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Student Enrollment Management System Software

The best student enrollment software for handling inquiries, building strong communication & effective student record management in universities!

Student Enrollment System

The online admissions & student enrollment process in universities is quite tedious in terms of managing & analyzing inquiries, planning strategies about marketing, and creating & handling student records. Verifying student data & creating merit list as per pre-defined criteria for various admission rounds as per the availability of the seats, maintaining effective communication with parents & students throughout the rounds, the entire process consumes a lot of time & errors are bound to arise while handling piles of paperwork & documents.

The Student enrollment system is designed to manage all the activities involved during the student enrollment process and combines them into a cloud-based system. The main objective of the enrollment system is to help staff members to enroll students and maintain their records.

To help university administrators simplify & automate the online admission process by managing & verifying student entries, documents, images, certificates, etc, and creating merit lists for various rounds as per the criterion, MasterSoft offers a comprehensive student enrollment system.

Why MasterSoft Student Enrollment Software?

MasterSoft student enrollment software helps you eliminate the given major challenges & offers the following solutions.

  • MasterSoft Student Enrollment Software manages the registration of students that have newly enrolled online to various colleges by uploading images of admission documents. With the accurate data verification provision, the university faculty/staff checks the eligibility of patrons through this student enrollment management system.
  • The administrative staff can upload admission documents offline by scanning and storing them on university ERP. Students who study in remote places or areas can upload admission documents by visiting the university.
  • Mark standard data import/export
  • The enrollment software generates a unique enrollment number for each student who applies for admissions. The enrollment number can be sent to students via SMS, Email, or both. Students can access online login too, to know the enrollment number.
  • To maintain seamless communication throughout the process, students & staff can send status updates of multiple admission rounds, merit lists of students & inquiries online on the portal. Thus, MasterSoft's student enrollment software eliminates the major challenges of student data verification & communication efficiently and provides a foolproof online admission process for universities.
  • In addition, the integration of a lead management system can help the administrative staff to keep a tab on the various channels to capture authentic leads and prepare marketing strategies to maximize the ROI.
  • Like all other plug-ins of our company, the student enrollment management system can generate all types of reports or summary reports on the basis of -course, college, religion/caste, location, and gender.

Features of Student Enrollment System

The following list depicts the major features of MasterSoft student enrollment software.

Configuration of Enrollment Rules

The software enables educators to configure enrollment rules & criteria for various admission rounds to help deserving students get admission in the institution for distinct courses.

Online Applications & Document Upload

Students can send online applications along with uploading the necessary documents for the admission process via the online enrollment system portal.

Real-time Application Tracking

The online student enrollment system enables students to track their application status in real-time merely with a few clicks.

Data Verification & Final Merit list Generation

The software allows the administrative staff to verify the documents, create merit lists for various rounds & generate the final merit list of students online for further admission procedure.

Lead Management Integration

The student enrollment system can be integrated with a lead management system to track various channels & convert potential leads with proper follow-ups & inquiry management.

Seamless User Experience

The easy & intuitive navigation facility offers a seamless user experience to help students proceed with their online admissions.

Key Benefits of Student Enrollment Management System


Here are the key benefits of student enrollment management software for all the stakeholders.

  • Streamlined Admission Activities

    Right from managing applicants’ details to their profile creation & documentation, the online enrollment system for university admission handles all admission-related activities without any errors.

  • 24*7 Secured Fees Payment Provision

    The student enrollment system offers an online fee payment provision & enables students to complete their online registration process 24*7 from anywhere with 100% security.

  • Communication with Auto-Generated Updates

    The student enrollment software automates & streamlines the enrollment process while ensuring that the students stay updated with the application progress via personalized SMS/emails.

Reduce admission process workload, save time & transform your university with student enrollment management software offered by MasterSoft!

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FAQs On Student Enrollment Management System


The following are the top advantages of an online student enrollment system.

#1: Easy to implement automation ERP tool

#2: Centralized platform to manage student information

#3: Simple online registration & admission process

#4: 24*7 role-based access to data

#5: Complete data privacy & security

Here is the step-by-step process to manage student enrollment via the student enrollment system.

  • Defining enrollment rules for students
  • Receiving online applications via the registration portal
  • Verifying the documents of students
  • Shortlisting deserving students for various rounds
  • Displaying the final merit list
  • Final fee payment & online admission

A student enrollment management system enables educational institutions to streamline the online admission & enrollment process. The enrollment software saves a lot of time & effort of administrative staff & thus, increasing the overall productivity.

The student enrollment management system maximizes the productivity of the institution by helping them streamline the admission process. Some of the best features of student enrollment system include-

  • Online registration & fees payment provision
  • 24*7 student data access
  • Student Attendance System
  • 100% student data security
  • Safe online payment method integration
  • Easy navigation options

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