General Administration Module of University ERP

General Administration Module of University ERP

This plugin of university management system namely General Administration has a vast user functionality for institutes. Miscellaneous administrative departments, which are non academic but essential nonetheless for effective, unhindered management are listed below-

Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)

To sustain the quality of education at university the module of Internal Quality Assurance Cell maintains

  • Performance index
  • Teaching and learning activities
  • Evaluations
  • Measures and plans proposed by IQAC for quality check
  • Academic Performance Indicators

Document Management

Creates a repository of important university documents which can be accessed by authorised users. The documents can be saved in a hierarchical way and can only be used if right to access is given by the admin.

Dispatch and Diary

Letters received or dispatched by the university gets saved with this plugin. Virtual Registers maintain inward/ outward documents with a unique number identification.

Estate and Quarter Management

Staff quarters or residences given to faculty gets computerized in this module. It keeps tab of energy consumption, water meter and monthly reports.

Meeting Management

Discussions that happen among the members of the university committee can be recorded. Meeting management records schedule, agenda, topics of discussions and minutes of meeting.

Repair and Maintenance

Complaints and grievance with regards to the university infrastructure, courses, management or student portal can be recorded through this module. Once solution or rectification has been granted; it registers that information too.

Engineering Unit

Infrastructure’s or other units’ construction work can be monitored through this module of general administration. It manages and saves information of quotation and tender work, agreements, certificates, tax deductions and the like.

Vehicle Management

Vehicle details of the university campus can be kept a record of. Vehicle details like procurement number, maintenance details, travel logbook, expenditures related to vehicle use, driver details and insurance premium can be fed, saved and retrieved as and when required.

Legal Matters

Record maintenance of legal matters of the court and various other cases related entries and reports is managed by this module.

File Movement and Tracking

This module tracks the movement of files from different departments to authority or admin. File Movement and Tracking module can record sections, file creations, movement paths and vice versa.

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File Movement and Tracking

This module of university ERP manages the following of the guest house at the university:

  • Guest room booking
  • Approval and confirmation of guest room
  • Room details
  • Guest details
  • Payment details
  • Bills and receipts

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