Learning Management System Software (LMS)

A robust teaching-learning platform that helps institutions manage academics in a systematic manner by maintaining detailed records of classroom activities & enhances teacher-student collaboration with learning management system.

What Is Learning Management System (LMS)?


A learning management system is a software for educational institutions to track reporting, training programs, automation and delivery of educational courses, learning & development programs, maintain classroom activities records, create the best syllabus, teaching plans, and online assessments to maximize students' learning outcomes.

Learning has shifted from Life Long to Life Wide Learning. The ‘new’ educational landscape demands a ‘new’ version of teaching-learning methodologies where teachers can perform exam analysis and goal output analysis & plan appropriate teaching syllabus and help students learn at their own pace, communicate with them at any time, and plan their studies for achieving their goals.

However, leveraging edTech to make the digital shift & attain the best student outcomes is not a hassle-free process. During the transition, most of the educators find it difficult to structure the following crucial classroom teaching-learning practices:

  • Systematic record maintenance of students’ activities
  • Creating an effective syllabus & teaching-plan
  • Providing relevant & advanced e-content
  • Creating & conducting online tests & assessments
  • Grading & tracking student progress
  • Strong teacher-student collaboration

MasterSoft's Learning Management System (LMS)


MasterSoft’s Learning Management System is a comprehensive online platform built to provide the best online teaching-learning experience by engaging students & boosting their learning outcomes. It enables faculty to systematically maintain classroom activities records, create the learning-objective-oriented syllabus, teaching-plans, and online assessments, which would benefit students in terms of enhancing their skills & creating a learning-driven environment. Furthermore, the Virtual Classroom integration allows students & teachers to stay on the same page and collaborate hassle-free at any given point in time.

Bloom’s Taxonomy Framework

MasterSoft’s LMS software incorporates Bloom’s Taxonomy framework that allows faculty to create online assessments based on the different learning checks, promoting personalised learning & mapping learning gap for teachers –

  • Knowledge
  • Comprehension
  • Application
  • Analysis
  • Synthesis
  • Evaluation

Thus, the learning management system focuses on enhancing skills along with the regular academic aptitude of students. in the long run, the students become skillful & develop an ability to contribute to society.  

Learning Management System for Administrators, Students, and Faculties



Cost-savings, time-saving, and effort are reduced to a great extent in terms of creating a perfect educational ecosystem. 


Innovative, engaging, insightful platform to help students learn & grow without any hassles. 


Offers a great productivity-enhancing & collaborative platform to manage every single detail about students for various work purposes

Key Benefits Of Learning Management System (LMS)

Complete Integration

Best Online Classroom Practices

Redefines educational experience by assisting teachers to deliver video lectures, evaluate assessments, schedule meetings & ensure best e-learning practices.


Content-driven Collaboration

Enables teachers to upload & share unlimited e-content and offers access to students in order to drive hassle-free teacher-student collaboration.

Client Support

Skill Development in Students

Evaluates & enhances various crucial skills such as critical thinking, reasoning, creativity, etc along with academics to help students develop an all-rounder personality.

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Features Of Learning Management System (LMS)


Mobile Based Application

The simple, intuitive, and easy-to-navigate LMS platform has a mobile based application that enables teachers & students to operate it with ease on mobile devices at any time.


Online Exams & Proctoring

The advanced proctoring-technology enriched LMS enables faculty to conduct safe & secure online examinations as well as mock tests to make students ready for the final exams beforehand.


Virtual Classroom Integration

The learning management software is integrated with virtual classroom along with multilingual language support to ensure the best teaching-learning practices & online collaboration.


Track & Manage Daily Activities

Built-in provisions such as daily teaching-plan creation, sharing syllabus, calendar, events & BI-powered analytics tools enable teachers to manage & keep a tab on daily activities.


E-Library with Vast Content

Unlimited & relevant e-content such as e-books, journals, questionnaires in multiple formats – MCQs & Descriptive, etc encourage students to upgrade their level of knowledge.


Advance Analysis & Feedback

The MasterSoft LMS provides auto-calculation of grades & allows faculty to analyze learning gaps & share their feedback to boost the student learning outcomes.

How does the Learning Management System Software Work?

  • Faculty, students, and administrators are given access to the learning management software.t
  • The faculty can upload documents, notes, syllabus, timetable, and exam details for the studentst
  • Students can access and download these files and get details at any time they want
  • Further, students can upload assignments, papers, journals, and other documents that are to be submitted.
  • The teacher can download these files from the students and mark their submission
  • The administrators update the students regarding important notices or updates on the notice board of the system
  • The software can be accessed through mobile phones or laptops for easy delivery of important messages
  • It stores all the student’s data and helps them to collaborate and work with each other online
  • The teacher can conduct classes through video streaming and upload the lectures, notes, and study materials for future references for the students
  • The system helps to conduct exams online and assess and analyze the performance of every student

Why Choose MasterSoft’s Learning Management System Software?


MasterSoft is one of the highly trusted ERP companies offering robust solutions for all the academic and non-academic educational operations throughout the institute. We offer highly efficient and uniquely customized solutions as per the academic requirements of every institute. These solutions include everything from learning management software to accreditation management systems.

The learning management system by MasterSoft is an AI-based software offering high security to student data and activities. The system offers robust infrastructure and an intuitive interface to the users for easy functioning of all operations. The software is hosted on a cloud platform with data privacy and safe backup options.

FAQ’s On Learning Management System Software (LMS)


The learning management system (LMS) is a web-based software used to plan, monitor and implement particular learning processes of students. A learning management system helps create and monitor student participation and assess student performance that enhances skills and regular academic aptitude.

Thus, A Learning Management System or LMS is an advanced edTech software that helps educational institutions to create and deliver the best content to help students develop & enhance their skills.

The following list depicts the best features of learning management system (LMS) that institutions must look for-

  1. Student data management and tracking
  2. Online exams – MCQs & descriptive
  3. Centralized database with role-based access
  4. Relevant & vast e-content
  5. Student performance evaluation
  6. Personalized communication platform
  7. MIS reports & AI-powered analytics dashboard

The following list reflects the best benefits of a learning management system (LMS) for stakeholders.

  • Promotes online classroom teaching activities
  • Vast e-learning content promoting student skills
  • Unlimited access to various study materials
  • Monitoring & evaluation of students progress with in-depth analytics
  • Cost-effective solution offering great productivity
  • Online student attendance & MIS reports

Here are the steps to implement a learning management system (LMS) successfully-

  • Identify the learning gaps of your institution
  • Speak to the faculty for understanding exact requirements
  • Find a reliable education ERP vendor
  • Discuss your requirements with the vendor for configuring the best LMS solution
  • Arrange a demo before making the final decision
  • Ask for changes in the LMS system if required
  • Easy-to-implement platform
  • Make the LMS system live!
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