Biometric Attendance System Software

What Is RFID - Radio Frequency Identification?

Biometric Attendance System Software

Attendance management is one of the most crucial tasks in an educational institution- school, college, or university. Daily student attendance allows teachers to keep a tab on students’ activities.

An RFID-based attendance system makes use of RFID technology to mark student’s attendance before every lecture in the institute. The students have to use an RFID tag to mark their presence on the RFID reader. The data is stored in the attendance system with high accuracy and efficiency. It can be used by faculty members for further operations.

However, managing the daily attendance of thousands of students is quite a challenging task for teachers. Traditional means of registering daily students’ attendance may result in errors & tremendous manual work.

An RFID based attendance system can be a great solution to overcome such challenges as it automates the students’ attendance process & enables teachers and parents to track & monitor students’ activities effortlessly.

Besides student attendance management, the RFID attendance system can also be used to track the attendance of faculty or staff to simplify the payroll management procedure.

Features of RFID Attendance System


For Teachers

  • Minimizes paperwork of marking students’ attendance

  • Notifies about absent students automatically by sending alerts

  • Send notifications to parents about students’ chronic absenteeism

  • MIS students’ attendance reports can be generated seamlessly

For Administrators

  • Automatic MIS report generation without any errors

  • Saves efforts & resources to manage student attendance and records

  • Get notified when students enter restricted areas of the campus

  • Eliminates complete paperwork & boosts work efficiency

For Students

  • Ensures real-time & accurate daily attendance

  • No roll calls required, automatic RFID based attendance

  • More time is dedicated to learning in the classroom

  • Notifications about entry & exit in the classroom

For Parents

  • Monitoring children activities in the real-time

  • Daily/Monthly/Yearly attendance report calculation

  • SMS/Email alerts on absenteeism are automatically sent to parents

  • AI-powered dashboards & MIS reports for analyzing daily attendance

What Is RFID Based Attendance System?


MasterSoft's RFID-based attendance system is an advanced solution for managing attendance records. It consists of an RFID reader, RFID tags, an LCD display, and a microcontroller unit. Students, faculty, and staff members are provided with RFID tags, which they present to the reader to mark their attendance.

The reader then emits radio frequency signals that are received by the tags, which respond by transmitting their unique identification numbers. The reader captures these UIN numbers and sends them to the microcontroller unit for processing.

The system records the attendance in a database and displays it on an LCD screen. This automated system eliminates the need for manual record-keeping and offers speed, accuracy, and convenience.

MasterSoft's RFID-based attendance system simplifies attendance management by offering a seamless and efficient solution that automates record-keeping, eliminates manual roll-calls, ensures accuracy, and enhances overall productivity.

RFID Based Attendance System

RFID Components

Complete Integration

Tag(RFID ID Cards)

The tag of the RFID-based attendance system is made up of an integrated antenna & memory. The information can be written and rewritten on tag memory. This tag is enclosed in a rectangular plastic card of the size of a bank debit/credit card.


RFID Reader

The reader of the RFID based attendance system is a device that is used to read RFID tag data. The RFID reader has an antenna that emits radio waves; the tag responds by sending back data stored in it to the reader.

Client Support

Host Computer

The host computer reads/writes data from/to the tags through the reader. It stores and evaluates obtained students’ attendance data via the RFID attendance tag and links the transceiver to applications.

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Benefits of RFID Attendance System over Barcodes

  • No line of slight is required to read an RFID card/tag. So no need for oriented reading like barcode
  • Unlike the barcodes, multiple RFID cards can be read at a time
  • No human error like bar code reading while reading a card. RFID can be read in any orientation
  • Very limited data can be stored in the barcode, whereas RFID attendance system allows more data storage



The data stored in MasterSoft's RFID Attendance Management System is highly secure. It uses robust encryption protocols and implements stringent access controls to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of the attendance records.

Yes, MasterSoft's RFID Attendance Management System is designed to handle a large number of users. It has a scalable architecture that can accommodate thousands of RFID tags, making it suitable for educational institutions of varying sizes.

Yes, MasterSoft's RFID Attendance Management System is well-suited for tracking attendance in multiple locations within an educational institute. The system can be easily deployed in each area, whether it's different classrooms, libraries, laboratories, hostels, mess halls, or administrative offices spread across the campus.