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What is School Administration Software?


Administration of students at schools involve maintaining and organizing student data on excel sheets. School administration software manages student’s details and personal information effectively for users. Mentioned below is a list of details that can be defined and entered for each student on the software:

  • Admission record entry
  • Student-type
  • Bulk Section allotment
  • Roll number list
  • Admission Register
  • Monthly Attendance sheet for Teachers
  • Identity Cards
  • Board Reports
  • Student List Reports

Government bodies often ask for MIS reports of students for official governmental purposes. The reports listed below can also be generated through the administration software. The reports are:

  • Caste Category
  • Religion
  • Gender
  • Place of Residence
  • Personal Information
  • Grant or No-grant commission
  • Admission count of schools

Student evaluation is done by the faculty through this module of student administration. Certificates like Transfer, Bonafide and Character can also be generated through student administration.

Modules Of School ERP

Modules Of School ERP

Key Features of School Administration Software


Monitor, track, and optimize day-to-day operations with School Administration Software. Some of the prominent features to further simplify the everyday activities include:

1Multiple User Login

Different stakeholders including students, teachers, parents, and management committees have different requirements and can monitor various student activities using a dedicated account. This is possible with role-based login access, which can be accessed from the School Administration Software.

2User-Friendly Interface

The software is easy to use and all the users- teachers, parents, and students are given the proper training of the portal’s functionalities. The system automates all the basic operations without any need of a technical engineer as each individual activity can be simplified and automated with just a few clicks.

3Configurable Modules

School administration software is time-tested and is configurable with the changing industry standards and institute requirements. The modules can be tailored as per the specific needs of the school. The staff can substantially lower their workload by integrating various modules, thus saving a huge chunk of time.

4100% Data Security

Cloud-based school administration software ensures regular backups of data. It saves data on the cloud instead of decentralized databases, which prevent any data theft. Also, the school data can be retrieved easily in a few seconds. Moreover, there is no need for spending more to invest in hardware/servers to store school information.

5Generate BI-Based Reports

Avail real-time BI-based reports of school operations on a monthly/yearly basis. These graphical reports include fee receipts, total student enrollments, consolidated mark sheet, student registration details, etc. These reports provide meaningful insights and can be exported in desired formats such as in Excel, PDF, or Word.

6 Instant Notifications

Send auto-generated SMS and emails to parents regarding the academic performance and school activities of their kids. This functionality helps in improving the communication and increasing transparency between teachers and parents. Also, the notifications help parents to be informed about events, homework, and their kid’s attendance.

Easy Student’s Life Cycle Management with A Centralized Module!

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Benefits of School Administration Software


Student Life Cycle Management

Store Student Data From Admission to Graduation

Prevent Repetitive Data Entry

Progressive Academic Performance Analysis

Teacher Feedbacks on Students

Save Time & Money

Save Teachers’ Time From Mundane Tasks

Automate Repetitive Tasks

Less Overhead Costs

Reduces Faculty’s Workload

Bridge Communication Gap

Integrated Database

Instant Notifications Sent to Stakeholders

Increase Transparency Among Departments

Role-Based Login Access

FAQ on School Administration Software


The School Administration Management System helps the schools to effectively manage and streamline all the school and student related data such as admission, attendance, test grades, courses opted for, fee details, etc. in a single platform.

Below are some of the fundamental modules which a School Administration Software should include for a smooth functioning of the school

  • Admission and fee management
  • Attendance management
  • Online examination system
  • Finance management system
  • Leave management system

And so on…