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An Online Public Access Catalog, commonly known as OPAC, is a digital database that stores information about various materials such as books, authors, genres, journals, and other resources that are available in a library or a group of libraries.

This online catalogue serves as an exhaustive bibliography of the library's holdings, which is accessible to the public. Search for any item in the library's collection easily with the help of the library's cataloguing software. The search results are displayed in an intuitive and user-friendly format, facilitating the quick and easy location of digital material.

Initially developed as a standalone online catalogue, from a limited number of terminals known as VT100 to a mainframe library catalogue, OPAC today has evolved into a globally located library authority or librarian-maintained system that allows for efficient and seamless updates to the catalogue.

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Features Of Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC System)


1 Searching Capabilities

Upgrade your search with OPAC. From boolean search, phrase search, and truncation to browsing by author, title, subject, and type of publication, the Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) offers a variety of search options.

2 User Assistance

With OPAC, accessing and organising your library's collections has never been easier or more efficient. Receive navigation help and easily keep track of items with OPAC on-screen instructional help and time tracking and management features.

3Search Limit

The search limit is a crucial component of a meaningful search, and OPAC is the right tool for it. OPAC lets you specify the publication year and type of publication, as well as allows users to sort papers by author, title, and structure.

4 Bibliography Display

Easily customise the display screen and limit the number of records per display through OPAC’s bibliography display option, which includes a structured library entry format that allows for the display of catalogue card forms.

5 Search Strategy

OPAC's search strategy creates a search statement that efficiently finds more relevant information in a shorter length of time. OPAC also provides a variety of tools for strategy.

6Easy To Use

Accessing documents has never been easier than with OPAC. With its user-friendly interface and interactive features, you can search and find documents at any time and from any location. Its seamless integration with a document-searching circulation system ensures that you can quickly and efficiently access the materials you need.

Information about documents can be searched using powerful search engine according to:

  • Title
  • Accession Number
  • Author, Co-Author, Editor
  • Subject, Publisher
  • Class Number, ISBN Number
  • Publication Place
  • Publication Year
  • Word in a Title Search
  • Belonging Search
  • Keyword Searching
  • Combinational Search
  • Translated Books
  • Type of Document
  • Dissertation/Thesis Search
  • Claim & Reservation to Books

How Does OPAC System Work?


The library's digital catalogue of materials can be accessed through the OPAC system, which requires users to input their login credentials and password via the web.

The OPAC is a digital resource available to both library patrons and college/university students. Once logged in, users can efficiently search for books and other materials by entering various fields, such as title, author, subject, and keywords.

The search results provide immediate electronic access to the desired material or display its physical location within the library. In addition, the online library management system offers a vast array of digital content and features to help users make informed decisions and enhance their research experience.

Access Millions Of Books At One Click With OPAC!

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Benefits Of Online Public Access Catalogue

  • Navigate through the system smoothly, thanks to the web-based cataloguing software, designed to be interactive, easy to navigate, and user-friendly.
  • Library OPAC offers easy and remote access to a vast array of library materials from all over the world.
  • Seamlessly perform an in-depth search for the required files.
  • Update library material at your convenience, anytime, and swiftly.
  • Enjoy the ease of access to any book by skipping the need to physically move around to find books.
  • Access the library management system remotely, regardless of whether the library is open or not.
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FAQs on Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC)


A Library Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) is an online library management platform that enables users to search for a vast kind of content including books, journals, and e-books online!

As a library patron or student, all you need to do is access the library OPAC link via the web with the help of your registered user name and password.

The following list depicts the important features of the OPAC library.

  • Online book search
  • Access to book search history for better search results
  • Browsing bookshelves online
  • Book search via keywords – author’s name, title, volume, etc
  • Quick & accurate search results with a few clicks 
  • The library OPAC acts as a vast bibliographic database of content including books, journals, etc
  • It makes the book search simple and fast by offering an online search feature via keywords
  • Million of books can be searched at the click of a button

The following are the main types of library catalogue-

  • Card catalogue
  • Classified catalogue
  • Author catalogue
  • Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC)
Library Management System