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Online College Admission System & Fee Collection Software


An applicant is a person who seeks admission and a student is the one who gets admitted to school/college/institute/university. Visiting off site campus, taking application form, filling it, and then the submission is a backdated story. In the current era of digitalization, why should someone go offline to fill & submit the admission form for college?

By taking advantage of information technology things are available in a few clicks and the process from applicant to the student is not an exception for the same. MasterSoft ERP has a complete college management system solution from online application form submission to become a student of a specific institute including online payment, query management, a dashboard to know types of applicants, merit list generation, counselling, final selection, etc.

To automate and to make ease out of it to end users, it is really vital to make admission and selection processes online. Offline Admission is a very tedious and hectic activity.

College ERP Modules

College ERP Modules

Integrated College Admission Application System


Referring to ground level & real time challenges of admission and selection process; we have designed and developed a comprehensive online admission system according to institutes’ nature.

To understand it in detail, let’s divide it into two parts

Online Pre Admission Process


On one hand i.e. applicant, it is a process of filling a college admission form, query management, and making online fee payment to submit the form successfully. On the other hand for the Institute we are having a dashboard to get an overview of applicants, the status of applications and to check and reply on raised queries. We are also having a home page for applicants to know about the institute, program fee structure, eligibility criteria, closing date of the form, etc.

For submitting college applications online, the applicant needs to follow the given steps:

  • Do your registration by clicking on the “Apply Now” button, fill appropriate information, authenticate the details and Sign In to the online admission portal
  • Select appropriate programs, as per your preferences through the "Apply Program" option. Applicants have a choice to select the required program
  • By referring each section fill relevant information such as Personal Information, Address Details, Education Details, and Entrance Exam Details
  • Upload your Photo and Signature and Attach Supporting Documents
  • Make a payment

Online Post Admission Process


Once the process of receiving online college admission forms gets over, further processes of scrutinizing received applications get started to make potential applicants to students. It consists, various activities such as merit list generation, marks, and document verification, branch counselling, provisional admission, and admission confirmation.

The admission & fees module integrates operations and processes of admission and fees at colleges. To list the basic features of this module-

  • Fees can be collected subject-wise for each student
  • Students receive SMS and email alerts of fees transactions
  • Fees collection is centralized for a society of schools
  • All details of admissions can be fed on the software

Admission and Fees Management System administers the set-up of faculty members of all departments. This includes the medium of instruction, fee cash books, fee heads, and fee types. It also enables feeding and restoring data of course details and caste category.

Benefits of Online Admission for Institute

  • A dashboard to get the complete status of online application forms. It also gives a count of application as per program type, programs/branch, category of application, state/city, etc
  • A dynamic structure of admission notification, fees structure, closing date of application, document mapping as per program gives admin; a control of most of the important things by which dependency of required technical expertise gets overcome
  • Role based structure to give access of pages as per the requirement to selected authorities E.g. A person who is managing queries need not have access to other control of dynamic pages such as admission notification, fees structure, closing date of application, etc

Administrative Advantages of Online Admission

  • Application portal will be up and available 24 X 7 without human involvement. Applicants can fill and submit forms any time as per their convenience even on holidays
  • Applications can be accessed anywhere on the Globe wherever internet connectivity is available. So there is no geographical boundary for applicants to apply online
  • No paperwork and no standing queues of applicants
  • Get the application fees amount directly in the bank account of the Institute
  • Transparency in processes and overall activities of admission
  • A dashboard for higher authorities to get a quick idea about complete online admission activities

Features Of Online Admission System


1 Dispenses With Paper Admissions Processes

Instead of using outdated admissions procedures, enter the data of prospective students directly into the software. Use less paper and manage all of your data online.

2Filling Out And Submitting An Online Application

The forms are available to students online at the college's website. They can fill out the form and the software will automatically update the data and accept their form.

3 Centralized Data Management

A digital format is used to save important papers pertaining to each student. Unique reports with the ability to add any student profile information are created.

4 Manage Admission Enquiries

Use the online entry link that can be found on a website to accept admission requests online. The information will be automatically entered into the program.

5Shortlisting Of Candidates On The Basis Of Merit

The students are narrowed down based on their grades and merit scores and their future discussion dates are scheduled. They are then reorganized by category.

6 Process of Admission Simplified

Timely updates are sent to parents and students automatically regarding the admission test date, results, admission student, and more.

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Benefits Of Online College Admission System


Efficient Resource Utilization

Man Power Saving

Less Paper Work

E-receipt Generation

Dynamic And Approachable

Real-Time Reflection Of Changes

Simple And User-Friendly Process

Reduces Processing Time

Personalized Real-Time Reports

Monitor The Ongoing Process

Daily Summary Of The Admissions in College

Minimizes Data Redundancy

FAQs On Online Admission Software


Online College Admission System streamlines, automates, and manages all admission-related activities such as online registration, merit list generation, fees collection, and student information management to ensure successful student enrollment.

Pre-admission activities include – Receiving & tracking thousands of student’s applications to verifying the document & short listing the final candidates.

Post-admission activities include – keeping a detailed record of student’s personal details, previous education information, birth certificates, fees management, generating roll list, course allotment, college attendance, and much more.

To ensure a smooth flow of online admission procedure, students need to follow the following steps.

  • Start the registration by login the online admission portal
  • Select the program for which you want to apply
  • Fill the required information – name, educational & entrance exam details
  • Upload supporting documents to authenticate the documents
  • Make the registration payment online
  • Wait for the final merit list
  • Pay the complete college fees for admission confirmation

The following are the major challenges that students & college staff face during online college admission procedure:

  • Student Data Security
  • Safe Online Payments
  • Tracking Application Status
  • Shortlisting Students

MasterSoft ERP Software for College is hosted on a highly secure cloud that has features like-role-based access, OTP & password encryption. Thus, there’s zero chance of data theft during any kind of activity. Also, it is integrated with a secure online payment gateway & e-receipt provision to ensure safe online payments. Speaking of application tracking, BI-powered analytics dashboard is helpful in providing insights on application status. Last but not least, the software allows the college staff to define the shortlisting parameters such as cut off according to caste, category, nationality, etc to generate an error-free final list of selected students.

Yes, MasterSoft Online Fees Payment & Collection System - Feepayr supports multiple modes of online fee payments including - Debit Card, Credit Card, and Net Banking Services.

Students also get a split fee option wherein they can pay the college fees in installments as per college’s guidelines.

Online Fee Collection is absolutely safe. All PGs associated with MasterSoft work in accordance with the RBI (Reserve Bank of India) norms, money is deposited normally within 24 hours, it might take up to 48 hours in case of network issues / technical prob /mode of payment.

The cost of Online College Admission Software varies depending on aspects like - login portal functionalities, features, implementation services, etc. To know the price of MasterSoft Online College Admission Software, or schedule a FREE demo, please connect with us.