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Students want convenient digital access to information and services. With expectations and technical capabilities both on the increase, we believe it's important for colleges and universities to think ahead.

With our motto of keeping the institutes on the forefront of digital innovation we are very pleased to inform you about our newly launched smart-phone based mobile application, developed with an aim to increase the student, parents and teachers engagement with the institute and increase the overall performance of the students.

The student diary provides a mobile interface to the ERP of the institute so that the registered users can access the information anytime. Powered by Analytic and Cross platform compatibility it will add feather in the institute’s dream of Mobile campus.

We are very much sure that the student diary will help to achieve the digital enablement of the institute and will increase the efficient flow of vital information among the students and parents.

It will also help the institute to save money spent by college on SMS and letters as the key information is available round the clock.

Student Diary App - Check Student Academic Information in One Place


Challenges Faced by Educational Institutes

  • Non-availability of Student’s Academic Information in Real-time.
  • Maintain Endless records of students and administrative activities
  • Weak parent-teachers-student engagement and collaboration.
  • Communication Gap between the Institute & Parents
  • Low Parental Computer Literacy
  • Rising Cost of Postal and Digital Communication

Solution Provided by Student Diary App

  • Enhance student success by having parents see data in real time.
  • Simplification of Administrative Procedures and Student Records.
  • Boosting Parent-Teacher Engagement & Communication
  • Integrated with data analytics to satisfy the institution's goals
  • Friendly UI to access any document or track child's performance.
  • Using the cycle time data from your system is key to lowering costs

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Features Of Student Diary App



Improve the admission process at your institution by automating it and providing features like Cloud adaptability, SMS/Email warnings, data encryption, and AI-based data analyses. Make sure that creating a list and paying fees online only take a few clicks.


For updates, forget cumbersome paper notes, SMS, instant messaging, or emailing.Get instant notifications for syllabus updates or lecture timings on your phone. Weekly reminders for homework or exam schedule.

Daily Class Schedule

To manage all parts of school management interfaces, there is a single, certified application available on the web and mobile devices. Role-based login enables all students to manage information, such as exam schedules, lectures, syllabus, and holidays, using a single app.


Consistent participation and SMS/Notifications sent to mobile devices will display the session's attendance rate. The Attendance Percentage can be accessed anytime by the student and be utilized anywhere.

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Our Value

MasterSoft ERP Solution is the most trusted e-governance ERP provider based in India. A close experience with prestigious educational institutes including autonomous and MHRD governed and funded Institutions such as NITs, IIIT, and central universities, has helped our team members understand the educational framework and integrate best practices into our campus management solutions.

Built on the foundational principles of Innovation, Compliance, Data Security, and Transparency, our ERP products are time tested and proven to streamline institutional work processes & save time to improve efficiency of Campus.

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