Features & Benefits of Attendance Management System

Features of RF-Attendance

  • Accurate and Timely Student Attendance.
  • Automatic SMS Alerts to Parents & Teachers.
  • Automatic Attendance data Collection
  • Daily Absentee Reports to Administration & Management.
  • Daily Attendance Register.
  • Mobile Attendance Data Collection and Reporting.
  • Monthly / Yearly Attendance Reports.

Benefits of RF-Attendance To Management / Administration / Faculty

  • Highly reliable and Real-time attendance recording in every class and movement tracking in campus.
  • With thumb impression, proxy attendance is zero.
  • The student is tracked every where – in classroom, Labs, Library, Hostel, Canteen , Mess, Gym
  • It drastically reduces the non teaching work of Faculty, so that their complete focus is on teaching and creating an environment of innovation and creativity.
  • It can be used as an access control system also. So only authorized persons with valid RFID card can gain access into the place. Fully secured Campus.
  • Integrated with Institute time table & Academic Calendar.
  • Daily SMS to parents about their ward’s attendance / movement in campus. Responsibility of the Institute about Students class attendance and safety is now shared by parents. If student is not in campus, same will be communicated to parents daily. Parents can talk to their ward.

Benefits of RF-Attendance To Parents

  • Daily SMS to parents reducing parents worry about class attendance & safety & of their ward.
  • Special alert if student is missing for more than three dates without official permission.
  • Attendance on Web site also provides a day to day basis mode of communication to parents.

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