School Website Design & Development

School Website Design & Development

A website gives schools recognition globally. Web presence adds credibility to schools. An elegant web presence with school ERP is inclusive of a rich design and content. The educational institution’s website functions smoothly; it is easy to navigate across pages. The design used by our professionals is user friendly, secure and up to date.

We pledge 100% up-time of website. All modules of school management software can be linked with the website. Users like students, parents, faculty and staff can access the information through a password secure individual login.

Our Web Services includes :

  • Site link-up with social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin
  • Web logo and Content writing
  • Web Hosting – Shared, on Virtual Server, Dedicated Server
  • Web Email solution
  • Web Design – Static, Semi-Dynamic, Full Dynamic (Content based)
  • SEO - Search Engine Optimization
  • Site Maintenance and monitoring
  • Domain Booking

Web Technology used is :

  • Database – MS-SQL 2008
  • Crystal Reports, DOT NET Framework 2008 and Flash and Support to PHP
  • Window Web Server OS
  • Website supports browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari
  • E-Learning freeware module support

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