College Attendance Management System Software

College Attendance Management System


Managing daily attendance in colleges is imperative yet it is a time & effort-consuming task. The hassles double up with errors especially when college faculty has to manage the daily attendance of students in an entire class, section, academic year! To help the faculty manage the daily classroom attendance seamlessly, a traditional manual attendance procedure needs to be replaced with an automated attendance process.

MasterSoft College Attendance Management Software


MasterSoft has developed a robust, end-to-end attendance management system to help the faculty overcome manual attendance challenges and enables them to track & monitor the real-time attendance of students as well as staff members. The college ERP can be furthermore used to generate staff members’ attendance records for payroll & salary processing.

3 Key Types Of College Attendance Management System By MasterSoft


MasterSoft offers three types of attendance management systems for colleges

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RFID Technology-Based Attendance Software

RFID attendance system involves an RFID card and RFID device that needs to be placed in the campus for automatically tracking students’ attendance.

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Biometric Attendance System

In the case of biometric attendance, students & staff need to press their thumb on the biometric device for their unique identification & attendance.

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Student Diary Mobile App

Student diary is a mobile app that furthermore simplifies the student attendance management by offering an advanced app that tracks daily student attendance in real-time.

All three versions of MasterSoft college attendance management system improves the overall productivity of the faculty, reduces manual errors in students attendance by computerizing the following activities:Reports Generated Are-

  • Academic calendar
  • Course (subject) allotment
  • Time table entry
  • Creation of practical batches
  • Integration with Google calendar to schedule online classes
  • Day-to-Day attendance entry by the faculty
  • Attendance reports for faculty, students & parents
  • Analysis of faculty teaching
  • Poor attendance report
  • Communication through SMS, letters & emails to parents

College ERP Modules

College ERP Modules

Features Of College Attendance Management Software


1Biometric & RFID Integration

MasterSoft's RFID and biometric attendance systems both provide centralized cloud-based attendance data storage that is accessible from any location at any time.

2 Customized Attendance System

The college attendance system is extremely flexible, allowing faculty to specify attendance norms and regulations for effective operational management.

3 Easy to Use & Implement

Both the RFID and the biometric attendance systems are simple to set up and operate.

4Automatic Alert Facility

The attendance management software program has an automatic alert tool for students who don't show up to class. Parents can quickly receive notifications about them from the facility.

5 Integrated Dashboard

Faculty may check on students on a regular basis and make informed decisions to increase student retention thanks to the incorporation of an AI-powered analytics dashboard.

6 Automatic Payroll Processing

The system's payroll module immediately updates the attendance to do the relevant computations. Hence, the administrator can process the paycheck right away without engaging in a cross-checking procedure.

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Benefits Of College Attendance Management System


Efficient Resource Utilization

Man Power Saving

Less Paper Work

E-receipt Generation

Dynamic And Approachable

Real-Time Reflection Of Changes

Simple And User-Friendly Process

Reduces Processing Time

Personalized Real-Time Reports

Monitor The Ongoing Process

Daily Summary Of The Attendance

Minimizes Data Redundancy

MasterSoft Offerings For The Stakeholders

MasterSoft’s college attendance management system offerings for key stakeholders include

Client Support


Tracks student’s activities, enhance their classroom behavior, punctuality & retention ratio.

Data Security


Enables faculty to take & manage attendance with 100% student data accuracy.


College Administrator

The college administrator can generate various student & faculty attendance reports to keep a tab on daily activities.

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FAQs on College Attendance Management System


A college attendance management system is an educational ERP software that helps in automating the daily student attendance process in an institution. It helps in keeping a tab on students’ attendance class-wise, section-wise, and academic year-wise.

The key features of a college attendance management system include the following

  • Tracking check-in & check-out timings
  • Monitoring absentees & Leave 
  • Biometric attendance/RFID/Mobile app attendance 
  • Mobile and cloud support
  • Easy-to-integrate & implement 

The following list depicts the best benefits of the college attendance management system

  • Save time & efforts by eliminating manual work
  • Real-time monitoring of students & staff
  • Ensures accurate attendance & minimize the chances of proxy
  • Faster leave & absentees calculation
  • Automated payroll management integration for better productivity

As an educator, you can implement an attendance management system for college by following the given steps-

  • #1:Find a reputed & reliable educational ERP vendor
  • #2: Talk to them regarding your requirements
  • #3: Check whether the attendance system for college is configurable
  • #4: Arrange a demo for your staff
  • #5: Implement the system, make it live if it meets your requirements

An RFID attendance system for college comprises of two main devices - an RFID card & an RFID device that tracks the status of the RFID card holder - student/staff. Whenever the student or staff holding the RFID card comes in the RF frequency range of the device, it marks their attendance status as “present”.