salary. This integration considerably simplifies their payroll process and lowers the burden on the accounts department.

Monitor Student's Commute and Ensure Their Safety While They are Away from the School with an Automated School Bus Management Software!

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Benefits of School Bus Management Software


Improve Safety Metrics

Notifications Regarding Change/Delay in Bus Schedule

Instant Alerts Sent to Parents

Daily Student Attendance

Improve Efficiency of Transportation System

Real-Time Location of Students

GPS Tracking of Student

Ensures Highest Security & Safety

Integrated with Student Attendance System

Real-Time Pick-Up & Drop-In Time Records

Auto-Generated Reminders & Notifications

Send Fee Reminders/Late Fee Penalties

Set Reminder for Vehicle Maintenance/ License Renewal, etc.

Alerts Sent to Parents Regarding Ward’s Commute

Notify Parents of a Bus Timing Delay

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FAQs School Bus Management Software


Bus routing software is an easy way to enhance efficiency and makes sure that the school buses run on time without any delay. It helps in tracking students' locations, optimizing bus routes, providing drivers with directions, and monitoring bus movement. So yes, implementing school bus routing software will be a good decision for your institute.

A school bus management software helps schools to offer safe transportation for the students by effectively routing maps, reducing and optimizing fuel consumption, and monitoring the drivers' behavior. This, in turn, offers peace of mind to both parents and teachers.