Why Are Educational Institutions Concerned About Student Data Security? And How Can MasterSoft Assist?

Student Data Security

Updated On | 30, June 2022

Data and information of every individual have not been valued in the history of man the way it is valued now, and this is because it has been made valuable by the present age controlled by information technology. Many kids and students submit personal information on different online websites causing security concerns, especially on social media and gaming platforms.

Many schools have adopted technology, which means that the data and information of students and their parents stored in the school's database provide better administration and management of each sector. It is a great tool but may become detrimental if students' data is not well secured and kept. Many people do not understand why schools must strive for securing the student's data as they claim such data and information to be of no use to anyone.

In this article, we will discuss a few but very important reasons why you need to keep your student's data secured, and student data management must be given priority.

External Malicious Attacks

These types of attacks can occur in a variety of ways. A student or employee, for example, could click on a virus-infected hyperlink. Alternatively, a user opens an attachment sent by a hacker. When a user opens such an item, a hacker can utilize the user's terminal to get access to a school system. As a result, it is critical for schools to conduct risk assessments and vulnerability assessments on their networks on a regular basis.

Remember that improper data handling might cause serious harm to a person.

Securing Data

Controlling and safeguarding data while minimizing user discomfort.

Device control and data protection solutions might make it more difficult for users to get the information they require. Some encryption systems turn routine processes like password resets and user provisioning into significant headaches for IT staff, and everyone complains all the way up the university leadership structure. IT security teams at educational institutions, like many other companies, must discover security solutions that do not interfere with how students, instructors, and staff interact with one another.

Myths About Encryption

Dispelling data encryption fallacies.

There are numerous misconceptions about data encryption technology that terrify educational institutions. With so much information available, even the best-educated managers struggle to differentiate fact from fiction. Here's the truth behind four typical data encryption myths:

  • Data encryption has no effect on system performance.
  • Data encryption aids in meeting standards governing the protection of personal and business information.
  • Data encryption solutions provide cross-platform support and management that most operating system encryption capabilities do not.
  • Data encryption solutions are not prohibitively expensive, especially when the cost of an institution's data at risk and IT personnel are considered.


Make certain that BYOD does not devolve into Bring Your Own Disaster.

The BYOD movement on college campuses is unavoidable, with students and teachers bringing their own mobile devices, computers, tablets, and USB keys. Even when the school provides the gadgets, they are located in common workstations. While this technique saves the school money and enhances the learning environment, it opens up endless channels for the sharing of users' sensitive information; also, managing the various devices is tough. For full supervision, a centralized multi-platform and multi-device management system is required.

How Can MasterSoft Assist?

Our Education ERP System is a complete end-to-end college data management system. This is motivating all schools and universities to encrypt and protect their data. The student information system has been greatly streamlined and tailored to make it simple for both college administrators and students to utilize. You will undoubtedly receive unique, tailored solutions for every college management system.

Install our education ERP systems in your institutions, and you won't need to worry about data theft or malicious cyberattacks. So that there is no danger of a malware attack, keep the student data on you in a secure system.

We offer you the greatest management options for your student database and make it simple for students to access. Contact us right once to protect your data from all thefts.

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