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Biometrics & RFID Attendance Management System for Educational Institutions

Minimize absenteeism & enhance punctuality of your students and staff by tracking & maintaining accurate attendance records!

Features & Benefits of Attendance Management System

To ensure accurate attendance, educational institutions need to leave the time-consuming traditional paper-pen method & switch to RFID attendance management system to register daily attendance. RFID attendance system manages, organizes, and records attendance without any errors.

Here are the best features of a RFID attendance management system for educational institutions...

Best Features of RF-Attendance

  • Accurate and Timely Student Attendance
  • Identify, Verify, and Authorize Students & Staff in Seconds
  • Automatic SMS Alerts to Parents & Teachers
  • Automatic Attendance Data Collection
  • Daily Absentee Reports to Administration & Management
  • Daily Attendance Register
  • Mobile Attendance Data Collection and Reporting
  • Monthly/Yearly Attendance Reports

Benefits of RF-Attendance to Management/Administration/Faculty

Faculty, Management, and Administration Staff can derive the following benefits with the implementation of RF-Attendance System.

  • Various types of educational institutions including schools, colleges, and universities can use RFID attendance to keep a tab on regularity of faculty & students without any chances of manual errors.
  • Highly reliable and real-time attendance recording in every class, and movement tracking in campus.
  • Unlike manual attendance, there is zero risk of data manipulation with RFID attendance management systems.
  • This daily attendance software counteracts the chances of proxy attendance in institutions to a greater extent.
  • The student is tracked everywhere, be it- Classroom, Labs, Library, Hostel, Canteen, Mess, Gym.
  • Student or staff entry to prohibited areas of the institution can be monitored & tracked and warning can be issued to individuals breaking the rules.
  • Eradicates the need of maintaining staff & student daily attendance on Excel sheets. Complete attendance records can be compiled & assembled at a centralized location in multiple formats.
  • It drastically reduces the non teaching work of faculty, so that their complete focus is on teaching and creating an environment of innovation and creativity.
  • It can be used as an access control system also. So only authorized persons with valid RFID cards can gain access into the place. Fully secured Campus.
  • Can be integrated with Institute Timetable & Academic Calendar.
  • Daily SMS to parents about their ward’s attendance/movement in the campus. Responsibility of the Institute about Students class attendance and safety is now shared by parents. If a student is not in the campus, the same will be communicated to parents daily. Parents can talk to their ward.
  • RFID attendance system is simple-to-use and is highly cost-effective. Investment required in buying registers, hiring multiple security guards can be put into other crucial projects.

Benefits of RF-Attendance to Parents


RFID tracking system offers the following benefits to parents and improves visibility into their child’s daily activities.

  • Daily SMS to parents reducing parents worry about class attendance & safety of their ward.
  • Can be utilized for tracking school buses in real-time ensuring safety of kids while commutation.
  • Special alert if a student is missing for more than three dates without official permission.
  • Student attendance displayed on the website also provides a day-to-day basis mode of communication to parents.
  • Daily real-time attendance tracking and communication with parents significantly reduces disciplinary issues like bunking classes amongst kids.

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