Bulk SMS & EMAIL Integration For Schools

Bulk SMS & EMAIL Integration For Schools


School SMS and email software has superseded telephonic conversations. This plugin of communication helps parent know on a daily basis, the whereabouts of their child. More so, this ensures interaction of the following details:

  • Informing parents about examination schedules, events and notices.
  • Report card of student, teacher remarks for assignments and achievement profile.
  • Parents receive details of fee transactions like fee dues, fees paid and other payments.
  • Student’s monthly attendance.
  • Updates of vacation and holidays.
  • Leaves or absence of students to school.

Parents stay connected and informed at all times through school SMS software. School’s time in calling each parent or sending information through student; is saved.

Modules Of School ERP

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Modules Of School ERP

Features of Bulk SMS & EMAIL Integration For Schools


1 Send Attendance Records

With bulk SMS and email functionality, the faculty can send attendance records of students to parents on a daily/weekly/monthly basis to keep them updated about their ward’s presence in the school. This enhances transparency among teachers and faculty as well as helping to improve students' discipline.

2Easy Delivery of Exam Results

Teachers can now readily share exam updates, such as timetables, exam hall details, mock test links, and exam results, with parents and students via SMS and email. Students are not required to visit school to collect report cards or get exam details, thus saving a lot of time. Parents are notified regarding the test results, further improving transparency.

3Send Personalized Messages

Within a few clicks, the school faculty can share personalized information with students and parents regarding exam scores, classroom assignments, birthdays, etc. If there is any specific concern regarding the student, messages can be customized and conveyed to parents, and they can reach out for discussion.

4Send Automated Messages

The school can share automated messages that don't need customization for special events such as Christmas, birthdays, New Year’s, Diwali, and other occasions. In addition, poor attendance alerts, payment reminders, etc. can also be sent to students and parents so that they are regularly updated.

5 Assignment and Homework Reminders

The institute can send daily assignment and homework alerts to the students and parents via bulk SMS and email, thus preventing any missing homework. This further keeps parents informed regarding their child's academic performance and guides them in finishing the homework on a daily basis.

6Send Promotional Messages

Schools can directly share their promotional notifications, such as new course launches, educational workshop or webinar details, annual events, placement drive programs, etc. with students and parents to foster both learning and curricular activities. Bulk promotional messages increase the marketing and credibility of the institute among students.

Adopt a Smooth Bulk SMS and Email Integration to Never Miss Out on Important Information and Maximize Transparency!

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Benefits of Bulk SMS & EMAIL Integration For Schools


Go Paperless

Digitally Send Bulk SMS & Email

No Need to Print Memos & Invites

Insert Spreadsheets, Docs, and Weblinks on SMS & Emails

Environment Friendly

Better Communication

Bridge Communication Gap Between Various Stakeholders

No Spam Messages - One Way Communication

Maintain Privacy with 100% Data Security

Send Real-Time Emergency Updates.

Saves Time & Money

Exceptionally Low SMS and Email Charges

Avoid Time-Consuming Printing of Memos

Quick Birthday Emails in Bulk

Send Automated SMS Regarding Changes in Events

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FAQs Bulk SMS & EMAIL Integration For Schools


Bulk SMS is primarily used to notify students about school events, homework assignments, and exam results, as well as to promote the school's offerings.It can be used to send transactional messages to boost communication between all the stakeholders.

In addition, it is used for:

  • Emergency Notifications
  • Fee and Billing Reminders
  • Parent-Teacher Meeting Notifications
  • Important School Updates
  • Exam Notifications, and more.

Your institute can use a reliable SMS gateway for sending bulk messages to hundreds of recipients across different geographical locations. The SMS route can further be used to send transactional messages that require user registration and signup.