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Biometric Attendance System Application for Educational Institutions

Minimize absenteeism & enhance punctuality of your students and staff by tracking & maintaining accurate attendance records!

Biometric Attendance System

For every educational institution, be it a school, college, or university, maintaining an accurate attendance record of workforce, faculty, and students is crucial. However, with the traditional paper attendance management culture, it becomes tough to keep track of time taken for routine activities of faculty, staff, and students such as total work duration, exact time of lunch break and check in-and-out time from the institution. It may affect the overall institutional productivity & restrict it to achieve functional excellence in the long run. In such instances, an online attendance management system can be helpful.

What is a Biometric Attendance System?

MasterSoft Biometric Attendance System is an advanced real-time attendance monitoring system that enables educators to accurately track the daily attendance record of students, staff, faculty, and other employees in an educational institution. This system identifies, verifies, analyzes, and matches the fingerprint or thumbprint of the user with their original biometric information stored in the highly secured cloud database & records the clock-in & clock-out time on successful authentication.

It completely eliminates the chances of proxy attendance & can be integrated with other modules of the school ERP system such as accounting, payroll & billing to calculate the salary of faculty & staff members on the basis of their working days. Thus, the biometric attendance management system is an economical, efficient, and state-of-the-art solution for collecting, managing, and analyzing the correct attendance data.

How Does a Biometric Attendance System Work?

From the main entry gate, classrooms, to administrative office, the biometric attendance tracking system can be placed at various locations of the campus.

Scan the Fingerprint/Thumb Impression

To ensure the biometric attendance system gives accurate attendance information, the institution’s administrator needs to scan & map the finger print or thumb impression of the students & employees.

Centralized Storage of Data

The next step is to store the scanned data at a centralized location in the biometric attendance software. Every time a student or staff member places his finger or thumb on the device, the internal mechanism of the biometric system verifies the data by comparing it with stored information.

User Authentication

If the data matches with the previously stored data, the entry is clocked. Otherwise, the attendance device shows error indicating unauthorized access.

Thus, the biometric attendance system offers unique campus entry codes to everyone belonging to the institution & eliminates the chances of unauthorized entries in the campus ensuring complete safety.

Features of Biometric Attendance Management System

Here is the list of MasterSoft Biometric Attendance Management System features.

  • Highly secured cloud-based platform
  • Centralized attendance data collection
  • Can be integrated into payroll system
  • Complete payroll calculation with few clicks
  • Access & analyze attendance details at anytime & from anywhere
  • Students & faculty daily/weekly/monthly/yearly attendance reports
  • Real-time & accurate time-attendance tracking & management
  • User-friendly & simple-to-use attendance software
  • SMS/Email alerts to teachers & parents about ward’s absentee

Key Benefits of Biometric Attendance Management System

An educational institution can gain the following benefits with the implementation of a biometric time & attendance management system.

  • With fingerprint/thumb impression input for marking attendance, it eliminates the chances of proxy attendance
  • Significantly minimizes the cost & manpower to manage piles of attendance records
  • Offers accurate real-time attendance information of the employees & students to maintain functional excellence
  • Zero chances of unauthorized person access in the campus to facilitate personal security of staff & students
  • Maximizes the work efficiency of staff & faculty by monitoring their work time
  • Leaves of staff & faculty can be monitored & managed precisely with the online attendance software
  • Various attendance records & reports can be generated for student attendance analysis
  • The online attendance management system for students enables teachers & parents to stay notified about student attendance via emails & SMS alerts

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