Library Management System

Acquisition & Cataloguing


“Acquisition” refers to the process of choosing & buying books, journals, and other materials including the digital materials for creating a good resource for libraries. The librarians send the requirements of materials to multiple vendors and choose the best pricing available before the final order.

The library acquisition process when done manually not just utilizes resources but also an enormous amount of time.

MasterSoft library automation software with the acquisition module simplifies the entire process by streamlining it into the following steps-

  • Processing the book request
  • Getting quotes from vendors
  • Filtering the best options
  • Ordering the books
  • Purchasing the final order
  • Generating transaction-related reports

What Is Library Cataloguing?


“Library Cataloguing” is the immediate process that librarians need to follow after the acquisition. In the cataloguing process, librarians need to create an accurate database of books, journals, and information related to other resources that make it easier for the user to search for information. In digital format, users can utilize the - online public access catalog (OPAC).

With the aid of MasterSoft Cataloguing software, the database of information related to library materials & resources can be created, saved, and managed from a centralized location.

Advantages Of MasterSoft Library Acquisition & Cataloguing Module


Here are the best benefits that institutions can reap via MasterSoft Library Software-

  • Helps in acquiring various materials in multiple formats
  • Maintains a high level of precision while filtering out quotes from vendors
  • Best materials can be purchased at cost-effective prices
  • RF-LIBMAN offers easy access, faster and smoother work process
  • Librarians can keep in touch with vendors and nurture their relationship
  • Accurate database creation & maintenance with library cataloguing software
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Modules of Library management system software


Acquisition & Cataloguing

The acquisition & cataloguing module of the library management system enables the librarian to select & buy books, journals, and other resources and create a database of the same for easy book search.


Serial Control

The serial control module of the library software enables the librarians to handle or control processes such as subscription, renewals of books or their cancellations and generate accurate MIS reports.



The circulation module enables the librarian to create and manage borrower types along with keeping a tab on their book issue date, return date, dues, and fines. It enables a smooth circulation of books in the library.


MIS Reports

Management information systems or MIS reports related to the library allow the librarians to extract crucial data & information of all the library transactions at a few clicks. Accurate MIS reports fostering better decision-making.



Online Public Access Catalogue or OPAC is a digital catalogue that enables the users to search for books, journals, or any other material by entering keywords such as the name of the book, its title, author’s name, etc.



Mobile - Online Public Access Catalogue or M-OPAC is a mobile-based smartphone app that enables users to search for any book via their smartphones by entering keywords such as author’s name, title, etc.

Features of Acquisition & Cataloguing


1 Generate Reports

To gain better clarity and ensure better communication among the library staff, you can generate graphical reports for - book indexing, approval letters, accession register, order reports, supply order, invoicing, stock verification, etc. Make better decisions with insightful reports so that there is no shortage of books.

2 Streamline Library Workflow

Offer better insights, security, and control into the library item ordering process. With this functionality, the librarian can conveniently check vendor performance, manage funds & donations, compare quotes, get approvals, etc. This significantly reduces the workload and makes the acquisition process more efficient.

3Vendor Addressbook/Portal

Get access to a real-time vendor list with their price quotes and vendor rating system. Easily define parameters for choosing vendors such as discounts, availability of books, timely delivery, etc. Librarians don’t have to waste additional time looking for vendors and place an order right away within a few clicks by referring to the address book.

4 Catalog Circulation

Keep a detailed track of movements of books and documents and maintain a comprehensive electronic inventory of library items. With this feature, the librarian can be always informed regarding the whereabouts of books at any given point of time. This further prevents any loss or misplace of books.

5 Effective Data Management

The librarians can safely and securely store library records in the cloud with constant backups. You can create configurable templates for data entry to suit different requirements. Copy cataloging and auto population features make the data entry precise and faster. Furthermore, the staff can maintain the quality of bibliographical data without any data theft.

6Smart Tracking of Library Operations

The software offers smart features such as auto-generated reminders to vendors for the books which are not received or the one which needs to be re-ordered on a regular basis. It further provides detailed budget and GST management. Vendors can easily track the book order status, submit quotes online, and generate invoices as per the orders within a few seconds.

Catalog Your Library Records in a Smarter and Faster Way with an Automated Library Management System!

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Benefits of Acquisition & Cataloguing


User-Friendly System

Set-Up of Multiple Libraries

Distributed Ordering Management

Centralized Purchasing

Customizable and Flexible As Per Needs

Better Transparency

Automated Alerts and Notifications

Easily Claim Any Missing Items

Automated Generation of Receipts

Keep Track of Costs and Inventory

Systematic Library Workflow

Maintain 100% Data Accuracy

Acquire Library Items in Different Formats

Offer Easy and Faster Access to Books

Secure Database Creation of Vendors and Books

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