online public access catalogue

OPAC - Online Public Access Catalogue

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OPAC - Online Public Access Catalogue

OPAC - Online Public Access Catalogue

Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) or simply a Library Catalogue is a digital database of materials such as text files, e-books, journals, etc held by a library or group of libraries. Patrons can use the online library cataloguing software to find out any item under control of a library. It displays the query search results in an easy-to-understand format to enable patrons to find digital material quickly.

The globally located library authorities or librarians have the provision to update the catalogue which usually requires a small amount of time.

Information about documents can be searched using powerful search engine according to:

  • Title
  • Accession Number
  • Author, Co-Author
  • Subject, Publisher
  • Class Number, ISBN Number
  • Publication Year
  • Publication Place
  • Word in a Title Search
  • Combinational Search
  • Editor
  • Translated Books
  • Type of Document
  • Dissertation/Thesis Search
  • Claim & Reservation to Books
  • Belonging Search
  • Keyword Searching

How Does OPAC System Work?

Library OPAC system requires login credentials & password to access the digital catalogue of materials. To search a book via OPAC: Online Public Access Catalogue, library patrons or students of college/university need to enter their credentials digitally via the web.

Once they log in the online library system , a wide range of digital content is made available to help them make choices. Students can search their desired file by entering various fields such as – Title, Author, Subject, Keyword searching, etc. The search results offer them direct electronic access to the searched material or give out their physical location in the library.a wide range of digital content is made available to help them make choices. Students can search their desired file by ente

Key Features of Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC System)

The following points depict the key features of OPAC system:

  • Searches can be filtered in a number of ways for simplifying the operation.
  • Users have the provision to move any bibliographic record in forward and backward direction which mimics searching a book manually by moving through a library shelf.
  • The library management system saves enormous amounts of effort and time by enabling patrons to select a search in the given list and go back to that previously searched terms with a few clicks.
  • Patrons can browse & find the files by entering - Heading, Control Number, Keyword Search, Title, Author, Subject, etc in the software.
  • Patron gets the access to view their own record of online book issuing/transactions from the library catalogue online.

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Advantages of Online Public Access Catalogue

Here are the main advantages of Online Public Access Catalogue: OPAC System-

  • The web based cataloguing software is highly interactive, easy-to-navigate, and simple-to-understand or user-friendly in nature.
  • The library OPAC system provides easy & remote access to a vast number of library materials across world-wide libraries.
  • Patrons get the option to perform an in-depth search for required files.
  • The library material can be updated from time-to-time and speedily.
  • The library patrons’ time gets saved as they don’t need to move from one place to another in order to find books.
  • The library management system can be accessed regardless of whether the library is open or not.

To make the book search more faster & convenient, MasterSoft has designed & developed a library management app: M-OPAC that enables patrons to search books online via their mobile or smartphone. This mobile based library app offers a cloud platform to enable worldwide libraries to share their information & data.

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FAQs on Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC)


A Library Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) is an online library management platform that enables users to search for a vast kind of content including books, journals, and e-books online!

As a library patron or student, all you need to do is access the library OPAC link via the web with the help of your registered user name and password.

The following list depicts the important features of the OPAC library.

  • Online book search
  • Access to book search history for better search results
  • Browsing bookshelves online
  • Book search via keywords – author’s name, title, volume, etc
  • Quick & accurate search results with a few clicks 
  • The library OPAC acts as a vast bibliographic database of content including books, journals, etc
  • It makes the book search simple and fast by offering an online search feature via keywords
  • Million of books can be searched at the click of a button

The following are the main types of library catalogue-

  • Card catalogue
  • Classified catalogue
  • Author catalogue
  • Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC)

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