Leave Management

Leave management software help organization to set up employee leave policy. With this an employee can check the status of leave, daily attendance record, and can also apply for leave. Leave is a provision to stay away from work for genuine reasons with prior approval of the authorities. It may or be granted for a casual purpose, planned activity, on medical grounds or in extra-ordinary conditions. Leave cannot be claimed as a matter of right. Accordingly, leave rules and norms have been categorized under various heads. Vacation and leave are governed by a set of rules and norms as laid down by the Government of India.

Main activities related to employee leave management system are:

Leave Application & Approval:

Leave Management system, allows to define & configure the rules for various types of leaves like casual leave, earned leave, compensatory leave, medical leave, service base leaves like Study leave, Maternity leaves & Paternity leave etc. Employee can apply for the specific leave online as per leave policy. Respective authority can either approve & forward to next authority or can sanction the leave. In the absence of authority, his reliever person can sanction the pending leave up to his leave period.

Biometric Attendance:

Biometric machine like ESSL, nit-gen link with a database for biometric integration & start the downloading of punches automatically. Daily attendance of employee is available at their login.

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College can define punishment configuration like late coming, early going allowed limit, else deduct the leaves from employee leave account. Admin has rights to allow or not allow the latecomers, early going & thumb not found record. According to rule, admin process the attendance of employee, accordingly LWP (Leave Without Pay), days will be calculated and transferred to payroll for employee salary calculation.

Attendance & Leave reports:

Different type of reports are available like:

  • Leave Detail
  • Holiday report
  • Leave application
  • Leave status
  • Leave allotment & balance report
  • Leave Summary
  • Biometric Attendance report
  • Consolidated attendance report
  • Monthly attendance muster report
  • Final Salary/Payable days report
  • Late-Early-Thumb problem report
  • Yearly Leave position report

MIS reports:

  • MIS Appointment report
  • Designation wise MIS position report
  • Grade wise MIS position report
  • Post sanction report
  • Superannuation report
  • Annual Increment report
  • Annual LWP report

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