Leave Management System Software

What is Leave Management System

Leave Management System Software

A leave management system is a smart and easy way to keep track of your staff’s leave records. It helps you record, manage, and track their leave requests in a fair and efficient manner. It also makes sure that your work is not affected when your employees are away.

Automating the leave management system makes it even easier to track, approve, or deny leave requests.

Faculty leave is a provision that lets staff stay away from work for genuine reasons, of course with prior approval from authorities. It can be granted for various reasons, such as planned activities, medical grounds, or extraordinary circumstances.

However, leave cannot be claimed as an faculty right and is thus categorised under various heads as per the rules and norms laid down by the Government of India. Managing the leaves of faculty and staff throughout an entire year is a tedious process.

This process can be easily simplified with efficient leave management software.

A Leave Management System is designed to help organisations set up staff leave policies and manage their leaves seamlessly. The software allows configuring different types of leaves, including paid leaves, leaves without pay, sick leaves, casual leaves, medical leaves, and much more.

Additionally, faculties can check the status of their leave, or daily attendance records, and apply for leave using the software.

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How Does The Leave Management System Work?


Easily manage and automate every step of faculty leave processes without compromising on functionality. With a leave management system, faculty and staff have the freedom to manage and apply for leave and receive approval or rejection for their leave applications from any device at any time, anywhere.

Here’s how:

  • Create a list of national and festive holidays
  • Configure the leave approval workflow - right from application to the approval/rejection of the leave
  • Set accessibility controls and deadlines
  • Track number of leaves available for staff
  • Integrate leave management system with timesheet, attendance management system, student information system, and payroll software to maintain an orderly data movement
  • Create and export reports regarding leaves and attendance
  • HR staff can create a customised leave process where different types of leave can be added to the portal.
Leave Management System Software

Attendance & Leave Reports


Mastersoft’s Leave Management System helps easily generate attendance as well as leave reports, such as:

  • Leave details
  • Holiday report
  • Leave application
  • Leave status of staff
  • Leave allotment & balance report
  • Leave summary – daily/monthly/yearly
  • Late-early-thumb problem report
  • Yearly leave position report
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Importance Of Leave Management System


Reduced Absenteeism

  • Auto-Update Leave Balance
  • Leaves Tracking
  • Up-To-Date Data And Information

Boosts Transparency

  • Provides Data Visibility In Real-Time.
  • Reflects The Principles Of Your Organisation
  • All-In-One-Dashboard

Reduced Paperwork

  • Reduction of Repetitive Tasks
  • Seamless Integrated Software
  • Eliminates Paperwork

Suitable Planning

  • Enhances Interaction
  • Flexible Approval Process
  • Summary Reporting

Challenges Vs Solutions


Challenges In Leave Management

  • Keeping track of every staff leaves
  • Errors in payroll due to leave miscount
  • Sharing the Leave and Holiday Policy with faculty and staff
  • Confusion while planning for vacations
  • Gaining the trust of faculty through efficient leave policies

Solutions Offered By MasterSoft’s Leave Management System

  • Providing Data Visibility In Real-Time
  • Zero Errors with Auto-Update Leave Balance
  • Improving communication for taking leave
  • Making leave management more efficient
  • Flexible Approval Process
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Features Of Leave Management System


1 Leave Application and Approval

Define and configure rules for all leaves, such as casual leave, earned leave, compensatory leave, medical leave and service-based leaves like study leave, maternity and paternity leave, etc

2 Biometric Attendance

MasterSoft provides a biometric machine - like ESSL, Nit-Gen Link with a database for biometric integration and starts recording punch-ins and punch-outs automatically. Daily attendance of faculty is easily available on the portal dashboard.

3Calculates Fines

Organisations can define and configure fines and penalties for late arrivals, early punch-outs, and allowed leave limits, and also deduct leaves from staff leave accounts. Admin has the right to approve or decline latecomers, early departures, and attendance punches not found on record.

4 Powerful Analytics Dashboard

Leave management systems allow staff and faculty to view their balance leaves and leave application status. Also, the administration can access the leave information and monitor employees’ leaves as and when needed.

5 MIS Reports Generation

All types of attendance and leave reports are generated with 100% accuracy using Mastersoft’s Leave Management Software. Major MIS reports include - MIS Appointment Report, Designation-Wise MIS Report, Grade-Wise MIS Report, Post-Sanction Report, Annual Increment Report, And Annual LWP Report.

6Seamless Integration With ERP Modules

MasterSoft’s Leave Management Software offers seamless integration with other ERP modules such as HR Management software, payroll software, etc. This saves a lot of time for the administrative department and allows cross-functional work in the educational institution.

No more manual work or errors, Immediately improve your Institute's productivity!

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Benefits Of Leave Management System


Real-Time Visibility of Data

Automatic Leave Tracking

Auto-Update Leave Balance


Seamless Integration

Cross-functional Reporting

Time Management

Configurable Fields

Improved Workflow

Smart Management

Removes Manual Intervention

Enhanced Organisation Authenticity

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FAQs on Leave Management Software


Some of the major benefits of using a cloud-based leave management system are:

  • No data loss - 100% data security
  • Constant data backups
  • Role-based login for accessibility and multiple approval processes
  • Offers real-time data visibility
  • Effortless vacation management
  • Eliminates paperwork

Leave management is a cumbersome process and comes with its own set of challenges. Some of which are listed below:

  • Issues tackling with absenteeism
  • Ineffective tracking of leave applications
  • Poor communication of leave policies
  • Changing institute policies regarding leaves and holidays

Best practices of leave management to ensure a smooth leave management are as follows:

  • Meticulous online documentation of leaves
  • Leave policy enforcement and creation and effectively communicated to all departments
  • Regular updates to policies when rules and regulations change
  • Key performance metrics to measure the effectiveness of the policy
  • Integration with other HRMS software